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About Floor Wipers

Cleaning the floor, bathroom, and kitchen is of utmost importance to maintain a hygienic and healthy atmosphere at home. However, the traditional cleaning methods were inconvenient and unhygienic to some extent. So, here enter floor wipers that lets you clean surfaces efficiently in a matter of seconds.

A floor wiper is equipment used to wipe the floor and surfaces. It has a handle and a blade. In the past times, cleaning was just about pouring water and washing the surfaces. However, the process was time-consuming, unhygienic, and risky since the wet floor could be a reason for slipping accidents. This is where the floor wipers come into play. The floor wipers are a bit different from the windshield one. The latter is connected to the wiping system of an automobile that runs automatically. But you have to operate the floor wipers manually. They come in different handle and blade types. Read on to know more. Towards the end, you will find some tips for buying floor wipers online in the UAE.

Things to know about kitchen & bathroom floor wiper

Whether you want to clean floors of living spaces, bathrooms, or kitchen surfaces, a floor wiper can do everything for you. Floor wipers come in various options based on their handle size, flexibility, blade, brand, material, and more factors. Some have long handles, apt for wiping the floor, whereas some can be short, apt for cleaning surfaces like kitchen counters, sink, glass surfaces, dining table tops etc. You can go for plastic and stainless steel floor wipers, depending on your requirements and budget. If it is overwhelming for you to find the best wiper for floor cleaning, let us know about some popular ones.  

Gala plastic floor wiper

Gala is a well-known name for its high-quality cleaning tools for the floor, kitchen, bathroom, and toilet cleaning. The plastic floor wiper designed by Gala comes with a long handle that can conveniently push water from the surface. The blade is of high-quality rubber that does not crack easily. Everyone likes home with clean and gleaming floors and surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom and living space. However, cleaning is a never-ending job. You have to do it regularly to maintain hygiene. So, choose smartly engineered cleaning tools that let you everything conveniently and fast. Gala can be your choice if you look for quality wipers, spin mops, brooms, toiler brushes etc.

Cello Kleeno wiper

Cello is one of the topmost brands in the market today. It is popular for its high-quality products, especially the Kleeno model of the wiper. It serves the cleaning requirements in the kitchen. The product is efficient and good looking at the same time. It comes in high-quality material and a smartly designed shape which makes cleaning an effortless task. One of the good things about this wiper is that it comes with a durable rubber that does not crack even after routine cleaning. You will feel a good grip while using it as the handle is also rubberised. Experts recommend Kleeno for its sharp and durable blades.

Scotch Brite floor wiper

Scotch Brite is a well-known name for its home & kitchen cleaning products. It has come up with a range of wipers serving various purposes. For example, a Scotch Brite plastic floor squeegee wiper with a telescopic handle helps you dry floors with a single swipe. It has a sharp rubber edge and uniquely angled design to reach corners easily. You will also get an adjustable handle that allows easy manoeuvrability. Another one comes in an ergonomic design for high-efficiency cleaning. It is effortless to use and move. Whether you want cleaning equipment for the kitchen, bathroom, or floors, you will have a lot to choose from.

Tips on how to buy Floor Wipers in Dubai

In the past times, cleaning used to mean just pouring water and washing the surfaces. However, it was quite an unhygienic and time-consuming process. So, wipers become a need here. With wipers, cleaning has become a matter of a few minutes. However, all wipers are not created equally. If you plan to buy one for your kitchen, bathroom, living space or glass windows, you must keep certain considerations in mind to choose an appropriate variety. So, here are some guiding tips that will help you.

  • Consider the purpose of purchase – You might require a wiper for cleaning the windshield, glass windows, kitchen tiles or bathroom floor. However, any random wiper cannot work everywhere effective. So, it’s essential to consider the purpose while purchasing one. A bathroom wiper covers a large area at once and comes with a long handle, whereas a kitchen wiper may have a small handle to cover tiles, backsplash, sink and spots like that. A windshield one will be completely different in design and functionality.
  • Consider handle size – Wipers come in different handle lengths. For example, a windshield wiper is connected to the wiping system of an automobile, so it is smaller. On the other hand, you will require one with a small handle to clean the kitchen slab. If you want to clean the floor, consider the models with large handles so that you do not have to bend down for cleaning.
  • Prefer good brands – The selection of brands can affect your cleaning experience to a great extent. Different brands come up with different designs. However, if you go with good ones, you will enjoy the cleaning, and it will not be a stressful job for you. Moreover, the product will be effective and last for a long. Royalford, Vileda, and 3M are some of the best brands to choose from.
  • Consider the building material – When it comes to choosing cleaning equipment like wiper, the quality of building material plays a crucial role. If you buy one for the kitchen, you should go for flexible material, but choose hard and firm handles for the bathroom.

Now that you have known about building materials, handle types and brands of wipers, would you like to explore a vast collection? You can start browsing right here. On, we have brought together more than 500 trusted sellers. You can get the best varieties at your fingertips. Moreover, you can set preferences like your budget, sellers and even colours to find the required options. So, look no further and select the best ones!

Question & Answer

Where can I buy floor wiper online in the UAE?

If you are looking for floor wipers online in the UAE, then your search ends here. However, since there are many stores here, you may get confused about where to shop. You can find the best stores here that sell high quality and durable wipers. You can filter and sort the options based on your preferences. Whether you want a kitchen, bathroom, or floor wiper, you can find almost all the varieties here. So, look no further! Grab the best ones while stock lasts.

How to use a floor wiper?

It is effortless to wipe the floor with a wiper. Keep the blade in contact with the wet floor and slowly slide the fluid towards yourself or away, depending upon your comfort and way of cleaning. Head the water or fluid towards an area from where it can flow out to a drain. The wipers with small handles are even easier to use. Once you have completed wiping with the wiper, leave the floor to dry. The wiper is a piece of excellent equipment for the kitchen as well as a bathroom.

Which floor wiper is best?

If you search for the best wipers, you should go for the popular and trusted brands like Britemax, Ikea, Sirocco, and Frost. They offer high quality and tested products that will last for a long. You can find almost all kinds of wipers in their collection. The good thing is that you can browse their collection right here on our product search engine. If you feel overwhelmed with options, use filters and sorting to quicken the search. It will help you find the exact variety.

How to choose a floor wiper?

To choose an appropriate style, you need to keep certain factors in mind like handle size, blade size, brand, budget, construction material and more. For example, if you require a wiper for your kitchen, you can go for a small floor wiper through which you will be able to cover everything like the kitchen slab, sink, backsplash etc. But for the bathroom, you will require a flexible and long-handled wiper through which you can comfortably wipe the water.

After knowing about the usability and benefits of floor wipers, you must be eager to get one for your home. Well, the good part is that you do not have to go anywhere if you are looking for high quality and cheap floor wipers. Right here on, you can get access to a huge collection offered by popular brands of the industry like floor squeegee wiper, Leifheit floor wiper, and 3M floor wiper. You can also find products for other DIY works right here. So, go ahead! Have an amazing browsing experience ahead.

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