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About Anti-Intrusion Strips

Planning for a tour in a distant land can be hard to commit due to the fear of burglars. But with the advanced technology, there is a solution for that too. Security spike is the first line of defence from the thieves. Besides, you can plan to mount them on the top of the perimeter walls, gates and fences. But that’s not the end! There are more for you to unveil about anti-intrusion strips. So, keep reading!

Anti-intrusion strips are designed to stop unwanted intruders from entering your premises. Suppose you have installed the burglar-proof strip on your door and windows. Then, from outside, no one can get through it. Also, keep in mind that you need other tools like a crowbar and screwdriver between door and door frame or window or window frame. However, it is used in the commercial & public sectors. These security spikes protect the goods storage yards, walls and fences around the commercial premises, and lots more. Moreover, it is made of steel, plastic, or other durable materials. That can cause harm or injure anyone attempting to climb on it. Thus, there are several guidelines to follow, like where to fit & at what height. So, before you seek the best portable spike strip online, let’s learn more about these security products to have hassle-free shopping experiences.

Different types of burglar-proof fence spikes 

Today, what matters most is the assurance of your security. There is an increase in the number of intruders entering your premises in your absence to steal your belongings. Thus, you need to have burglar-proof fence spikes to keep them away as well as animals from the fence. And this security spike works perfectly at home or commercial places with a complete shield of protection. These anti-intrusion strips consist of two metal parts. And these parts slide together as soon as you close the door. These spikes fall under the seam of the floor and door flame. So, before you seek the anti-climb strips price, make sure you have in-detail knowledge about its other kinds. To make your shopping worthy!

Anti-theft wall spikes

Have you ever passed through any mansion wall and wondered why spikes on it? These security spikes play the role of powerful perimeter security on the walls.  However, the law suggests remaining safe and careful even if it’s thieves. Thus, it becomes challenging to pick the product which goes by the law and safety. However, you will come across innumerable options while you seek it online. There are some of the models which have excellent design and material. Besides, it holds firmly to the top of the wall or fence. Thus, it makes climbing difficult for intruders. On the other hand, other anti-intrusion strips models are less distinct yet powerful. So, buy anti-theft wall spikes online & protect your home or office premises. 

Spike strips for cars

The policeman mainly uses the spike strip. To stop the movement of the car by puncturing the wheels. Thus, traffic spikes are a device or incident weapon composed of 35-75-millimetre-long metal barbs or teeth pointing upwards. So, it’s either installed on the road to arrest a criminal. Or, the person on the wheel broke the vehicle’s law of riding at a speed that is more than the required speed. However, these security spikes are detachable and replaceable with new teeth. Besides, the spikes are hollow in design and remain fixed on the tires. Thus, these cheap anti-intrusion strips allow the air on the tire wheel to blow at a steady rate. And it eventually reduces the risk of the driver losing control and crashing. 

Anti-climb fence spikes

Anti-climb spikes are placed on the roof, walls, and fences with 2 meters of height. However, the only attempt is to impede the intruders or animals from climbing on fences or walls. These security spikes are available in metal or plastic. However, you will get various kinds of anti-intrusion spikes in the market which matches your needs. The razor teeth are one such for the perimeter walls, fencing gates, and security fences.  It is a useful intrusion restrain device that is easy to install and weather resistant. Thus, buy anti-intrusion strips online which strong and durable. Above all, it is anti-rust and anti-corrosion. You can also check out the popular brand’s product. And they are Yaheetech, Doreen, and lots more

Tips on how to buy Anti-Intrusion Strips

By now, you might have realised the security spikes importance in your life. However, it’s useful not only for your home or for commercial purposes. But also for the police in their work. The anti-intrusion strips help to stop the movement of the car by puncturing the wheels, or they use it to arrest the suspect. So, it’s challenging to pick the best portable spike strip out of numerous products. There are so many things that you need to keep in mind, especially the quality, thickness, sharp spikes, and price. Thus, you need to surf the internet to get aid, and it’s a lengthy process. However, keeping all this in mind, we have listed some of the vital factors for you. And help you in scaling the products to suit your need. Have a glance!

  • Choose timber trellis with thorny climbers — It is a square-shaped timber trellis that can be fixed at the top of the fence. Besides, it warns climbing of the intruders on it. And the strength of the trellis lies in its weaknesses. Suppose if the intruders attempt to climb on it, it can fall under their weight. Thus, it’s essential to fix anti-theft fence spikes that it doesn’t get pulled off easily. 
  • Size & Design of the spikes — There are many kinds of security spikes available in the market, which varies in size and design. However, you need to look for the perfect size of the spikes for fences – the one which doesn’t spoil the look of your fence or its purposes. In contrast, the design needs to be chosen carefully as per your needs and purposes. 
  • Compare the price of spikes — This is an important factor to consider while you move to buy anti-climb fence spikes online. However, there are many online platforms that allow you to compare the cost of the product. Thus, you can easily compare the price among the listed top brands and stores. Later, you can choose the product which suits your budget and need.

To sum up, these are all the vital factors which you need to take care of. However, considering these factors will guide you on your shopping journey. And help you in picking the right product for yourself. Browse It is the best UAE search engine with 500+ brands & stores allied with it. Thus, you explore the explicit collection of products with the best deals in the market.

Question & Answer

Why does police use spike strips?

The spike strips are the device or the incident weapon. And police mostly use it to stop the movement of the wheels by puncturing the tires. Besides, it is designed to reduce the risk of drivers or bikers. And it hardly matters if they are suspects or motorists who disobeyed the law. So, the police use it to control the tire deflation rate, prevent blowouts, and sudden loss of control. These spikes are 1-2- inch steel spikes hollow in design. And it composes of 35-75 millimetres long. So, to stop the fleeing vehicle, the stored ends are folded up. These steel spikes expand like an accordion when the officer throws or pulls it across the road.

What is the best security spike to buy online in Dubai?

Stegastrip is the best security spike brand. And it has learned a lot of appreciation for its products. Besides, it has a unique multi-hinge design which allows easy fixing as well as angle surface. It is UV sunlight protection, durable, reusable and recyclable. However, each of the strips has a 50mm long base. And it contains 4 rows of offset 60mm high spikes. Its products are screw fixed through the holes provided as well as glued. However, its central hinge allows it to have a well-fitting on irregular surfaces like fence weather bars, wall copping stones, and so on. And on the flat surfaces when fitted back to back with screws. However, you can try other popular brands’ products. And they are Yaheetech, Doreen, Hillington, and so on.

What is the difference between a wall and a car spike strip?

Both these walls and car spike strips are part of the security device. And their function gets different. Wall spikes are installed on the wall or fence of your house. And it’s done to impede the intruders from climbing on it. Whereas the car spikes are exercised by the police mostly to reduce the risk of the drivers. Or to catch the suspect. However, there are many wall spikes models which consist of a 4-sided razor comb and are designed to rotate when grasping or climbing on it. Thus, making it impossible for the individual or the animal to cross it and enter your premises. And you can place it vibracrete walls, existing perimeter walls, & fences. On the other hand, car spikes have no specific design, but the spikes are sharp to deflate the speeding car’s wheels.

Where can I buy anti-intrusion strips online in the UAE?

Online shops are the perfect place to purchase anti-intrusion strips for your home or commercial purposes. With the improvement in technology, it has made it quite easy & fast to shop at your convenient place & time. And above all, you enjoy shopping from the top-notch brands & stores. However, you need to choose the online stores carefully. There are shops which allow you to purchase the product from the limited stores. But things can be more exciting if you choose as your default shopping browser. It is the best online store in Dubai, having 500+ stores allied with it. And you scroll through the excellent collection of products with the best price in the market.

So, what’s more?  Commence with your shopping voyage along with us. And consider the tips section as guidelines to help you in picking the right product. Thus, you delve into the mind-blowing collection of DIY products. Plus, enjoy the unbelievable offers & deals which is best in the market. So, don’t miss the offer!