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Any electrical DIY project is incomplete without switches and wires. But, obviously you do not want them to look untidy and scattered. Besides, you also want the wires to stay at bay for safety purposes. Well, think no further than the wall plates. They act as a protective barrier between your family and the dangerous electrical wires. They’re our saviours! Whether you call them cover windows, switch plates, or outlet covers, they’re often overlooked and not given much thought. In this article, we explore more about these devices. We give you a few top-selling options of cover windows to choose from. Besides, we’ve also listed some useful tips on how to buy wall plate online in UAE. So, keep reading! 

A wall plate is a cabling fixture that allows you to add finishing touches to your electrical outlets, switches, and other lighting controls. Their major functionality is to protect the devices as well as to provide a decorative accent that can blend with your existing walls. In fact, upgrading your wall plates might just be one of the easiest ways of enhancing your home’s aesthetics. No, you do not need get stuck with those boring white cover windows that you often get to see at many places. There are several stylish options out there for you to explore. Let’s take a look at the features and functionalities of a few trending models that you can consider investing in. 

The top-selling electrical outlet covers to buy online 

Wall plates come in a broad selection of configurations. You’ll find single to multi-gang, as well as different forms that protect against the outdoor climatic conditions. However, typically most cover windows come in plastic, unbreakable thermoplastic, or stainless steel materials. Also, you’ll see that they’re available to you in standard, midway, and jumbo sizes. In fact, there are models for every home and project. With a wide array of colours, materials and sizes options to choose from, cover windows can complement the décor of any room. Below we’ve compiled some coolest options of wall plate for light switch and other electrical sources that you can buy online. 

The single switch plate covers

A single cover window is one of the basic switch plates that you can purchase for your home. They’re unique structure makes them one of the most common devices in rooms with single light source. These plates help to keep the single light switches protected while sealing off the electrical contents behind. If you’re in search of a simple yet elegant model of single wall plate then consider the Enerlites 8811-W set. This product package includes ten white covers. They’re specifically constructed for single light source. Further, you can easily secure the cover with two screws and fasten them right into the metal brackets of the switch. Made of plastic they also resist dents and scratches effectively. 

The multiple wall switch plates

The single wall plates aren’t suitable if you have multiple switches to control a variety of outlets, lights, and other sources. In such cases, get the multiple cover windows to suit the complex setup of the switches. These models often come in the group of three or four. Which is why, this type of wall plates are great for organising the mess of controls into a single unified area. Better yet, the multiple plates cover come with a straightforward style that blends with a variety of room décors. If you’re planning to buy a multiple cover window then go ahead and invest in the Leviton 80732-W. These are massive, pure white cover that accommodates a number of light and dimmer switch brands. 

The best decorative modern light switch covers

Many a time the typical white, standard look of the wall plates just doesn’t do enough to enhance your room’s décor. If you want to get more ornate and decorative with your cover windows, then you’ll have to choose a stylish design option. However, make sure that the one you choose doesn’t clash with the style of the rest of the room. Decorative wall plates are a great way to create fantastic room aesthetics without spending a fortune on unique artwork or furniture pieces. To go all out with your decorative flair, choose the massive four-switch cover setup pick the Franklin Brass W35068-SN-C. The cover comes with elegant features like beaded trim around the edge and a satin nickel finish. 

The best for dimmers 4- gang wall plate covers

A dimmer switch brings in an extra sense of emotion to your room’s atmosphere. You can control the light source to produce desired intensity of light that’s best for the mood. Unfortunately, you’d required a unique wall plate to cover and protect the larger surface area of the switch. But, fret not, the product from Leviton – the Leviton Decora has you covered. The model works with a variety of dimmer switches. Therefore, you do not have to worry about finding covers that are compatible with your unique control layout. The unbreakable, nylon smart design of Decora allows you to use them with an assortment of dimmers and oversized switches in a single room.

Tips on how to buy Cover Windows online

Choosing the cover windows can be a tricky business. Whether you’re remodelling your space, adding an additional light source to your home, or moving entirely to a new space, each one requires a different choice of wall plate. Which is why you should know what to look for and where to look when you’re buying the cover windows online. Besides, the last thing you want is to select the wrong wall plates and end up with a haphazard project. Keeping this in mind, we’ve listed a few useful tips on how to purchase your switch plates online.

  • Start with a plan – You’ll need several cover windows for each room. Try making a list of them, better yet sketch each plate location and shape. This way, you can make an accurate count on how many plates you want. Miscounting is a very common mistake you’re bound to make. Therefore, carefully look out for the outlets hidden behind your furniture pieces. Once, you’re confident that you’ve counted all the outlets, then go ahead and start your search online.
  • Check out the device description – Keeping a close eye on the device descriptions and configurations while choosing your wall plate. Often, many of you tend to pick a model, not realising that they come in several variations. Do you need a Decora plate that has large, block style opening? Or do you want to stick to single source plate? Of course, you’ll find best screw less wall plates and many other options, but stick to what you need.
  • Consider the plate orientation – Take a close look at the orientation of the decorative plate that have different device openings. Remember, you can easily rotate plain plates in any direction. However, you cannot do that with the decorative plates. You’ll find a specific ‘up’ direction. Therefore, always look at the plate orientation before you buy one online.
  • Choose the right colour and finish – Determine what colours would be best for your room décor. Also look at the style and finish of the wall plates. You can certainly chose fancy models. However, make sure you do that only for visible locations. On the other hand, you can place the plain white cover windows in the less visible space.
  • Do not order too early – Keep in mind that last minute changes often occur when it comes to the electrics of your place. Once see you that you’re electrical boxes have been installed, you might many time want to change their locations or would want to add more outlets. Therefore, wait until things are finalised and then order your wall plates.
  • Try getting over-sized models – You can often rectify many common problems with jumbo cover windows. Some common problems include contractor errors, holes in granite or walls being cut larger than expected, and many more. In all such cases, a larger size of wall plates act as your saviour. You may also get them when your room furnishings call for larger model.
  • Be budget conscious – One wall plate might not cost you much. But, if you multiply the price of one with the number you need for your different rooms, the money quickly adds up to a bulky sum. Therefore, set aside a budget before you start your search online. You can easily find cheap 2-gang wall plate as well as buy wall plate covers for sale online in UAE.

Remember, keeping wires out of your sight is imperative for both safety of your family and to enhance the décor of your room. Therefore, make sure that you choose the right switch plate for your place. We hope that the above tips will guide you in the right direction and help you purchase the best model from the wide array of choices available out there.

Question & Answer

How to install wall plate?

There are five basic methods of installing the wall plates. However, this depends on the surface and the type of connection. The simplest and straightforward method is to mount the plate with screws directly into the solid supportive wall like wood or metal. But, if you want to install them on less structural surfaces, like plaster, drywall, or wood, we recommend you to get a mounting bracket. The next option is to use the in-wall mounting box method. Apart from that, you can use a surface-mount box, and keystone mount boxes depending on the connections and surface conditions. 

Which wall plate cover do I need?

This depends on your project and the kind of electrical outlets you want the plates for. If you’re using a single light or electrical source, then you might need single plate covers. On the other hand, you may have to choose multiple switch plates to cover more than one sources of light or electrical controls. Nevertheless, regardless of which model you choose, make sure that you pick the best quality cover windows. You can consider a few brands like Eaton, Knightsbridge, ABB, Kramer, Electronics, Neutrik, Whirlwind, and Manfrotto to buy premium quality wall plates online. 

Where to buy wall plate covers online in UAE?

Many online platforms today sell top-rated electrical products including the wall plates. You could also check out some high-quality options on Our product search engine guarantees you a hassle-free shopping experience. Better yet, it brings you the finest collection of wall plates from popular brands. What’s more, you can easily compare and choose your product from your favourite online stores too.

Often neglected piece of electrics, the humble cover windows or switch plates as you call it, more than little attention. We hope we’ve given you enough reason as to why these plates are a crucial part of your place. Hence, do not waste a minute and begin shopping for the finest cover windows right here on