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About Alarm Systems

With the rise in theft and crime rates, it has become necessary to have a tight and intelligent security system in homes and workplaces. Since it’s about protecting you, your property, and your valuables, you should rely only on quality and reliable alarm systems. This guide will help you choose one.

An alarm system detects any unauthorised entry or accidents into a building, such as fires. You can find them in commercial, residential, and even industrial types for protection against theft, trespasses, fires etc. Some alarms serve one purpose, whereas others may be useful for multiple things like burglary protection, fire alert etc. Some systems even come with CCTV cameras to record live activities. They may range from self-contained noisemakers to fully-fledged computer monitoring and control system. So, we are sure that you will have a lot to choose from. If you think that is overwhelming, the below guide will help you understand more and select the best home alarm systems.  

Exploring some popular & effective alarm systems

Alarm systems for apartments or other buildings come in a wide assortment of options. They may vary based on their design, sensor type, connection, response, and more factors. For example, a wired home alarm system uses a low voltage electric circuit. It flows between doorways, windows, and other entry points. When any of these open, the circuit disrupts and alarm triggers. On the other hand, a wireless system comes with a control panel, sensors, and transmitters. From simple to advanced, you can get your hands on many. However, it is imperative to go for the right one as per your requirements. Let us explore details about popular ones.

Burglar alarm system

Whenever we think of security systems, a burglar alarm comes to our mind immediately. It is an automated device that alerts when a burglar opens any door, window and safe. This system typically consists of networks of electronic devices that work together to protect your properties from theft. A basic system comes with an alarm control panel, magnetic contact, motion sensor, a siren, remote control key fobs, and a security camera. However, it may differ from system to system. It works by monitoring all the possible entry points with sensors and transmits a signal when the system detects any illegal intrusion.

Fire alarm system

A fire alarm system comprises multiple devices working together to warn people about smoke, fire, carbon monoxide and related emergencies. They may be activated on their own from smoke detectors and heat detectors or can also be activated through manual fire alarm activation. Some may make just a sound. Others may also come up with messages about not using elevators, using fire exits etc. Conventional, intelligent, addressable, and wireless alarm systems are some of the common types of fire alarm systems. Some systems will live up to your expectations, whereas others might not be up-and-coming. Choose a reliable system as per your requirements.

Smart home alarm

Decades ago, people relied on home security services or systems comprising hardwired networks and manual management. However, today we are blessed with advanced technologies and devices like home networks, smartphones, wireless systems etc. For example, door sensors can detect if someone is outside the home or the ones that can be operated remotely through smartphones. Smart alarm systems may empower people to build their own secure network and control things, usually through their smartphones. However, they may come in a wide range of options, bearing different properties, functions, and modes of operation.

Tips on how to buy Alarm System in Dubai

Even after knowing so many details, it can be an overwhelming experience for you when you actually step into the market to shop for alarm systems. A large number of options offered by various brands might bring you into a state of dilemma. However, if you keep the below factors in mind, you will eliminate much of the confusion. Here are the tips that would make your buying journey effortless.

  • Know the purpose of purchase – You may require alarm systems to protect your property and valuables against different things like burglary, fire etc. So, it’s important to determine the purpose of purchase while you buy home alarm systems online in the UAE. A fire alarm may differ from a burglar one. Some alarms can even offer protection for both.
  • Understand regular vs smart home integration – There are many types of alarm systems you can find these days. Many home security systems even double as smart home hubs that allow you to control connected locks, lights, and more from a smartphone app. So, it depends upon your requirements whether you need a simple system or the smart and advanced one.
  • Consider your home size – The choice of alarm system depends a lot upon the size of your home and the number of entry points it has. If you have a high number of doors, windows, and glass panels, you will require many sensors and other devices to cover the whole area.
  • Consider your location – The selection also relies on what is your location. Whether you live in a rural location where Wi-Fi signals are weak or in the heart of the city where Wi-Fi is ultra-fast makes a lot of difference. Considering your location will help you select a service that is right for you.

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Question & Answer

What are the types of alarm systems?

Alarm systems can be classified based on many factors like design, components, features, wired vs wireless systems, and more. Some of the common types include wired, wireless, monitored, and unmonitored alarm systems.  Each works differently. For example, a wired home alarm system uses a low voltage electric circuit. It flows between doorways, windows, and other entry points. When any of these are opened, the circuit disrupts and alarm triggers. On the other hand, the wireless system comes with a control panel, sensors, and transmitters.

What are the best alarm systems?

The best alarm system for you will be the one that best suits your requirements. Although, if you are in search of quality security systems, you should go for the brands like System Sensor, Texecom, Kidde, Pyronix, Notifier, Aritech, and Gardtec. If you want to explore their collection in one place, then your search ends here. Since these are all good brands, you can rest assured of the quality of products. You can find all of them here on

How much are alarm systems?

The cost depends on a lot of factors, like whether you go for DIY security systems or professionally installed ones. Even after getting the necessary sensors and detectors, you might have to spend on professional installation, 24*7 monitoring, system activation and other things. So, your one time or monthly spend depends on the level and type of protection or security you look for. However, if you have budget restrictions, you can compare costs here.

Which burglar alarm system is best?

The best burglar alarm for you will be the one that best suits the level of security you look for. You can find many types in the market like bell-only alarm, dialer burglar alarm, smart home security systems, and a monitoring contract one. As the name suggests, the bell only will just ring, whereas the dialer one may dial your or the nominee’s numbers to alert. On the other hand, smart home security systems can be controlled through smartphone apps. So, your choice depends upon your requirements and the level of security required.

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