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About Solar Panels

You must have been thinking to install solar panels on your roof for a long time. The same thought that took you here on this page must emerge as a well-informed decision. All you need is take some time to explore the products online and compare the mounting services offered by various brands. Once you set an eye to one type of a system, the time to relax under the clean and pure solar energy is not far away then.

As you have decided to produce solar energy, you must fix a budget in the starting. Before you start exploring and reading reviews online, you must know whether you are ready for this investment or not. Starting from buying the parts to their upkeep, you must be ready for all sort of consequences. Also, the solar power will be cutting costs from your energy bill, but for the starting few months, you will be compensating the price of panel mounting only. We hope we have provided you with a clear picture, so you are ready to research, explore, compare, and shop.

Overview of the solar power system

Generating solar power is not only about the quality panels but setting the whole system. Majority of the system parts include mounting racks, DC disconnect, inverter, battery pack, backup generator, charge controller, and of course, the panels. These parts together make the system complete. For example, DC disconnect is necessary to shut down the system at the time of maintenance. The charge controller prevents overcharging the battery, so every part has a job to do. You must focus on every single component while buying solar panel for home online in UAE.

Types of solar power system

There are three best types of solar panel systems: Grid inter-tied, Grid inter-tied with battery backup, and off-grid. The first two systems have a direct connection with the traditional grid. With that, it means you can switch between the solar energy and utility grid. But the only difference between the two types is one has a battery backup. The battery backup balances the demand and supply of power as sunlight is not always available. If the system fails to supply the demand, solar cell efficiency may get reduced. The third type that is off-grid is wholly disconnected from the utility grid. So, to supply power during the shortfall, you need to add a backup generator to the system.

Mounting of solar power system

Although the roof is the common place to mount, ground and poles in free-standing arrays are viable options too. You will confront maintenance issues in roof mounting at the time of snow or heavy raining, and that is the only downside. The other type that is pole standing, however, are low on maintenance and so does the ground one. But both mechanisms have space issues. Also, ground mounting is not possible at the location where snow accumulation is a regular sight. Thus, you need to weigh all the pros and cons before agreeing on one kind of mounting. To broaden up your perspective, we would like you to see some of the best portable solar panels.

Tesla solar panels

Tesla is one brand you can reach out not only for quality but also for making the mounting look pleasing. You can see your roof transforming into a self-sufficient energy producer. Here, you will get a warranty and mounting services as well. Along with that, this brand has its mobile application for monitoring purpose. Lost to offer and just a call away, you should consider this brand while exploring the panels online. But do not forget to read all the policies, warranty information, and do compare the price with other brands. You can also check out solar panels for sale online in UAE at our shopping platform,

Tips on how to buy Solar panels online

Buying solar panel for your home online in UAE can be a boon or bane, all depending on your research and purchase. Commercial spaces and institutes still have them, but residential applications are less. So, reading reviews cannot be the right way to confirm, and just online research could not be that fruitful. Instead, you should be calling experts, ask your friends who already have panels, or ask for quotes. Here, we have compiled some brief points that will be helpful in your research.
  • Impact of local climate – Suppose you live in a cyclone-prone area. In that case, you must have a mounting system and brackets cyclone rated. The system should have wind certification, and that's one of the quality grades you must check. Likewise, depending on your local climate, you can research what qualities are necessary to have in your system.
  • Size of the solar panel - You need to know the electricity usage to determine the size of the panels correctly. For example, a typical household with 20Kwh consumption can live with a 5kW system. It is to note that the size we mentioned is for daytime consumption because, after daylight, electricity runs on backup anyways.
  • The power output of the panels - Before indulging yourself into finding the size and number of the panels, you should take a look at the power output of the whole system. The higher the power output, the fewer panels you need.
  • A frugal tip - Rather than buying two super expensive high-efficiency panels, you can buy lower efficiency panels, but you have to increase the quantity. The latter one will be cheaper but only useful when you have plenty of space in your roof. The only downside is that they will consume more time in installation, but that's just a one-time thing.
  • Check the manufacturer's warranty – Buying panels is a one-time investment, so you should only buy once you are delighted with the product. Checking the warranty years will save you from lots of hurdles of researching and exploring the products again. Plus, it saves your money as well.
  • Do not only focus on solar panels – Panels indeed are focus elements of any system, but they are nothing without an inverter, backup generator, charge controllers, battery bank, and other units. Thus, make sure you have researched the whole system before making this significant change.
Well, buying and mounting a solar system can take more time than you have thought. But believe us, all of this will be worth the pain you take now. At this time, be curious to know everything about the product, their advantages, disadvantages, mounting, space, and maintenance activities. You will know when you are satisfied with the information you have gained. Some brands that you can explore include Loom Solar, Renogy, Luminous, Microtek, UTL, Anker, Exide, and Go power, among others.

Question & Answer

Are solar panels worth the investment?

By comparing the cost of solar panels with other alternatives, then it is indeed a wise investment. Here, the solar panel price includes buying, mounting, and maintenance. However, only the cost comparison cannot be the only factor to announce the panels better than others. You have to use and see if the efficiency is not just better but outperforms other options in the market. We have seen many of you choosing the middle path that is by having a solar plus backup generator. Overall, a solar panel is better, and with technology improving every passing day, it is getting more popular.

Can solar panels work without an inverter?

Yes, solar panels can work without inverter but only for a few appliances. As solar cells produce direct current, so any appliance running on DC will not require an inverter. For example, boat and RV are two such products. The panels can also work without a backup generator. But all lights will shut off in your household after the sun sets. You need backup after that or sometimes for several consecutive days without the sun shining.

How does a solar panel generate electricity?

On a broad brush, solar panels convert the sunlight to DC then to AC and powers up your property. To dwell deeper, you need to have a technical understanding of solar panels and its multiple layers out of which the top-most is the protective layer of glass. The rest of the layers include anti-reflective coating, contact grid, two semiconductor silicon layer, and then back contact. The top layer protects the solar cells, which also interconnects to the solar panel. So, when photons hit the panel, they are absorbed by the silicon layers, protected by the top layer, then electrons separate from the atoms and move around the solar cell. This movement generates DC, which is again converted to AC by an inverter.

Which solar panel is best: polycrystalline or monocrystalline?

Comparing just the two that is polycrystalline and monocrystalline, the latter is more efficient. However, just to let you know, other types exist as well. The reason for monocrystalline being efficient is the pure composition of solar cells because each cell of this type comes from a single piece of silicon. In contrast, the polycrystalline solar cells blend from multiple pieces of silicon, which then moulds to create the solar cell. The latter process is less wasteful and more sustainable, accepted by many commercial spaces. Check out our product search engine if you are now ready to scroll through different types of solar panels. The platform can let you dwell more deep into the products, get all the information, and seek brands to invest. Even if you want to DIY, you can get dedicated products here.