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Power blackouts can be a menace, particularly when it goes on for longer than a few hours. And we bet, at times like this, most of you would wish for a backup plan. Well, there’s nothing better than the generators for such backup plans. It’s the backbone of power backups. But unfortunately, most of us buy them only when an emergency strikes at our door. Do not be late! Secure yourself the best power backup devices out there now! That said, beware not to pick some random stuff. Keep scrolling to know everything about these power backup devices to get the best ones.

So, what exactly do the generators do? Well, they’re essentially the lifesavers. They’re power backup sources that convert fuel supply into electrical energy. People usually use propane, diesel, or gasoline as fuel. The present-day generator traces its history back to a very simple apparatus put together by a British scientist – Michael Faraday. Being a smart physicist and chemist, Michael created the very first generator in 1831. He used a tube made of neutral material, a coil of wire, bar magnet insulated in cotton to create the machine. Today, we see different and advanced versions of this very power back device. That said, let’s take a look at a few popular types of generators that you can consider investing in.

Generators for different power backup requirements

Indeed, you’ll find different types of power backups, but they’re all linked to their applications. However, you can generally categorise these power backup devices into three major types – the portable generator, inverter, and standby. You can also find several other industrial and inductions generators. Each one has different features and characteristics. You need to learn and understand the various specifications of each one of them to buy generators online in UAE effortlessly. Keeping this in mind, we’ve put together a few popular types of power backup devices that you can consider purchasing.

The portable generator

Handy, compact and useful, portable power backups come with combustion engines. They’re specifically designed for conducting and producing temporary electrical power. These devices either use gas or diesel for power. With these features in place, these are the best when you hardly have any electrical appliances to connect to them. Also, they might not be able to produce electricity for many hours straight. However, they’re apt for running the bare necessities like lighting, small freezers, and even the television. Today, you can find several best portable generators online.

The electric generator

Electric power backup is a device that produces electrical energy and stores it in batteries. Quite often they also supply the electricity produced directly to the homes, shops, offices, etc. These backup devices function on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Thus, they come with a wide power output capacity. You’ll find a model apt for low as well high power requirements. Apart from that, most of them also have multiple fuel options such as petrol, diesel, natural gas, and even LPG. Additionally, some models also have noise-reducing technology. This allows you to keep them in close proximity without any hassle.

The diesel generator

Diesel generators, typically known as the diesel Genset, works with one of the least flammable fuel resources. They run on a combination of diesel engines and electrical power backup devices. Besides, their unique design allows them to also work best on diesel alone. Some of the models also go a step further and work on other natural gas and liquid fuels. But, diesel has proven to be the best and the most efficient. So, if you’re looking for an incredibly durable generator for your off-grid cabins, then these diesel models are by far the finest options today.

The natural gas or biogas generator

Fuel efficiency is the best thing about gas generators. They’re very similar in build and design to diesel and gasoline power backups. However, these models use either propane or liquefied petroleum gas as their source of energy. Usually, these biogas power backups have a quite sturdy build and design. Hence, you can easily store them below and above the ground. But, this depends on your home structure and use. Above all, these natural gas devices have the ability to reduce the overall cost of operation. In short, cheaper fuel, cheaper maintenance cost, and cheap machine purchase.

Tips on how to buy Generators

Generators are actually simple machines, and you must have figured that out by now. However, buying one isn’t as easy and simple as the machines are. Several factors come into play when you’re out searching for them online. Which type should I buy? Is it expensive? Do they perform well? Will it fit my space? Well, these are a few questions that are bound to haunt you while checking out the numerous options online. But, you can always go past this if you have the right evaluating tips in hand. That said, we’ve laid out a few quick tips below to make your buying process a breeze.

  • Know your requirement – Figuring out the purpose of the power backups is one of the most important things you need to do even before you start searching for them online. Understanding what you need the generators for is crucial to picking the right one for the right job. For instance, you need different ones for home and industrial use. Make sure you sort out your purpose before you buy them.
  • Explore the types – As we mentioned earlier, you’ll find several types of power backups out there on the market. From inverter to solar and biogas models, you’re sure to find one for your specific need. However, you should understand the various aspects of each type before you buy them. Having adequate knowledge about the product you intend to buy makes your buying process a breeze.
  • Check out the noise level – None of us wants a noisy model. We want something that serves the purpose quietly. Although you wouldn’t find a silent model, you can find products that do not produce much noise. Make sure you frisk through the specifications online against the product to get an idea about the noise levels.
  • Size is important – Checking out the size of the product is imperative. Make sure that the one you’re going to buy fits in your space. This is regardless of whether you’ll place them at your home or in an industrial area. Usually, you’ll find different sizes of generators for various purposes. The higher the purpose, the bigger the device tends to be.
  • Consider the power output – Power backups are for producing power, and checking out the power output isn’t something you should overlook. Make sure you carefully check out the power output of the product you buy. Go for the models that offer you maximum power and lifetime.
  • Pick an affordable model – You can find various power backups at different rates. You’ll find cheap inverter generators as well as expensive electrical models. Thus, make sure that you set aside a budget for yourself before you buy them. Indeed, you must save money, but not at the cost of quality. Therefore, you could always buy a generator for sale online in UAE.
  • Keep an eye on the quality – As stated above, price is an important factor that determines the kind of power backup you buy. But, you should never compromise on quality to just save a few bucks. Turning to cheap products might require you to replace the devices often. And by doing so, you’ll end up spending much more than the initial generator price. So, go for premium quality models. One way to do that is to pick from popular brands like Honda, Cummins, Duromax, Kirloskar, Total JEC, Ford, and Arksen.
  • Read reviews online – Several buyers take time to share their experience with the product online. Try and go through the comments, feedback and reviews that customers share online. It helps you put yourself in their shoes and understand the performance and efficiency of the model. If you find more good reviews, then you can blindly go for the model. However, if you find mixed reviews, then make sure to carefully weigh the pros and cons of the particular model before you buy them.

The more trade specific and industry-related the power backups are the better it is. This means you need to be extremely careful while selecting your model. Do not just pick anything that looks good. Yes, the design is important, but quality and performance are the keys. Make sure you carefully assess the various factors and evaluate the pros and cons of each model before making your final purchase. We hope the above tips will help you choose the perfect generator for a house or business.

Question & Answer

Which is the best portable generator?

Portable generators are very handy and useful in a variety of applications. Besides, you’ll also find them in a variety of power configurations. Today, various manufacturers bring you a wide range of these power backups with a variety of features and functions. Some of the popular models that you can consider buying includes DuroStar DS4000S, 3300 gas portable, Honda EU2200I super quiet, WEN 56155, 1550 Watt gas-powered, Westinghouse WGen5500, and many more as such.

How much does a solar generator cost online in UAE?

Solar-powered backups have become common in the market these days. Their efficient and high performing nature has helped them make their way through every industry and even homes. Today, you’ll find them in different designs with various smart features. This, in turn, means that you can find them at different price rates too. The best solar generators in UAE might cost you anywhere from AED 1500 up to AED 5000. The price usually depends on the features and quality of the model.

How much does a Generac generator cost online in UAE?

Generec is a leading brand that offers a wide range of products including some high-quality generators. A typical portable power backup from Generec might cost you around AED 1000, depending on the features. You can also find higher versions at higher rates. You might have already noticed that features and brands play a major role in fixing the price tag of any product. The more versatile yet durable product you desire, the more you need to spend. As simple as that! Sometimes we also indulge in impulsive shopping, which means sometimes we tend to shop for features we do not even want. The solution to this is to fix a budget beforehand.

Where to buy the generators online?

You can find several types of power backups at different online stores. However, if you want to experience hassle-free shopping then look no further than This product search engine brings you the best of the best from your favourite brands. What’s more, you can compare prices and buy them from your favourite online stores. Of course, do not miss to check out several other DIY products and materials right here on We have dedicated sections for different categories, so you don’t waste time finding the product. Just move to the category and filter your preferences.

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