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About Door Spies

Today, the most challenging thing in front of us is the security and safety of our loved ones. Thus, door spies are the new trend surfing over the internet. And install the digital door viewer on the front door to see who is on the other side of the door.    

The standard home security devices like peepholes are no more sufficient for your safety at home. Thus, people are seeking the digital door viewer, which not only helps you to view, who is on the other side of the door. But also allow you to question the stranger before opening the front door of your apartment.  Other than that, it improves your home security. It is available in a small and compact size which takes less space. However, many of the models come with the latest camera fitted in the digital door viewer. It allows you to check on the person on the gate, whether he is the person you know or someone is trying to impersonate a person you know. Thus, buy door viewers online at the best prices in the UAE, which is affordable for all budget people. And keep reading to unfold other exciting things about the door spies. 

A beginner’s guide to smart digital door viewers

Choosing the right security devices for your home is highly crucial for your safety. And it’s challenging to select the right tool which suits your needs and purposes. Today, when the crime rates are increasing at a fast pace, one should remain prepared to fight it. Thus, a smart door viewer camera helps you up in your attempt. There are many door spies’ models available in the market which assures you with complete protection & security. However, there are some of the models which come along with the in-built motion sensor. And it sends alerts to the device after pressing the doorbells and is compatible with many voice assistants. Thus, there are more for you to crack to know the best digital door viewer.

Digital peephole viewer

There are many incidents like house break-ins that happen through the entrance door. And burglar often targets the house with an easy lock to break or the unlocked door, which is an easy way to enter. So, the digital peephole viewer is your saviour! It comes in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges that suit you. So, once you have installed the viewer screen inside the door, you are all set to explore. Its design is so brilliant that the door spies look like the regular peephole from outside. Thus, the next time someone is at the door, all you need to do is press the power button to see. This cheap digital door viewer with a motion sensor helps you in viewing in the dark with the help of the night mode features. 

Digital door viewer Wi-Fi

It’s challenging to check on your door viewer manually. The reason is the person on the other side of the door can see when you are moving or peeping on the lens. So, he can take precautionary steps to defend himself. On the other hand, due to the poor quality of the lens, you may not have good luck seeing him/ her properly. Thus, all these vital reasons make it clear that you need to look for the best quality digital door viewer. Plus, it needs to be compatible with Wi-Fi for all the settings. Thus, you will get a lot of options while you move to buy digital door viewers in Dubai online. There are some of the door spies’ models which provide audio both and video features. And weather-resistant design with wired or wireless installation.  

Eques door viewer

Eques is the popular name in the domain of the door spies’ industry. And it comes up with the world’s smartest doorbell.  However, you can use the Eques app on your Smartphone or tablet. And keep a keen eye on your home security from anywhere around the world.  There are countless features that you will enjoy while using any of its models. It automatically detects the suspicious motion and takes a snapshot. You get an alert on your phone, or it starts recording the video when the motion is detected. Besides, it allows you to speak directly to the person who is at your doorstep with the help of an in-house LCD monitor. So, these all features makes it the best digital door viewer. 

Tips on how to buy Door Spies

By now, you must have got a sufficient idea of why you need to opt for the door spies at home. There is nothing more important than the security and safety of your loved ones when you aren’t around. So, getting a digital door viewer at the front door of your home or apartment is the best idea.  But do you think it’s simple to opt for the one without even knowing the factors to judge? Absolutely No! So, while you seek to buy digital door viewer in Dubai online, you will get numerous options. From electronic door viewers to digital peephole viewers and smart digital door viewers, there are many to explore. Thus, you need a list of factors to scale the products and buy accordingly to your choice. Check out!

  • Check for the wide-angle view – This is the main factor to consider while you look for the electronic door viewer online. However, the sole purpose of the door viewer should give you a wide-angle view to capture from the different sides. And it needs to provide you with a comfortable experience. Thus, it comes up with wide applications.
  • Select motion sensor – There are many door spies available in the market which comes with brilliant features. And one among them is the motion sensor which helps you in getting better safety and security. Thus, it helps you in sending the motion instantly or alerts you on your Smartphone when you have someone on the doorstep of your home or apartment.
  • Look for easy installation – It is another factor to be considered while you go window- shopping. So, you need to look for an easy and hassle-free installation while you choose to buy an electronic peephole. Moreover, you need to make sure that it comes with all the necessary tools and hardware. Also, make sure it takes less than minutes to install.
  • Look for the additional features – There are innumerable brilliant features that come along with the latest digital peephole viewer. So, for better convenience, you can look for the door spies, which comes with Alexa compatibility. However, there are many models which provide you with instant notifications and alerts on your Smartphones and computer.

If you are planning to purchase door spies for your new home, then you should know all the common features & buying parameters. However, the brief guide will help you in understanding the product in better ways. So, you no more have to wait any longer and start with your shopping spree along with It is the best Dubai product finder with 500+ brands and stores allied with it. Thus, you scroll through the mind-boggling collection of security products with the best deals in the market.

Question & Answer

How to install the digital door viewer?

The door spies should ideally place in the centre of your front door. And before you proceed with the installation process, make sure you choose the correct size of peephole viewer for your door. First, you need to mark on the door where you wish to place your viewer. And make sure you choose the appropriate flat wood drill bit tool. But don’t forget to check regularly while drilling on the other side of the door. To make sure you don’t damage the door. Next, you need to use the door stopper to stop the door from moving while you drill on the other side of the door. Now, unscrew the two parts of the door viewer. Place the lens one from the outside and insert the bio from inside. And make sure you place it properly.

Where to buy Yale digital door viewer online in the UAE?

Yale Digital Door Viewer is the reputed brand name in the domain of the door spies industry. And it’s popular for its excellent features like live viewing who is at the doorstep. And the screen quality provides you with clear images which are visible from a distance.  The high-quality camera gives a 105-degree viewing angle, and it’s easy to install.  Thus, if you wish to buy it for your apartment, then you need to shop from a renowned shopping browser like It is a cheap shopping website with top-notch stores allied with it. Thus, you enjoy an excellent collection of DIY products at the best price in the market.

How much is a digital door viewer online in the UAE?

Door spies is an effective and powerful security tool for your home. There are some of the latest models which are available as a smart doorbell along with the HD video. This smart camera allows you to know who is on the other side of the door as soon as the doorbell rings. However, an intelligent doorbell sends you a notification on your Smartphone. And whenever it can’t capture the view, it triggers the motion sensor. It is easy to install and compatible with Alexa. And the battery pack is rechargeable. Thus, the price varies with the models’ features, size, and additional features. And it will cost you around $129.99.