Electronics Cleaners

About Electronics Cleaners

One of the reasons why electronic devices sometimes exhibit performance issues and other intermittent issues is because of the accumulation of dirt and grease on the electronic components. But you can get rid of them easily using electronics cleaners.

Electronics cleaners, or contact cleaners, is a solution that can help you remove contaminants from the surface of electronic contacts. Dirt buildup on these contacts can affect the conductivity of the contacts. This can lead to an overall increase in the signals that pass through the contacts and can lead to reduced performance. In most cases, you restore the device to its former glory simply by a thorough cleaning. In that case, using an electronics cleaning solution to wipe the surface of the electronics can be much more effective than just wiping with a microfibre cloth.

A beginners’ guide to electronic cleaners

The components inside electronic devices vary depending on the voltage of operation and its function. The components inside a keyboard are very different from a compact printed circuit board inside a smartphone. Therefore, the materials that they use also differ. Also, it is important to use the right cleaner on the right surface. Having a better understanding of contact cleaners can help you make the right choices when you are shopping for them. This article not only gives you a basic understanding of them but also gives you some tips that you can follow.

Contents of a contact cleaner

A good electronic cleaner should evaporate quickly without leaving any wetness or residue on the surface of the electronics. This is why the major ingredient of any electronics cleaner is just isopropyl alcohol. Along with isopropyl alcohol, it will also contain other solvents and also some lubricants. If you look at the label on a contact cleaner bottle, you will also find traces of other types of alcohol, HFCs, and a few other elements. There are also different preparations of contact cleaners for a variety of different equipment.

Contact cleaner’s vs Pure alcohol

As the main content any contact cleaner is alcohol, then wouldn’t it be better to just use pure alcohol instead of electronics cleaners? Wouldn’t it be much cheaper? Well, even though 100 per cent pure alcohol is a better solution for cleaning electronics, there are a few practical limitations. For one thing, 100 per cent pure alcohol is not cheap. In fact, it can cost you a lot more money than contact cleaners. Then there is the risk of fire. Pure alcohol is extremely flammable. Therefore, it will be costly for you to store a can of pure alcohol safely. Therefore, when you compare the cost and benefits of both, it is better to use a contact cleaner.

Benefits of using electronics cleaners

In order for electronic equipment to work efficiently, the electrical signals should pass through the printed circuit board seamlessly. Oxidation of the metal and presence of dust and grease on electrical contacts can interfere with electrical signals. It can also cause an increase in electrical resistance within those electrical contacts. This can not only affect the working of the device but also significantly reduce its life. The best strategy is to keep sensitive equipment away from those things. However, that is not always possible. The next best thing to do is to clean the devices regularly using electronic cleaners.

Removing oxidation and rust

Oxidation is one of the biggest enemies of electronics. Presences of rust can reduce the connection quality of the electrical contacts. Even though scrubbing off the rust is effective, it is not always safe to do so, especially when it comes to sensitive contacts. The ability to remove rust safely from the contacts is a big advantage of using electronics cleaners. When done correctly, you can clean the rust using a contact cleaner solution without damaging the contacts in any way. Furthermore, you can also use these solutions for cleaning the terminals of batteries and other metal surfaces as well.

Tips on how to buy Electronics Cleaners

Whenever you are shopping for any kind of product, it is important to make sure that you are buying the right one. However, finding the right type of contact cleaners can be harder than you think. Using the wrong cleaner at the wrong place is a terrible thing to do. That being said, it gets a lot easier if you know what criteria to consider when you are shopping for them. Here are a few tips that you can follow when you are shopping for contact cleaners.

  • Dielectric strength of the solution – Dielectric strength of a material defines how good a material is as insulation. Basically, that means the strength of the electric field requires to pass a charge through the material. The larger the strength of the electric field required, the more dielectric strength the material has.
  • Flammability – The main ingredient of electronics cleaners is alcohol, which is a very flammable substance. To make it less flammable, contact cleaners use special ingredients. Therefore, depending on the type and brand of the cleaner, the flammability also varies. If you are working in a location with a fire hazard, you should specifically look for solutions that are non-flammable.
  • Material compatibility – Most electronics cleaners are designed to be used on metal surfaces. While it is true that most electric contacts consist of metal, oftentimes, there will be housing over it. This housing can be plastic, rubber, or something else. So, before using the cleaning solution, you should make sure that it won’t damage the housing.
  • Safety – You have to consider the safety of both the people and the environment. Ingredients like Chlorofluorocarbons and volatile organic compounds are harmful to the environment. It is best to avoid products containing such elements. Another factor is the toxicity of the chemicals. Interestingly, electronic cleaners with non-flammable formulation tend to be harmful to live organisms when ingested.

If you are a DIYer, then you will need a few other items as well, including cleaning products and tools. However, finding the right products is not a nightmare anymore. Look for the products that you want using our shopping search engine. That way, you can also compare the prices and features of different products and pick the best one among them. Finally, you also don’t want to miss out all the amazing products from the DIY category.

Question & Answer

How do electrical contact cleaners work?

Most electronics cleaners are simply a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and compressed air. The alcohol can dissolve the particles of food, and layers of oil and grease from the surface of the electronics. The compressed air provides a strong jet of air that helps in dislodging particles of dust from the components. There will be other components as well to reduce the flammability of the solution and make it more usable. Even though the purpose of electrical cleaners is to clean surfaces with exposed electronic components, you can also use them to clean the exterior of the devices.

Can you use an electrical cleaner on iPhones?

The safety of using any kind of cleaning solution depends on how the solution reacts with the material that you are cleaning. In the case of an iPhone, or any other phones, the internal components are mostly plastic and metal. There will be small traces of silicone as well. As all contact cleaners work safely on metals, the part you should be concerned about is the plastic and the silicone. But it is easy to find a contact cleaner that does not damage the plastic or the rubber. CRC makes a cleaning product called QD Electronic cleaner that is safe for use inside computers and mobile phones.

How to use electrical contact cleaner spray?

Before using the electronics cleaner spray, you should protect yourself by wearing gloves and goggles. Open the windows to make sure there is enough ventilation. You should shake the contents of the spray can before spraying. In order to avoid damaging the electronics, you should always turn off the power of the equipment before using the cleaning solution on it. Then spray while holding the can about six or eight inches from the surface. Let the product dry a bit and then wipe off the surface using a lint-free microfibre cloth. Don’t turn back the device on before it is completely dry.

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