Fire Extinguishers

About Fire Extinguishers

Fire accidents are spontaneous and can occur anytime and at any place. Quick action is a must to make sure that the fire doesn’t spread out and cause damage. Well, this is where the fire extinguishers come into play. Those little red things that you’d have probably seen in all kinds of buildings are lifesavers. They’ve proven to be one of the best fire security equipment in curbing the fire spread within an establishment. Yes, we know that most of your readers would know this. But, there’s more, and we’ll get them sorted in this article. Read through this guide to know all about fire extinguishers and purchase the best effortlessly. 

Not only is it smart to keep these fire extinguishing systems at your place, but it’s also a law in many states. That said, let’s get to know how these incredible devices work before we explore their various types. Fire extinguishing systems are sturdy metal cylinders that contain water or smothering material. This material expels with high pressure when you depress the lever at the top of the cylinder. The action looks similar to the way the materials force out of an aerosol can. This is how pretty much all the extinguishing cylinders work. But, you can still find their various models out there. Some are excellent, while others aren’t that great. Let’s check out their different types and a few popular ones that you can invest in. 

The different fire extinguisher types and the top-selling models to choose from 

As mentioned earlier, you’ll find different types out there on the market. To be precise, you’ll encounter five major versions – the foam, water, dry powder, wet chemical and CO2. But, remember, the need for different types of fire extinguishing systems arises based on the different kinds of fire and causes. Which is why you need to understand the fire classes first. You can categorise fire classes into six different types. Class A includes fires caused by combustible materials like paper, fabric, etc. On the other hand, you can include the fire caused by paint, turpentine, or petrol in class B. Similarly, you’ll find class C, D, E and F that include various causes of fire such as flammable gases, combustible materials, cooking oils, and electrical wires. Now, let’s understand the multiple distinguishers in detail. 

The foam fire extinguisher

The foam extinguishers are one of the most common types of fire extinguishers out there that you use for class B fires. But, these are water-based. This means you can also use them for class A fires. However, typically you may use them for fires caused by various organic materials like coal, textiles, wood, fabrics, cardboard and paper among other flammable liquids such as petrol and paint. Remember, you shouldn’t use these types of extinguishers for fires caused by combustible metals in the kitchen fires and the ones that involve electrical equipment. By the way, these extinguishers have a cream label colour.  

The water fire extinguisher

You use these extinguishers to put out the class A fires. Besides, in most premises, it’s imperative to have either a foam or water  extinguishers. Unlike the foam extinguishers, these have a bright red label. But, when it comes to putting out the fire, you can use them for fires caused by textiles, fabrics, coal, paper or other liquids like petrol or paint just like foam extinguishers. Remember, you shouldn’t use them for fires caused by flammable gas and liquids. Also, please do not use them where there’s a fire caused by electrical equipment. Further, it would help if you placed these extinguishers by the exit on floors that have been identified for class A fire risk. 

The dry powder extinguisher

Also known as ABC extinguishers, you can use these standard fire extinguishers to put off class A, class B, and class C fires. You can also use them to stop the fire that involves electrical equipment. Apart from this, you’ll also find special dry powder extinguishers that you can use for fires caused by flammable metals. However, make sure not to use them in enclosed spaces. That’s because you can easily inhale the dry powder of the extinguisher. Besides, it isn’t easy to clean up the residual mess once the fire is over. And yes, the extinguisher comes with a blue label colour.  

The wet chemical fire extinguisher

The chemical extinguishers are designed to use on class F fires caused by cooking oils and fats. However, you can also use them on class A fires. But, we all know that foam or water extinguishers are the best when it comes to putting off class A fires. But, you can still use these wet chemical fire extinguishers to extinguish the type A fires. Typically, these extinguishers to have a dry powder composition. The dry powder smothers the fire by forming a barrier between the source of oxygen and the fuel. Unlike other fire extinguishers, this one has a yellow label colour.  

The CO2 fire extinguisher

If you aim to extinguish fires caused by electrical equipment, then there are no better extinguishers than CO2 extinguishers. Their peculiar nature makes them one of the most popular extinguisher model provided in the computer server rooms. These extinguishers generally put out the class B fires. How do they work? Well, they usually suffocate the fires by displacing the oxygen that the fire needs to continue burning. Remember, you need to place these extinguishers near the potential source of fire or near the fire exits such as server rooms, offices, kitchens, and premises with electrical equipment and appliances. 


Tips on how to buy Fire Extinguishers online

Everyone knows that their workplace and home require fire extinguishers. Everyone should also know where the nearest one is. But, most do not realise that a single fire extinguisher doesn’t work on all types of fire. Of course, by now you know how many types of fire extinguishing systems are there and their features. But, you also need to know how to purchase an ideal one for your purpose. Below are a few tips that’ll help you buy fire extinguisher online in UAE effortlessly.

  • Sort out your requirements – Even before you start shopping for the extinguishers, you should figure out what you’re looking for. Do you want a huge sized cylinder or a small one? What kind of establishment are you going to place the extinguishers in? Similarly, what type of extinguisher do you want? Because there are a lot of options out there, its best know your requirements first. Once you know what you want, then picking the perfect one becomes easy.
  • Research a bit and explore their types – You must always spend some time in researching the product before you start your search. Try understanding the characteristics and features of various fire extinguishers available out there. Check out the different types, manufacturers and retailers. If you know a lot about the product, it’ll be easier for you to pick out the best one from the lot. And you’ll also be able to segregate the best ones from the others.
  • Know where to place them – Once you know which one you want, next make sure you know where you want to place them. You might want to store them right next to the stove in your kitchen. Similarly, you might also want to put them in a quiet corner in an official building. Usually, it’s best to place the extinguishers in locations no closer than 5-8 feet from potential fire sources. This way, you can easily access them in case of fire.
  • Check out the size and weight – Keep in mind that the weight is the amount of extinguishing agent within the extinguisher. Most home fire extinguishers weigh five pounds. Which is primarily why they’re easy to carry and use when needed. Moreover, this compact design helps you fit them easily in any corner. Plus, their lightweight enables you to mount them onto a wall without much hassle.
  • Look out for refills – Normally, you can use the fire extinguishing systems only once. However, with advanced technology and features has helped manufacturers to create unique extinguishers that enable you to recharge them. But, if your device isn’t rechargeable, do not use it again after the first use, even if you’ve accidentally used it during installation.
  • Select one with the broadest range – Consider the range at which the fire extinguishers can spray the substance to put out the fire. In general, most fire extinguishers release substance at 12-18 feet from the fire. But, make sure you check out the space and size of your place, and how wide the fire can spread in your home. If you have large homes for larger homes, it is best to have multiple fire extinguishers around the house.
  • Pick an affordable model – You’ll find both cheap fire extinguisher services as well as expensive ones. Generally, the fire extinguisher price depends on the brand, the quality, and the place from where you buy the product. Therefore, make sure to set aside a budget before you buy the product. You could also get the fire extinguishers for sale to save a few bucks. However, ensure that you do not compromise on quality.

Every fire extinguisher is different, and they do not fight the different types of fires in the same way. Therefore, it’s crucial for you to carefully weigh the pros and cons of each product and then buy yours. Do not make hasty decisions. Make sure you read through the above tips, as it’ll help you in making an informed decision when you’re out searching for any fire extinguishing systems.

Question & Answer

Can fire extinguisher kill you?

Yes, possibly. But that solely depends on how you handle the extinguisher. If you’re a novice and mishandle it, then you might get hurt in the process of putting off the fire. However, the working of the extinguishers are reasonably simple to understand, and most of you can handle it easily. But, the probability of the extinguisher killing is still there. But that’s only if it falls and hits someone on the head from a good enough height. Or if you have a prolonged inhalation to the dry chemical by deliberately breathing it into where it cuts off oxygen.

Where is the best place to fix a fire extinguisher?

It’s essential to put out the fire with a good quality fire extinguishing system. But, it’s even more critical to know where you should place them. Let’s begin with a little common sense when it concerns fire prevention at your home. Ideally, you should set the fire extinguishers at spots where you can access them within seconds. In other words, put them at an easy-to-grab area. Probably at proximity to exits. That said, you should also know where not to put the extinguishers. For example, you mustn’t put them near an oven or a stove.

Do fire extinguishers need maintenance?

Fire extinguishers are very easy to forget about unless they are your livelihood. We’ve all seen them sit at a corner of your room for a ‘just in case’ fire day. But of course, we all hope that day would never come, and we’ll never have to use them. Even though they aren’t at the top of our minds, there’s nothing worse than needing one in an emergency and finding out it doesn’t work. This is primarily why it’s very vital to inspect them regularly. Thus, make sure that you carry out regular visual inspections to ensure your safety and the extinguishers condition.

Do I really need a fire extinguisher?

Yes, indeed! But, you should also know how to put them to use. Fire extinguishers are a small but essential part of a safety plan at any place. They save lives by putting out small fires and suppressing it until the fire department help arrives. But then, you do not need to think about buying extinguishers if you have high-quality smoke detectors and a good fire evacuation plan. The fire safety experts always advise you to use the fire extinguishers only after you’ve made sure that everyone else has left the place or the building.

Where can I buy fire extinguishers?

Today several online stores bring you a comprehensive collection of fire extinguishing systems online. However, if you wish to have a hassle-free online shopping experience, then look no further than This product search engine brings you a wide range of premium quality fire extinguishers from popular brands like Amerex, Ansul, Lifeline, Abs Fire, Bonpet, Ceasefire, Cscs, Buckeye, Chubb Fire, Coast Guard, Combat Fire, Dupont, Eversafe, Fike, and Cintas. What’s more, you can also check out some of the coolest DIY products from over 500 online stores and brands out there. And yes, you also get to buy your perfect fire extinguisher from your favourite online store.

Remember, lives are important than properties. Therefore, you should always have a proper fire extinguisher handy in your place. This not only gives you confidence but also makes sure that you’re safe in case of a sudden fire breakout.