Garbage Bags

About Garbage Bags

A garbage bag is the most overlooked yet essential item for any household. It collects all the waste material that is produced at your home throughout the day. It offers a sanitary and easy way to handle a large amount of garbage. If you plan to buy some for your home, you must know that they come in more varieties than you can imagine. Let us explore in detail.

A garbage bag is a disposable bag that is used to collect waste. It works as a liner for dustbins so that the waste material does not coat and ruin its inner surface. When it’s time to empty the dustbin, you have to pull out the bag by its edges and tie it without coming in contact with the waste matter; what’s better than that! These cheap garbage bags can make your overall cleaning experience handy and quick. They not only wrap the garbage but also refrain its odour from coming out and spoiling your home’s environment. Since they come in many varieties, it can be not very clear to decide which one will work the best for you. Here is the guide that will help you buy garbage bags online in the UAE.  

Everything you need to know about garbage or trash bags

Garbage bags come in a wide array of options ranging from regular to tough and even heavy-duty bags. Different varieties serve different purposes. Like, a regular 30-litre bag is ideal for home or office uses, but if you require one for industrial application, you might have to go for heavy-duty bags that are tougher and larger. There are two main types of disposable bags you will find in the market. One is Low-density polyethene which is of high-quality resins. They are usually thick and can resist tears and punctures. High-density polyethene is another type that is strong but thinner. Also, it cannot resist punctures like LDPE. Dustbin bags even vary based on colours, closure types, brands, and more factors. Read on to know more.

Small vs extra-large garbage bags

Garbage bags come in several sizes ranging from small bags to extra large ones, meant for industrial or public use. The size selection depends upon the amount of waste produced and also the size of the bin. If you cannot find an exact size, it’s good to go for a larger one. The size of the trash bags may vary as per their length and width. Some bags will be narrow and high, whereas others can be wide but short. Small and medium-sized bags are apt for home or office purposes, but for public use or to collect industrial waste, you might have to go for an extra-large and heavy-duty variety.

Paper garbage bags vs heavy duty bin bags 

You will usually find garbage bags in plastic material, but you should opt for paper bags if you want to go for a greener option. They are the best eco-friendly garbage bags. However, they may not be durable and tough. You will have to change them more frequently than the plastic ones. On the other hand, if you search for bin bags for industrial purposes that can carry loads of waste, heavy-duty bin bags will work the best. They come with an ultimate load-bearing capacity and possess super strength. They come in various sizes, thicknesses and tying options. High-quality bags will also be resistant to puncture and tearing. So, even if the waste contains sharp objects like glass pieces, there is no reason to worry. To not pose any threat to the environment, go for 100% recyclable plastic. 

Speciality dustbin bags

These are the bags that bear some additional properties than regular bin bags. For example, clear trash bags allow you to see through the inner content of the bag easily. Another one is biodegradable trash bags that fully degrade and leave no harmful residue that may pollute the environment. Insect repellent trash bags are another variety that keeps insects and bugs away. For use at health care centres and hospitals, a health care trash liner is popular that may hold biohazardous waste. They are also torn and puncture resistant so that no harm causes to the surroundings.

Tips on how to buy Garbage Bags in Dubai

If you overlook the importance of dustbin bags, you are not the only one. A lot of people do that! However, that does not lower their importance at homes, offices, or industrial spaces. If you are not a frequent buyer, you might not know the varieties they come in. You can go for compostable trash bags, kitchen trash bags, insect repellent varieties, small paper bags and many more. However, to choose the right one, you need to keep certain considerations in mind. So, here are some tips that will help you.

  • Consider the size – This should be your first and foremost consideration. Trash bags come in many sizes, from smallest to extra-large. Your selection depends upon the amount of trash and also the size of the dust bin.
  • Consider the type of trash – The trash can be dry, wet, sharp, food items, smelly things, and even biohazardous. However, any random garbage bag will not work for you. Dry, lightweight, and soft waste can be put in a paper bag, but if you want to put objects like glass pieces, then you might have to go for heavy-duty puncture-resistant bags. For use at hospitals, you should go for health care trash liners to put biohazardous things as well.
  • Consider closure type – You can find them with or without closure options. So, the choice here depends upon how you want to handle the garbage. You can find drawstring or twist tie options in some that make the handling easier.
  • Choose the right brands – Cosmoplast, Hotpack, Hefty, Fellowes, Brabantia, Simplehuman, and Glad are some of the best brands you can choose from. The best part is that you can find them all right here. They offer high quality and reliable varieties.

Now that you have gathered a lot of crucial information, proceed towards browsing the best collection. If you are wondering where to begin, then this is the right place for you. At, you can find many options, from small trash bags to heavy-duty varieties. Moreover, you can find almost all the varieties here offered by over 500 trusted sellers. Also, you can find other products for DIY tasks right here. So, look no further and go for the best before stock ends.

Question & Answer

What size garbage bag do I need?

It depends upon the amount of waste produced and also the size of the bin. If you want a trash bag for home or office purposes, you can go for the regular size. But if you need one to collect industrial waste or waste in public places, you might have to go for large or extra-large. If you fit it inside a bin, you should ideally go for the size that gives you about three to four inches of overhang on the dustbin. Go for size as per the size of the dustbin.

What is the most environment-friendly garbage bag?

If you search for a highly eco-friendly trash bag, you can go for paper bags. Paper bags decompose easily and much faster than plastic ones. However, you might have to change them frequently. Also, they will not be able to carry a high amount of trash and different kinds of trash like wet waste, waste with sharp objects etc. Whichever material you choose, go for biodegradable bags that can fully degrade when disposed of in commercial landfills and leave behind no harmful residues. If you want to buy biodegradable garbage bags online in Dubai, then you are in the right place.

What is the thickness of a garbage bag?

The thickness of a trash bag is usually measured in mil. It is equal to one-thousandth of an inch (. 001). If you want the best kitchen garbage bag, then 0.90 mil thickness should work. But if you want it to hold heavy and sharp objects, you will need a thickness of at least 1.5 mils or over. So, your choice depends upon the type of waste. Garbage bags are important. They not only wrap the garbage but also refrain its odour from coming out and spoiling your home’s environment.

Where to buy garbage bags online in the UAE?

You can buy trash bags from any local or online store, but you should be specific on store selection if you are looking for sturdy and high-quality options. If you are looking for the best options in the UAE, then you are in the right place. On, you can find many bags ranging from regular ones to heavy-duty options. Find over 500 reliable online stores here. So, go ahead before the latest collection vanishes.

The above guide will be helpful for you if you are looking for the best garbage bags online in Dubai. On our product search engine, you can find the best options offered by the best brands. Also, it is straightforward to compare prices and find things falling within your budget. So, go ahead and have an amazing browsing experience ahead.