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About Motion Detectors

Motions detectors play a huge role in ensuring security and energy efficiency at your home and business. Ranging from burglar alarms to security cameras, you can find them in a wide range of options. Since there are many other options to choose from, here is the guide that will help you pick the best.

A motion detector or sensor is an electronic device or set of devices that detect movement. They are an integral part of the home and business security. It comprises three main components: a sensor unit, hardware, and an embedded computer. Motion sensors are highly in use for various purposes such as active floodlights, activate switches, triggering an audible alarm, and more. You can find both active and passive motion sensors in a wide variety of options. Active sensors comprise both transmitter and a receiver. On the other hand, the passive one does not contain a transmitter. It is often a part of a home security system. You can find motion detectors at different prices offered by different brands and sellers. On this page, we are going to explore some useful information about outdoor motion sensor alarms for sale online in the UAE.

Types of motion detectors to choose from

You can find motion detectors in many varieties like PIR, infrared, ring motion sensor, outdoor motion sensor, and more. Although, all of them function differently. Motion sensors, depending on their type, react to different situations such as movement in your room, doors, and windows. They can also activate a doorbell when someone is close to the door. It is especially helpful when you have kids. These sensors may also give you an alert whenever your kids enter areas that are restricted, like the medicine cabinet, workout room, the basement etc. Energy conservation is another feature you can avail of. Although while you buy a motion sensor alarm in the UAE, you need to keep some considerations in your mind. Towards the end, you can find some tips too that will assist you in picking the best.

PIR motion sensor

PIR motion sensor stands for passive infrared motion sensors. You must have spotted this one while you were entering a restroom or office. It usually has a white cover. They are low power, very easy to use, small and not very costly. Different motion sensors detect motion differently, and this one does it by detecting the change in temperature between the warm body and the background. Everything emits some amount of radiation, but the human body does a good amount. PIRs usually come with a pyroelectric sensor. It is good at detecting different levels of infrared radiation. About its construction, the PIR has two slots of a material that is sensitive to infrared. When it senses differential change between the two slots, it will result in a pulse. This is how it detects movement.

Ultrasonic sensors

Ultrasonic sensors may come in active and passive variants. Active ones produce ultrasonic waves. Then, they determine the waves reflecting off a moving object. Passive ones, on the other hand, are useful for particular sounds like glass breaking, metal on metal and more. You will find them very sensitive. However, they are expensive and also prone to fake motion detector alarms. Ultrasonic sensors are common as proximity sensors. You can find them in automobile self-parking technology and many other anti-collision safety systems. You can also find them manufacturing technology. They are not even influenced by an environment of gas, smoke, or other airborne particles. You can find such sensors in a wide range of options. They may vary in their features, capabilities, sizes, brands, and more factors.

Hybrid sensors

As the name suggests, a hybrid technology motion sensor works as a combination of both active and passive sensors. It means that it will activate a light or motion sensor alarm only when motion is detected by active and passive sensors both. Therefore, there will be lesser chances of false alarm triggers. However, it can be disadvantageous sometimes because the level of safety is compromised here. For example, if the intruder knows how to escape one of the sensors, he or she is all free. But if you are fed up with false alarm triggers, then this may be useful for you. You can find them in different varieties depending on your preferences and the level of security you need. Over here, you can compare prices too to find affordable deals.

Tips on how to buy Motions Detectors

Purchasing motion sensors can be a daunting task due to the wide range of options available out there. Infrared, ultrasonic, hybrid, Wi-Fi, and outdoor motion sensor are some of the terms you will come across. However, to select the right variety, you have to know certain things. There are some considerations that you need to keep in your mind, like your budget, the brand, and your requirements. So, let us go through some tips that would help you get an appropriate type.

  • Know your requirements – Since motion sensors come in a wide range of options, you may get a bit confused while choosing one. Hence, it is important to weigh your requirements first. For example, ultrasonic sensors are common as proximity sensors. They come in both active and passive variants, whereas a hybrid sensor is a different type that will activate light or alarm only when motion is detected by active and passive sensors both.
  • Consider your budget – Items under security equipment may be a little heavy on your pocket. So, before exploring options, it is important to set aside a budget. The sensors and alarms are priced differently based on their features and brands. Go for the best you can find under your budget.
  • Order online – In this digital age, you can order every single thing from the comfort of your home. Just like everything else, motion detectors and related equipment can also be ordered online. You will find good deals and also get to compare different products to find the best one.
  • Go for a reliable brand – Since there are many manufacturers and brands out there that sell motion sensors, you may find yourself in a dilemma while choosing one. So, if you are in search of some good brands, those are Ring, Honeywell, Smartthings, Arduino, Yale, Kerui, Optex, Ifttt, Paradox, and Sonoff.

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Question & Answer

What are dual technology motion sensors?

A dual technology motion detector is a device that has some special features to detect motion by multiple methods. Usually, this includes both passive infrared technology and microwave radar. This activates only when both the sensors are triggered. These devices are perfect for the detection of the presence of an intruder. They are also good at reducing false alarms caused by objects like inanimate things or pets. People with other types of motion detectors are often disturbed by other false alarms. If you are looking for an accurate solution, then you should invest in these. However, this way, you may end up compromising the security.

Where to buy motion detectors online in the UAE?

If you are searching for the best motion detectors online in Dubai, UAE, then you are in the right place already. On, you can find the best brands and sellers. Whether you are looking for PIR, infrared, ring motion sensor, outdoor motion sensor, or some other kind of sensor, you can find plenty of them here. You can also filter your choices based on your budget, brands, price, and more factors. They are an integral part of the home and business security. It comprises three main components: a sensor unit, hardware, and an embedded computer. Find the best ones here, and you will not have to compromise on the quality you receive.

What are the best motion detectors to buy?

If you are looking for the best motion detectors, then you should go for the brands like Ring, Honeywell, Smartthings, Arduino, Yale, Kerui, Optex, Ifttt, Paradox, and Sonoff. You can find their collection right here on Whether you are looking for infrared, ultrasonic or hybrid variety, you can find a wide assortment of options here. If you are in a hurry, you can just use the filters and sorting. This will help you narrow down your options quickly and go for the best. Other than that, you can compare prices to find the one that suits your budget. So, do not wait anymore and go for the best now!