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We take a lot of little things in our lives for granted. Door knobs are one of them. If you really want to understand how useful they are, try to picture a world without them. Wouldn’t it make a simple thing like opening and closing a door so much harder?

Door knobs are and always have been more about functionality than design. However, that didn’t stop people from making attractive knobs with over the top designs and carvings on them. These days, you can find knobs that are plain and simple and do not give any thought to the design to those knobs that have flamboyant designs. So, are you looking for a new set of door knobs for your home or office? Then read this article to know more about them. Having a deeper understanding of them will help you make the right decisions when you are shopping for them.

A beginners’ guide to buying doorknobs

Door knobs are generally a small purchase. They make your door easy to open and close and also adds a layer of security to it. But not all doorknobs are the same. In fact, they come in at least half a dozen different forms depending on what kind of door you want the knob for. But in order to choose the right knob for the right door, you first need to know the basics about the different types of them. This article will give you an idea about the different types of knobs out there and also the pros and cons of each one of them.

Interior door knobs

These door knobs are what you would use for interior doors and drawers. Because a lot of different doors fit into this description, it is a pretty broad category. It can include bathroom doors, bedroom doors, and utility room doors. Interior doors knobs tend to pack in a few different features that you won’t find in exterior doors. For example, privacy knobs are great for bathroom and bathroom doors. These door knobs can keep anyone from walking in accidentally. But such knobs are a terrible idea for exterior doors.

Exterior door knobs

Exterior door knobs have different priorities than that of interior knobs. The essential quality for an exterior knob is protection from potential invaders. This is why exterior knobs tend to be bigger than interior knobs. And just like interior knobs, they must be reliable and work smoothly. One important feature to have in any exterior knob is that they should be lockable from both sides of the door. This is not necessary for interior doors. On the other hand, privacy door knobs make it a feature to be only lockable from one side of the door.

Keyed doorknobs

The most common and affordable option for doorknobs is a keyed entry knob. These locks make it harder for people who do not have the right key to open the lock. Usually, these types of knobs can be locked from either side of the door. However, there are other types that only require a key if you are opening it from one side of the door. On the other side, there will be a knob that you can turn to unlock the door. For extra security, some manufacturers also add a deadbolt inside of these knobs. A downside of keyed door locks is that you won’t be able to unlock the door if you lose the key.

Keyless doorknobs

If you are looking for a modern solution for your door lock, then you can go for the keyless doorknobs. Ten or twenty years ago, such knobs used to be super expensive and beyond the reach of regular people. But these days, the cost of such locks are becoming more and more affordable. There are two options when it comes to keyless doorknobs. Either it can use a number lock. In that case, there will be a number pad on the lock, and you need to dial in the number to unlock the door. The second option is to go for a biometric lock where you use fingerprints or iris scanner to unlock the door. This is a more sci-fi type.

Tips on how to buy Doorknobs Online

Most people do not put enough thought into selecting a doorknob. They usually choose the first lock that comes their way. Some of them may look for the most affordable option. But that is the maximum extent that they go. However, this is not the right way to purchase a doorknob. There are more than a few factors you should consider for the lock to serve its purpose. So, how exactly do you find the right lock? Well, to do that, you should first know what criteria to look for in them. Here are some tips that you can follow when you are shopping.

  • Type of lock – The first thing to choose when it comes to selecting a doorknob is to pick the type of locking mechanisms you want. If you want an affordable lock that is also very reliable, it is better to go for a keyed mechanical doorknob. But if you want more security and do not ever want to miss your keys, then go for a biometrics knob.
  • Design – Because door locks are something that goes on top of your door, you also need to make sure that it looks good. Luckily, both exterior and interior knobs come in a lot of different designs and shapes. So, whenever you choose a knob, consider what kind of door it is and find a doorknob design that suits the design and purpose of the door.
  • Material and finish – Most door locks are either steel or aluminium. However, they come in a wide variety of colour and finishes. You can choose colours like brown, grey, silver, black or any other colour that falls into the neutral category. If you want the knob to stand out a little more than that, then consider brighter colours like blue, red and those with extravagant patterns.
  • Security and features – How secure a lock is depending on the hardness of the material and the general breakability of the locking system. The old type of key with large teeth is easy to open for lockpickers. Locks that require keys with a special punch pattern are harder to replicate. The doorknob should not be broken by mechanical force either.

Apart from doorknobs, you will also need a few other accessories as well for your door. These include items like door numbers, intercom, and nameplates. The good news, however, is that you can find all of them easily using our product search engine . It will also let you compare the prices and features of different door accessories and pick the best one among them. Finally, don’t forget to check out other amazing products from the DIY category.

Question & Answer

What is a dummy doorknob?

A dummy door knob is sometimes also known as a fake knob. As the name says it, they are not real knobs. Such knobs do not have any working parts inside and do not help you lock the door. Well, if you cannot lock a door using them, then what is the reason to have them in the first place. The purpose of a fake knob is to work as a handle. Such knobs are useful for shallow closet doors and pantry doors that do not require locking. A fake knob will give you something to hold onto when you are pulling the door open. Also, a knob of contrasting colour can actually make the door look good.

What is privacy doorknob?

Such door locks have a twist-lock or a button that you can use to open the door from one side. While some of these locks have the option to lock and unlock from the other side as well, it will require you to use a key. These locks are very useful for bathroom doors and bedroom doors. These locks can prevent other people from barging into the room when you don’t want them to. As these have twist or button locks on the inside, you can easily lock it without the need of a key.

Which doorknob is the best?

Knobs come in various types. Thus, it is not possible to pick one type of interior or exterior knob that is better than others in all aspects. Rather, one knob will work great for a particular purpose while being a terrible option for another. For example, a high-security lock that requires you to type in a number combination and is impossible to crack is the best option as an exterior lock. However, it would be a bad idea as a bathroom lock. Therefore, when you are shopping for locks, you should pick one that is perfect for the type of door.

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