About Locks

One of the most underrated aspects of home security has to be the locks on your door. We all use them every day. But, we hardly pay them any heed in the grand scheme of things. Well, there’s no particular reason why this happens. But, it simply works out that way. Indeed, locking systems and deadbolts aren’t as vivid as other alarm systems or surveillance cameras. But it’s still an integral part when it comes to keeping your homes safe. And this is presumably one of the significant reasons to have the best locking systems at all times. However, it’s hard to know which ones are the best, considering the numerous choices out there in the market. And this why, we’re going to provide you with all the information you need before you buy locks online in UAE.

As property owners, you might need locking systems for a plethora of reasons. You may need them to lock a safe, a door or even a simple cupboard. Quite often you might also be looking out to upgrade the security features of your old locking systems. No matter what the reason is, there is a certain list of things you need to know before you buy them online. One of the major aspects is understanding their various types, performance, durability and level of security. Besides, adequate knowledge about the product will help you get your perfect one without any hassle. That said, let’s take a look at the various types of locking systems out there available in the market today.  

The various kinds of door locks and other locking systems to invest in

Now, locking systems do not come in a general format. There isn’t one lock that fits universally for all your security needs. In fact, some are built with specific purposes in mind. To make sure that you buy the right one, you must know which kind of locking system you need to install. Moreover, it’s best to understand the features and characteristics of each one. Having adequate knowledge makes it easy for you to select the right product for your requirements. That said, let’s take a look a few popular types that you can utilise for various security purposes.

The padlock

Padlocks are the only kind that typically doesn’t attach to anything permanently. You’ll find them in a range of sizes. Some are free-standing, while others are portable. Both of these types are one of the most recognisable and prevalent types of padlocks. These locking systems came in two main varieties – the combination and keyed. You’ll find one or more number dials in a combination locking system. However, in the case of the ones with key, you have the rekeyable and non-rekeyable versions. You cannot interchange the key that opens the lock if you buy a non-rekyable model. However, you can buy a different key and use it for the rekeyable models. Today, there are several padlock supplier in UAE that offers you premium quality models.

The keyless door lock

Keyless locking systems work similarly to that of a modern safe. Obviously, the product offers you the benefit of not having to worry about the keys. However, these locking systems provide a lot of additional flexibility beyond the traditional solutions. For instance, you can set temporary codes if you have relatives visiting. Similarly, you can change codes whenever you want. Today, there are several keyless locking systems out there in the market. Not all of them are equal and perform similarly. However, some notable ones perform excellently and give you high security. Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt keyless systems are one such model. Similarly, the one from Kiwiset gives you high performance.

The combination lock

Combination locking systems use a sequence of numbers and symbols. You can either enter the number using a single rotating dial or through the mechanical keypad. Either way, each one has different features and characteristics that help you to work install and use them for various purposes. For instance, in the case of single rotating dials, the numbers you enter interact with several cams or discs. By using this set of rotating discs with inscribed symbols, you can directly utilise the locking system and use them. But this isn’t the case with the mechanical keypads. Nevertheless, you’ll find inexpensive three-digit luggage locks to high-security safes on the market today. And yes, they’re keyless too.

The digital door lock

The digital locking systems provide you with a low-cost security system that you can install easily at your home or any other establishment. They too offer a keyless way of entering the business premises, homes & schools. You’ll typically find two main types of digital locking systems – mechanical and electrical. The mechanical model does not require a power source, and you can operate them by pushing buttons on the locking keypads. On the other hand, the electronic versions do require a power source for their functioning. When we’re talking about electronic systems, you can find biometric devices, smart cards and many more. And yes, depending on the model of the systems you choose, you can install them onto various kinds of doors.

Tips on how to buy Locks online

Now that you know about the sheer lock options available to you, it’s evident that your shopping journey of that perfect lock isn’t going to be that simple. However, you can get the best bike lock or even buy door locks online effortlessly, if you have the right factors to evaluate them. Keeping this in mind, we’ve enlisted a few smart tips that you can consider when you’re searching for the best locking systems online.

  • Figure out your needs – Various devices or situations need different types of security. For instance, you might need a higher-performing locking system at your door when compared to the ones that you put on your cupboards. This means that you need to first sort out your needs before you buy any locking system. Understanding your needs makes the buying process a little simpler for you.
  • Check out your options – Doing a bit of research before you start your online shopping is essential. Check out the various types of locking systems available to you. Try and understand the various manufacturers of the product. You could also do a little search on the top-selling brands. Being armed with the right knowledge, and plenty of it makes you a pro when it comes to shopping the locks online.
  • Look out for the lock’s security grade – Most of you tend to overlook the security grading of the locks because you probably do not know that they exist. Almost all the manufacturers usually have their locking systems tested where the locks are rated or grated. The numbers usually give a general idea of how strong, durable and secure the lock is.
  • Consider the place of installation – The location where you’ll install the locking system plays a crucial role in selecting your locks. However, most of us never put this into consideration. Remember, a locking system only achieves its maximum potential when you utilise it in the right manner. And the location of the locking system plays a crucial role in this.
  • Look out for the ease of installation – The installation process of the locking systems offer some insight into the efficiency of the locking systems. By learning the lock’s installation process, you’ll know whether you need a professional to do it or whether you can do it yourself. This means the easier it’s to install the system, the lesser the efficiency and vice versa.
  • Keep an eye on the various features and quality – It’s vital to know what your locking systems can do before you buy them. Indeed, this might sound vague to you. But you know that the locking systems never come in one-size-fits-all nature. And this explains why all you property owners need to look at the quality and features of the locking systems. Several locks have unique features.
  • Go for branded models – Quality is one of the major factors when it comes to locking systems. Only a good quality locking system offers you its maximum performance. Thus, you need to make sure that the one you get online has the best quality. One of the easiest ways to make sure of this is to buy from well-known brands. You can buy premium quality locking systems from brands like Kensington, Yale, Assa, Targus, Kaba, Stanley, Cisa, Godrej, Nightlock, and Shutter.
  • Select affordable model – Today, you can find all sorts of locking systems in different price ranges. You can find cheap padlocks or expensive digital ones. This makes it clear that the lock and key price largely depends on the features and characteristics of the locks. Thus, it’s best to set aside a budget before you start your search for locking systems.
  • Read reviews online– Many property owners take time to review the locking systems online that they buy for security purposes. It’s a great idea to read through the various feedbacks and comments online. It gives a fair idea about the performance of the product. It helps you put yourself in their shoes and check out what they experienced while using the product.

You see, buying a locking system isn’t that easy as it seems. Several factors come into play. This means you need to be extra careful while selecting a model online. Carefully weigh the pros and cons of each model. Try and follow the above tips while evaluating your locking systems before you buy. The information above will not only help you segregate the best ones from the lot but will also help you make sure that you spend on the right product.

Question & Answer

Why do locks get stuck?

We must have all encountered a jammed locking system. You can either not put in the key or even if you put in the keys, you cannot open them. There are several reasons why the locks tend to get jammed over the years. One is, of course, the extreme weather conditions. Apart from that, excessive rust and broken keys jam the locks with key systems. However, you can fix the jammed locking systems if you’re a little patient.

How do you fix a jammed lock?

If you’ve read the answer above, then you probably know that all the lock and key systems get jammed at some point in time due to various reasons. Jammed locks are not only a menace but also a waste of time. However, just as we said earlier, you can fix this, provided you have the right tools and a lot of patience. Step one for fixing the locking systems is to always inspect the cause of the jam. Next, lubricate them. Once you do that, verify the deadbolt is in the proper position. If not, then set it right. Finally, remove the entire plate that covers the locking system. Retighten the screws and then attempt to open them.

How do burglars snap locks?

Lock snapping is one of the most common methods adopted by the burglar to break into houses or other properties. Thieves or burglars usually involves breaking the cylinder to then manipulating the locking system. If you think that multi-locking systems can prevent it, then think again. Most of your multi-locking system has a cylinder system. It just takes 5-10 seconds for a burglar to snap any locking system with a key. Besides, the process also doesn’t require any tools or knowledge.

Can you lock a door without a lock?

Surprisingly yes, you can lock your doors without using a lock. Well, then what should you use to keep your home or any other property safe and secure? Fret not, because there are several methods to lock your doors without any locking systems. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, then you can definitely fashion a new lock. But for the rest of you, there are several temporary solutions. For instance, you can fork it up for small emergencies. Similarly, you can build a barricade with cushions, tables, or fridges.

Where to buy door locks in Dubai?

Dubai is a shopper’s paradise. From shopping malls to stores and online shops, you can find anything and everything here. Obviously, this is true for door locks too. Several popular online stores offer you premium door locking systems in Dubai. But, if you wish to experience hassle-free online shopping then go ahead check out the comprehensive range locking system options on This superfast product search engine allows you to browse through various types of locks from popular brands.

We hope this guide has made you understand the importance of the right locking systems and what exactly to consider before you buy them online. The process of purchasing any locking system is complex and requires immense research and patience. We believe the tips listed above will prevent you from being clueless while buying the locks online.