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About Fabric Softeners

If you want your clothes to smell fresh and come out of wrinkles after wash, then you should go for a quality fabric softener. It is an effortless way to keep your garments fresh and scented. However, they come in a wide array of options. So, let us explore which one suits your needs.

Machine washing and drying put high mechanical stress on textiles, especially cotton, wool, and other natural fibres. Hence, it is essential to use something that can bring back the softness of the fabrics. Well, a fabric softener stands second to none in serving this purpose! It is a conditioner that makes the clothes soft, wrinkle-free and smell fresh after the wash. People usually apply it to the laundry during the final rinse cycle. You can find them in the form of liquid agents or dryer sheets. The softening compounds may differ in affinity to different fabrics. Some will work better with cotton, whereas others can be ideal for nylon-like stuff. Read on to know more!

Things to know about clothes softener

These deposit chemicals on the fabrics to make them soft. From the 1900s to today, there have been many changes to the formulations of softeners. Some focus on softness, whereas others may also protect your clothes from fading, stretching, creasing etc. In addition, you can find them in different fragrances like lemongrass, jasmine, vanilla and more. The best smelling fabric softeners work towards making clothes soft and work towards bacteria and odour control. You can even use fabric softener for towels that are otherwise left to dry in any condition, be it humid or rainy. Let us explore in detail.

About liquid laundry softener

It is a type of condition that you add to the washing machine during the final rinse cycle. The best liquid fabric softener will work towards softening the clothes and removing the odour. However, you should be careful while putting it directly over light colour clothes, resulting in stains. There are many varieties of this solution you can find within this category. For example, some have strongly scented formulas, whereas others are eco-friendly. Even a single brand can offer more than one type of softener. Like, you can find Downy fabric softener in many varieties. Ultra Downy April Fresh keeps the fabric soft and fresh. But Downy Free & Gentle is best for people with sensitive skin as it is free of perfumes and dyes. Similarly, Comfort also comes with many varieties like Comfort intense fabric conditioner, Comfort perfume deluxe lavish blossom fabric conditioner etc.

About fabric softener sheets

Dryer sheets generally come in the form of thin gauze-like sheets. They are coated with chemicals that disperse throughout the fabric when it is put in the dryer. Just like liquid softeners, the sheets will also come with fragrances to make your clothes smell fresh and scented. Dryer sheets basically create a protective layer against the buildup of static electricity when the fabric is put into the dryer. Not just that, they also make the clothes softer and prevent them from gathering lint. Some people even use these sheets for non-laundry purposes such as freshening up drawers, pest control, dusting etc.

Benefits of using fabric conditioner

By now, you must have guessed the numerous benefits of using a fabric conditioner. If you use it, you will get softer and fresh clothes every time you wash them. The next benefit is the fragrance you get out of these conditioners. They come in incredibly amazing fragrances like vanilla, jasmine, lemongrass and many more. Not just clothes, you can also use them for your towels, draperies, bedsheets, and such textiles. They even work towards odour and bacteria control, especially in towels and thick stuff like that. They are best known for preventing static cling and making your garment free from wrinkles.

Tips on how to buy Fabric Softeners in Dubai

Fabric conditioners come in many options, such as Downy infusions, Gain dryer sheets, fairy fabric conditioners and many more. If you are not a regular user, it might be confusing to find which one will work best for you. Some will make the clothes just soft, whereas others may also add some scent. Some will come in liquid form, whereas others will be sheets. Moreover, you can pick cheap fabric softeners or expensive ones. So, how do you choose one? Here are the tips that will help you buy fabric softeners online in the UAE.

  • Understand the basic types of softeners – There are two main types you will get in the market. One is a liquid conditioner, and another one comes in the form of sheets. Liquid one is used in the machine during the final rinse cycle, whereas you need to use the sheet in the dryer. The liquid softener generally leaves a lasting scent, whereas dryer sheets do a good job of preventing static cling on your clothes. Each has certain advantages and disadvantages. So, the choice depends upon your requirements and preferences.
  • Consider fragrances – Softeners come in many fragrances like lemongrass, jasmine, vanilla and many more. Your choice depends upon what you and your family like. Some fragrances will be strong and last for long, but you may also go for the mild ones if you are allergic.
  • See if the user has sensitive skin – The chemicals and other agents used in conditioners linger in clothes so that they may cause irritation and rashes on sensitive skin types. If anyone at your home has sensitive skin, then go for hypoallergenic or low-irritation claims.
  • Consider brands – If you want good results, go for popular brands. Purex, Tide, Febreze, Coccolino, Kirkland, and Carrefour are some of the best brands known for their quality fabric softeners. You can find them all right here.

After knowing fabric softeners better, are you excited to explore the best and huge collection? Well, you can do it right here. On, choose from an extensive collection of fabric conditioners offered by best sellers in the industry. Moreover, compare features and prices to find a good suit for your requirements. We can be a one-stop-shop for you for all kinds of cleaning requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab the best conditioners and other DIY products before you miss the latest collection.

Question & Answer

Can fabric softeners cause allergies?

The chemicals and other agents used in the manufacturing of conditioners linger in clothes. Hence, they may cause irritation and rashes on sensitive skin types. However, that does not mean you avoid using it! Some brands also release hypoallergenic or low-irritation softeners that will protect you from skin allergies. These are the best fabric softener for sensitive skin. Some people can also be allergic to particular fragrances. So, it is essential to go for the one that suits you.

Are fabric softener sheets bad for your dryer?

Just like the way softener sheets leave a residue on your clothes, they also leave residue in your dryer. However, it will not permanently damage it but may reduce its operating efficiency. If you do not clean it regularly, then the damage may become a reason behind the prolonged issue. The residue left by sheets may clog the screen of the lint filter. It may reduce air circulation as well. Hence, you should clean it at least once a month so that you can keep your dryer in a fit condition always.

How does fabric softener work?

It slightly depends upon the type of softener you use. However, generally, the fabric softeners coat the fabric’s surface with some chemical compounds. They are electrically charged, which causes threads of the fabric to erect, and thus, you will get a softer and fluffier texture in the end. The fabric conditioners also work towards making garments fresh and free of wrinkles so that you can easily iron them. So, you can consider them to give back the softness of clothes.

When should fabric softener be added?

It depends upon the type of softeners you are using. If you use the liquid one, you should put it inside the machine during the final rinse cycle. However, do not spill it directly onto the clothes as it may result in stains. If you are using dryer sheets, you need to put them in the dryer. But make sure you clean the lint filter regularly to keep the dryer in a fit condition,; else, its operating efficiency might go down. Hence, it entirely depends upon the type of softener you have got.

The above guide will take you towards the right product selection. If you are wondering where to start, then look no further. You are already at your destination. On, you can access a wide assortment of options offered by popular stores. Moreover, compare features and prices on our product search engine to find the softener that best suits your requirements. Now, go ahead and take a pick from the best collection.

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