About Parquet

Apart from being a fun activity, DIY flooring is an ideal choice for those who give a dramatic look to their floors. And, when it comes to elaborate and exotic design for flooring, parquet reign supreme. Build from small pieces of hardwood fitted together in geometric patterns, this linoleum flooring adds an elegant touch to any room. In this article we’ll look at the few classic, as well as luxurious options of linoleum flooring to choose from. Plus, we also give you a few useful tips on how to buy parquet flooring online in UAE. 

Let’s dive straight into the most obvious question – what is parquet flooring? Derived from the French term ‘parquetry’, meaning ‘small compartment’ this type of flooring originated in the 17th century France. During this period, artisans created intricate designs by cutting and putting together small pieces of wood together. They did this one at time, after which they glued them to the floor. Because of the immense skill and time required, only the wealthy households adopted this type of flooring. However, today they’ve become the product of choice for homes across every part of the world. This is also one of the reasons why you can find several variations of the original product. That said, let’s go through a few contemporary options that you can get your hands on. 

The top types of parquet flooring to choose from 

The linoleum flooring in different types and style. However, manufacturers usually categorise them into several groups. In terms of structure, the manufacturers categorise the flooring into two major groups – the solid wood and engineered wood flooring. Each one portrays a different structure and quality. For example, the solid wood has a more modern appearance and is manufactured traditionally. Whereas, engineered wood is a fuse of organic materials and technological perfection. Furthermore, when talking about tree types, you’ll find a great range of linoleum options out there. Below we’ve compiled a few options of parquets that you can use for your flooring. 

The walnut parquet

If you’re seeking an intense, dark, beautiful, and high-end look for your floors, then you can never go wrong with the walnut versions. A walnut linoleum adds a luxurious appeal to any room or property as a whole. The rich dark brown shades of the walnut combined with the subtle tonal variations, give you a striking geometric patterns on your floor. Not only that, it also complements the colour and physical characteristics of the wood. Further, if you want a more adventurous looking floor, then try a linoleum that uses a combination of walnut and oak. Their unique tones and features makes them the best parquet flooring for bedrooms, living rooms, halls, kitchens, etc. 

The herringbone parquet

Herringbone is one of the most popular form of linoleum. In fact, it was one of the biggest trends in 2018. However, like any other product, they too had their humble beginnings. The herringbone variations were first discovered in the age of Roman Empire as the perfect arrangement for road building. But, since then they’ve come a long way to find their way into home interiors. The product gets its name from its resemblance to fish bones. Besides, it uses a simple rectangular block that you can lay them in zig-zag form to create a mosaic effect. This peculiar style oozes sophistication and adds value to your home. But, they’re harder to style, so are certainly not for faint-hearted. 

The bamboo parquet

If you’re a fan of geometric patterns, then look no further than the bamboo parquets. The bamboo block flooring comes from strand woven bamboo. The process of building the strand woven bamboo gives you a sturdy and durable flooring. In fact, this process of making provides you with flooring twice as hard as Oak flooring. The typical stranding process involves manufacturers shredding fibres from raw bamboo and then compressing them together. This process then creates the final solid block of bamboo. Further, the manufacturers shape them into blocks of flooring and the groove and tongue fit them. And finally, they add a layer of anti-slip lacquer to the linoleum finished flooring. 

The dark parquet

Dark parquet equals a huge range of hardwood materials. Usually, the flooring owes its dark colour appearance to the more exotic wood types. However, it can also stand for solid oak linoleum flooring that comes in darker shades. Most models of this type have multiple layers. While many types of dark flooring show good durability, nothing beats the pine rustic flooring. They’re ideal when you need a dark and robust flooring. Manufacturers usually deliver them in long blocks. Which why they’re suitable for stage-like flooring. You could also use this type of parquet flooring for bathrooms. Apart from that, they work perfectly for a renovated warehouse.

Tips on how to buy Parquet online

You’ll come across a plethora of options when it comes to parquets. You can start your search by exploring the collection on You can easily use the filters provided to narrow down your options. But are those enough for you to pull out the flooring type that best works for you? Of course not! That’s because several other factors play a crucial role while determining which models to buy online. We’ve put together a few useful tips that’ll help you secure the best linoleums online.

  • Know your goals for the space you’re installing – Are you planning to make a small room look fairly more abundant? Or is it for the bathrooms? Remember, it’s essential to first figure out the space where you intend to install them. Understanding this will make your buying process a lot simpler. Knowing your installation goals makes sure that you have the right product in hand.
  • Explore their various types – Earlier in the article, we saw that parquets come in two major types. However, we also did see that you can find several different versions of these models for various spaces. It’s essential to study the characteristics and features of these models to pick the best one among the lot.
  • Consider the types of traffic your floor will encounter – Indeed, the linoleums are tough enough to endure any brunt. However, some choices help make your maintenance process a bit easier. For instance, go for a darker colour if your floors are prone to dirt tracks. Similarly, if you have pets then go for lighter colours.
  • Pay attention to the aesthetics – You’d want to check out the room aesthetics before you purchase your linoleums. For example, if you’re installing the in a room that opens to another room, then pay attention to the type and colour of the model. Make sure your colours, styles, and textures do not clash with the surroundings.
  • Keep an eye on the quality and thickness – When purchasing the linoleums for your home, you want to make sure that you buy a quality product. You need to ensure that it holds up to the feet traffic well. Remember, the thicker the linoleum, the more realistic it will look. Besides, it also determines the durability and longevity of the product.
  • Go for a product with a guarantee – When you invest in quality linoleum flooring, it’s essential to find out about its warranty. That’s because, no matter how good the floors are, they’ll eventually wear out. Getting the products under warranty will help you get them repaired free of cost if something happens to the linoleum.

The tips above will help you choose the best parquets for your flooring. Moreover, considering these tips while buying will ensure that you pick a model that suits your home lifestyle and design perfectly. However, in the end, everything boils down to your personal preference. This is why you must carefully consider the pros and cons of each model before making the final call.

Question & Answer

Are parquet floors expensive?

You can find both expensive and cheap parquet laminate flooring. You’d also find several cheap solid oak parquet flooring. The price of the flooring usually depends on the quality of the version. Besides, the place from where you buy your flooring options also determine the cost of your product. Therefore, always choose to set aside a budget before starting your online search.

Which parquet flooring is best?

This depends on your personal taste. Do you want dark shades? Are you planning to install them in your bedrooms or kitchen? All this determines whether the option you choose is best or not. Above all, the most important factor that determines whether you flooring option is best, is the quality of the flooring. Always, make sure that you choose premium-quality linoleums to achieve the desired results. Some best parquet flooring brands like Parkay, Lecol, Sikabond, Swiss, Celtics, Haro, and Kaindl offer you stylish collections.

Can you refinish the parquet floors?

Yes, you can easily refinish the linoleum floors. However, you might have to follow certain steps to carry out this process in perfection. The first step is of course, sanding. But before sanding them make sure to clean them thoroughly. Also, make sure to sand the floors that you’ll stick these blocks onto. Sanding your floors ensures that your linoleums stick perfectly. Next apply the stain. Choose your stains carefully. They must complement your interiors. Finally, finish them with oil or water-based floor finish.

Where to buy parquet flooring online in UAE?

Many online stores today bring you’re a range of parquet flooring options to choose from. You can also check out to browse through the biggest collection of premium quality linoleums. Our product search engine enables you to compare and buy the products from your favourite online stores and brands. Better yet, you can do all this under a single roof with just a click and scroll.

Parquet floors are dramatic, stylish, also cost-effective, flooring options for many spaces. What’s more, they’re also a healthier and cleaner option to consider when compared to several other flooring options. This means they’re an excellent choice for your floors if you wish to up your aesthetics game!