Crimping Hoses

About Crimping Hoses

Hose crimpers (crimping hoses) are power or un-power tools for joining a deformable metal fitting with flexible and rigid hoses or tubing sections.

These hose crimpers apply forces with 360 degrees of contact at the OD (Outer Diameter) of the adhering metal fitting or component of joining with the length of the tube, hose, or pipe. These devices range from simple, portable and handheld devices. Each of these is designed for piecework to sophisticated, automated and high volume runs. Typically, a handheld hose crimp is used for a one-off or low volume run. The hose crimping machine is used for demanding applications like industrial hose crimping, shop floor production runs, metal forming or machine shop maintenance. At the same time, the hydraulic hose crimping and pneumatic hose crimping equipment for automatic and aerospace applications are also on the shelves.

Everything you need to know about hose crimpers

The crimpers and hose crimping tools are an important aspect of any hose assembly. When you have to move liquid or gas continually, a crimp is the just-right; otherwise, so much can go wrong. Even the slightest error in the dimensions, properties or application of the hose can damage the entire system. It will seriously cost you tons along with environmental severe issues and injuries to your workforce. To attain an ideal crimp that can do the job with perfection, you need to know the possible options available in the market. Here is some information that can help you make the right buying decision.

Specifications of the hydraulic fitting crimper

A hydraulic fitting crimper is specified according to product type, coupling style and hose styles. The crimp force and maximum crimps are also important to consider. Additionally, you will need to consider parameters like die, die ring, crimp diameter, crimp length, hose insertion, and a few others. Also, the powered crimping machines differ in terms of physical dimensions like height, width, depth, and a few other standard capabilities. It also comes with h set-up time and full-cycle time that add ease to the crimping process. Here the cycle time also varies with the size and fitting style of the hose.

The possible types

The hose crimpers are basically divided into three types. These are named hydraulic hose crimping machines, pneumatic hose crimping machines, and programmable hose crimping machines. The hydraulic hose crimpers are designed for use with hydraulic hoses and custom hydraulic hose assemblies.  They are graded by pressure, fluid compatibility, and temperature and come with a rubber interior surrounded by woven wires and rubber layers. Whereas pneumatic hoses come with custom assemblies and require square ends and are used in the industrial air supply system.

Overview of the crimping process

The general crimping process follows the same steps, no matter what type and size of crimper you are using. It starts by making an insertion depth of the hose using a hose insertion depth fixture. Now you need to push the hose into the coupling and stop at the insertion depth mark. Next, select a die that is appropriate to the series and size of the hose fitting. Now lubricate the die bowl and place the colour-coded die in the base plate, from beneath the position the hose and fit in the die. Make sure the bottom of the coupling rests well on the die set-up. Now finish the process by placing the die ring on the top of the dies.

Tips on how to buy Hose Crimper online in the UAE 

For many, a cheap hydraulic hose crimper is the best option to buy. But most of the time, the user will lose some serious amount of money by buying low-quality crimpers. Additionally, these crimps will not hold the pipes as they should, resulting in a disaster. Therefore, it is always important to look for the best portable hydraulic hose crimper relatively no matter what it costs. Besides the cost and quality, you will need to look at certain important features. Here we are going to highlight these pointers to make your buying process more comfortable and successful.

  • The size of crimpers – These crimpers come in varying sizes to meet different needs. So, before you head to buy a new crimper, know what size will accurately meet your needs. For instance, if you have a lot of hose fabrication to deal with, you will need one size or no more than three.
  • Force is crimping – It is something that you will love to use. The force crimpers can do so much with lesser stress and tools. Hence the crimping action is over sooner and save the user from a lot of wear and tear on both machine and man alike.
  • The installation system – You should also consider how you will insert the hose specifically if you use it often. The bench-mounted crimpers are a bit easier to work with, but they are not portable. For portable option.
  • The reliability of crimps – With wired crimps, it is important to get predictable, consistent, and satisfactory results every time you use them. Therefore, it is important to pick products from reliable brands. Here you need to look for top brands and best-selling items available online.

As a final word on hose crimpers, we will advise you to read the reviews from the previous buyers. These reviews will help you understand the real-time performance and quality of the product. By reading these reviews, you can also know if the selected item is suitable for your specific needs or you need to look for other items to meet the needs. At you can easily find a wide range of products to search and pick from.

Question & Answer

What is hose crimpers used for?

Crimping is an important aspect of any hose assembly. These tools are used when you have extended periods of gasses or fluids in motion through a pipe. If placed in the right way, a crimp can stop a lot of bad things to happen. They help to avoid leakage of liquid or gas from the pipe. They are also important to ensure that the joints are placed properly and will remain there until the crimps are working and offering the grip they are supposed to.

What is the best hydraulic hose crimper?

Some of the best items that you can find and buy online include new try fs-7842 hose crimper; mophorn separable hydraulic hose crimper; mophorn hose crimper with foot pump; tin say hydraulic hose crimper 71500; and holiday life 1500 hydraulic hose crimper. you can also buy items like actec max handheld hydraulic hose crimper; mophorn hose crimper with foot pump; tin say hydraulic hose crimper 71500 or holiday life 1500 hydraulic hose crimper.

How do hydraulic hose crimpers work?

Start by pushing the hydraulic hose into a crimping machine until the hose fitting appears above the crimp die. The crimping machine will push the collar that compresses the die, and the machine will stop once the collar is at the bottom of the crimp. Now place the compression ring or collar above the crimp die. Turn on the hydraulic hose crimping machine. The crimping machine will push the collar and adjust the collar at the bottom of the crimp die.

Where to buy a hydraulic hose crimper online in the UAE?

When it comes to DIY tools and accessories, you should look for a reliable place to buy products from. As these products will stay with you for years and are mostly used in a rough way, they need to be of higher quality and fine make. To find reliable items, explore any retail search engine. For instance, at , you can find top electric products from brands like Gates, Parker, Eaton, Aeroquip, Master Cool, or Finn Power.

Additionally, you can use the price comparison tool to compare and buy products at cheaper rates. You can also take a chance to explore online shops to find better options for your needs.