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While selecting a door for any building, one has to pay attention to specific objectives such as security, protection from the weather, aesthetics, ease in operation and many more. Moreover, they come in many materials, designs, sizes, and operation methods. So, which one is ideal for you? Let us explore in detail.

A door is a hinged or movable barrier applied at wall openings at various spots in a building. It not only completes a structure but also offers required security to people and properties. It is also responsible for giving an aesthetic appeal to your entrance. Moreover, only one would not suffice the requirements; you will need multiple doors to separate different areas of your home like kitchen, hall, bedroom etc. If you are searching for doors for your building, you must know the materials and styles they come in. So, on this page, we will explore everything you need to know about doors for homes and offices, along with their types.

Popular types of doors & their applications

They can be classified based on many factors like material, design, opening and closing type, brands, price, and more. Your choice depends upon your requirements and choices. You can find them in wood, metal, glass, Aluminum and many more materials. Speaking of designs, the hinged door is one of the most common styles. Its one end is installed on the hinges, and the other one swings open. Pivot is another variety that can take your home aesthetics altogether to a new level. Sliding one is another design that you have just to slide to open or close. Since there are so many options out there, it can be a ride full of confusion for you. The below guide will help you understand the popular varieties and choose one.

Wooden, glass, & Aluminum doors

Wood is the most common material used for manufacturing doors. It is among the top choices of home and office owners. It adds a rich sense of character to your home interiors as well as exteriors. You can find them in both plain as well as decorative designs. On the other hand, if you look for minimalistic yet gorgeous looks, you can go for glass options. Normally, such doors are preferred on a building’s backside as it provides a great view of the backyard. Metal doors such as the ones made up of Aluminum are another common choice. It is long-lasting, lightweight and able to resist even difficult weather conditions. You can also find doors for the kitchen, bathroom, entryway, and other places in many other materials like fibreglass, PVC, steel and more.

Sliding, revolving, & pivot doors

You can also find doors in many designs and opening and closing methods. The one that is hinged on one side is common, but these days, you can get your hands on more exciting, convenient, and advanced options like sliding, revolving and even pivot varieties. Sliding type come with a roller at the top and bottom that make them move on a track. You do not have to swing open them. Just slide them to open or close. The pivot type is another popular variety that can enhance your indoor aesthetics. It rotates on its vertical axis and offers an incredible entrance. On the other hand, Revolving models consist of three or four doors handing on their centre shaft. Other popular options are pocket, French, bifold and barn varieties. 

Fire door, screen door & other protective varieties

Some of the most important functions of a door are to protect premises from adverse weather conditions, trespassers, and disasters. This is why today, we can see the doors with not just traditional locks but also additional security features. Different protective doors may offer protection against different things. If you want protection against bugs but want fresh air to come in, you can invest in screen type. On the other hand, security doors are protected against intruders. They come in heavy-duty construction, which is hard to break. For protection against fire, fire doors come with a fire-resistant rating. It is a protection system that reduces the spread of fires in an area. You can find many more options based on your requirements.

Tips on how to buy Doors in Dubai

They come in various options based on materials, designs, mechanisms, brands, and more factors. However, it is essential to choose an appropriate variety as per the application. For example, one side hinged wooden doors are common, but heavy-duty steel doors work well if you want to go for sturdier options. There are countless options out there. So, how do find an ideal option? Here are some tips.

  • Consider material – You can find doors in many materials like plastic, wood, glass, and aluminium and many more. Wood is one of the common and oldest choices. It is popular for its longevity and aesthetic appeal. For studier options, you can go for heavy-duty metal doors. On the other hand, glass doors are common in offices and stores. It is also a popular option if you want to enjoy the outside view.
  • Consider design – Hinged, roller, French, pivot, sliding, and pocket type are some of the popular choices. However, all are a bit different in functions. For example, the sliding varieties move smoothly on a track. You need to slide them a bit to open or close. Pivot rotates on a vertical axis.
  • Consider the application – Your selection also depends upon where you want to apply it. The main or front doors are a bit different than the ones meant for separating different areas. It has to be protective against intruders, harsh weather conditions and disasters like fire, floods etc.
  • Look for security features – This feature is important if you look for a front or main door. Look for the ones with heavy-duty construction and strong security locks so that you and your property remains safe from intruders.

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Question & Answer

Where to buy a door online in the UAE?

If you want to buy a door online in the UAE, then your search ends here. You can find the best stores here that sell high quality and durable options. You can filter and sort the options based on your preferences. Moreover, you can compare features and prices to find suitable products falling in your budget. It will be easier if you consider the tips written alongside to choose products. If you feel overwhelmed looking at so many options, filter down products by setting your preferences. So, look no further and grab the best ones while stock lasts.

Which door is best for front entry?

The best front entry door for you will be the one that protects you, your family and the property from burglaries, invasions, harsh weather, bugs, and other harmful stuff. It should also add an aesthetic appeal to the entryway. You can choose from a wide array of materials, design options and features. Moreover, since we have the best brands here, you can result assured of the quality of products. Some come in average construction, whereas others are heavy-duty ones that add a layer of security to your premises.

Which door is best for the bedroom?

If you want one for your bedroom, then you should keep certain considerations in your mind. Like, it should be opaque and must have sound insulation properties. Fancier models such as French or barn are good for master bedrooms, whereas, for smaller ones, flush or panel doors should be the right choice. If you are in search of the best options, then your search ends here. Find a wide range of options right here. You can find the best brands and trusted sellers here. So, wait no more and shop now!

Which door should you choose?

It depends upon many factors like material, design, colour choices and most importantly, where you want to install them. You can find them in an array of options. For example, if you search for a door for the main entry, then it has to be a heavy-duty one that provides the required protection against intruders and disasters. If you want one that lets you enjoy the outside view, you can go for glass options. There are more varieties to choose from.

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