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Do you know that ladders are an ancient technological tool? The very first item is featured in a Mesolithic rock painting that is a minimum of 10,000 years old. This painting depicts two human figures using it to deal with a wild honeybee nest.

Constructively speaking a ladder is a vertical or inclines set of steps or rungs. There are generally two types that you can find in the market today. The rigid products are self-supporting or are the ones that may lean against a vertical surface like walls. Whereas the other type includes rollable types like the one made of aluminium or rope and they can be hung from the top. The vertical members of a rigid ladder are called rails, stringers, or stiles. The rigid styles are generally portable, but we do have times when they are permanently fixed to any equipment, building or structure. They are generally made of metal, fibreglass, or wood.

Types of ladders available in market

Before we head to discuss the types you can buy, let me mention an important point that the right kind can make your work much safer and more comfortable. And by learning about different types, you can develop an understanding of which of the possible options will meet your needs the most. In the core, you need to know the maximum height of the product you may need for most of your work. Besides height, it is also essential to consider the load capacity and other factors that we will discuss in a later section of the articles. For now, let us have a look at the types you may need to have a look into while making a choice.

The step ladders

They have an A-frame design with spreaders that lock to hold the two sizes in the correct position. General the steps run-up only on one side. But you can also find a twin step ladder that allows you are using both sides at the same time. They are a good choice if you do not have any nearby surface that can support an extension style. They are more beneficial in indoor projects like painting, cleaning, or installing ceilings, lights, fans etc. At the same time, they are also available in a variety of sizes generally made in metal.

Extension or folding ladders

The extension style comes with a base and one or two upper sections that slide up and down to allow you to reach different heights. The locking mechanism keeps it extended to any desired height. Larger sizes also include a rope and pulley system to carry loads and manage them easily. There are different designs available in extension styles; it also includes telescoping ladders. You can also fold them together for easy transportation and storage. At the same time, straight styles are much similar to the extension style but have only one section.

Multi-position ladders

These are also known as combination or articulating ladders and give you added versatility. They can be an ideal investment if you have varying needs. Moreover, depending on the model, a multi-position style can also serve as a single- or two-sided step style. Furthermore, an extension style can also be used as a portable staircase. With the ease of use and high-level portability, they are a common item we can find in most homes today. You can also find some models with the ability to work in pairs as support for scaffolding.

Attic and library ladders

Now you can reclaim your attic for storage just by adding a set of pull-down stairs otherwise known as attic ladder. Not only that they are an economical solution for your storage problem, but they can practically be installed in just a day. All you need is some skills, knowledge of the product with basic tools and materials. But be mindful that there will be some awkward heavy lifting involved, so having a helping hand should be on the list. But on entirely another side, a rolling library ladder makes a definite statement. You can also use them in pantries, kitchens, lofts and any place you want to reach upward.

Tips on how to buy Ladder online in the UAE

Today the marker holds a wide range of every single item that we use daily. Whether it be a ladder of a conventional hammer and screw–set, the choices are always infinite. And on a retail search engine , you can find everything from the best telescopic to the best step ladder with just a few clicks. But as we are speaking of these basic DIY tools, different projects, people, and tasks have varying demands in size, material, grade and style of the product. The choices may also vary based on duty rating. Here we are going to share some tips on how to make the choices in all these categories while buying such a product online.

  • The style – Step stool, stepladder or platforms are ideal for indoor working, but for outdoor you will need a taller type or pick multi-purpose or extension style item with a reach of about thirteen feet or plus. The variety in designs also defines the offered level of security.
  • The size – Choosing an appropriate length or breadth is just as important as the style of the product. One of the basic yet dangerous selection mistakes is to buy an option that is either too short or too long to use.
  • Know about your product– There are two main categories of the product available in the market. And it does not matter if you want to buy an extension style, making a well-informed choice is more important to learn about both types, their benefits and features before picking a category.
  • The material used – We will recommend buying fibreglass-based products. This material is exceptionally appropriate for most of your domestic and commercial needs. This is a highly non-conductive material of great value of money as compared to many other options.
  • The performance system – Always consider the demands of the job and the load capacity. Here you may need to consider the users who will possibly be using these items. Also, keep in mind the frequency of use and if you will be hauling heavy loads up on the ladder? Choose accordingly.

Luckily today there is a wide range of options available in the market. However, choosing the right one entirely depends on your personal preferences. It is also essential to read the customer review section to find the real-time performance of the product. Whereas the product description section can give you an insight into the construction, make and other specifications that are important to note while making a purchase online

Question & Answer

What ladder size do I need?

They vary in size and length. To buy an appropriate reasonable option, you need to know the maximum reach height when buying one. You must also consider that the extension style needs to be several feet taller than the height you need to reach. The height safe standing level is four rungs from the top. Also, pick a size where the sections must overlap at least 3 feet and up to 36 feet in length and about 5 feet on the more extended type.

What ladder should I buy?

For home use, you can pick items like Gorilla GLF-5x fibreglass hybrid style, Little giant select step model 5-8, or Werner d6228-2 28 ft type IA fibreglass d-rung extension. But for commercial use, pick a suitable option designed for your specific profession’s needs. Some of the bestselling items that you can buy for work include; Little Giant 22-Foot Velocity Multi-Use, Louisville FS1508 Fiberglass, Rubbermaid RM-3W Folding 3-Step Stepladder, Ohuhu EN131 Telescopic Extension type.

How much is a step ladder online in the UAE?

Generally, the price range starts from AED 100 and goes up to AED 500 or more. Here the price of these products may vary based on the type or style you want to buy. Other factors that can affect the price include material; size; mechanical features; or brand you are buying from. Therefore, it is always advised to dig deep into the product market before settling for any item.  You can also compare products in different stores and brands to find cheaper rates on the desired item.

Where to buy a ladder online in the UAE?

If you want to buy high quality, branded products at cheaper rates, explore any product search engine to find a wide range of DIY supplies from global manufacturers. At you can easily find and buy products from top brands like Werner, Telesteps, Youngman, Fakro, Bathla, and Rubbermaid. Here you can use the price comparison tool to find and compare the price of different products. This tool is of great help in finding budget-friendly yet high-quality products online.

At, you can also use the price comparison tool to find perfect budget products shops like Menakart, Yoins, Ounass and many more. Explore the most comprehensive product search engine to find a variety of DIY products for all your domestic and commercial needs.

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