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Vacuum cleaners are one of the most useful inventions in the twentieth century. They have made cleaning so easy and simple such that vacuums have become an essential household item. It is the dust bags and dust filter of a vacuum cleaner that determines how efficient it is at cleaning.

Vacuum cleaners use the pressure difference that is created by the vacuum pump to lift up dirt and dust from a surface. However, this possesses a challenge. The air should move out of the machine freely, but the dust should stay inside. That is the function of a dust bag in a vacuum cleaner. The regular cloth is not suitable for making dust bags because it can slow down the flow of air and make the vacuum cleaner less useful. Read this article to know more about dust bags. Having a better understanding of them will help you make the right decisions when you are shopping for them.

Everything you need to know about vacuums and dust bags

The very first vacuum cleaner came into being in 1898. At the time it was a really huge machine that ran using diesel motors. Vacuum cleaners have come a really long way then. Today’s vacuums are much smaller, less noisy, and far more efficient at cleaning. One of the areas that saw a big leap in technology is dust bags. At first, they used to be regular cotton bags. Today, there are much more sophisticated synthetic pet bags that let the air flow smoothly while trapping 99.9% of the dust that comes their way. In this article, you will find some amazing tips that you can follow while you are shopping for these bags.

A vacuum cleaner with bag and without a bag

There are only two types of vacuum cleaners: vacuums with bags and without bags. The question often arises about which one should you choose. The easier way to decide which one to buy is to compare the pros and cons of each of them. Bagless cleaners usually use a dirt cup instead of bags. These cups are usually transparent. This is helpful because you will know when the dirt cup is full without having to open it up. The other option is to get a vacuum cleaner with a dirt collecting bag. Often, these bags are disposable paper bags. Rarely, you will also find reusable cloth bags.

Advantages of vacuum cleaners with dust collector bags

Bagged vacuum cleaners are more popular than bagless vacuums. There are a few different reasons for this. Bagged vacuums are more affordable than those that are not bagged. Also, they do not require as much maintenance as bagless machines. And in case it is a disposable bag, you don’t have to open the bag to get rid of the dirt that is inside. That way, you don’t have to worry about spreading allergens. Furthermore, these days bags are pretty efficient at storing dirt securely, and there is no risk of it leaking out into the air after you clean up your house.

Disposable dirtbags vs reusable dirtbags

Vacuum cleaners with disposable dirt bags mostly use a fine cotton bag or a paper bag. These bags can let the air pass through them while trapping the dust inside them. When the bag is full, you can simply take the bag out of the machine and just throw it out. Although this is great for a user, you might not be able to use the vacuum if you run out of bags. Reusable bags are an eco-friendly option. These bags use bags made from thick cotton, jute, or any other synthetic material out there. Instead of disposing of them, you can wash the dirt away and put them back in the machine.

Different types of vacuum bags

When you shop for vacuum bags, you can see that there are some letters that represent different types of them. These letters can tell you what type of vacuum cleaners each one of them they are designed for. Bags with letters C, D, and E are suitable for large upright vacuum machines. And these letters represent three different sizes of bags. F, J, and K bags are for vacuum cleaners with canisters. This time as well, these letters represent three different sizes. For hand-held vacuum machines, you need the G bag. U bags are unique because you can use them in either handheld or canister vacuums.

Tips on how to buy Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bags Online

Buying a vacuum cleaner bag is not that complicated. Even then, many people tend to make mistakes when they buy a dust bag for their machine. Using the wrong type of bag can either significantly reduce the performance of the machine or even cause the dust to leak out of it. Nobody wants that to happen. That being said, it is not that difficult to find the correct type of bag if you know what factors to consider in them. Here are a few tips that you can follow when you are shopping.

  • Choose the type of bag – The first thing to make sure when you are shopping for vacuum cleaner dust bags is that you are getting a bag that is right for your machine. However, if you want to replace the reusable dirtbag in your vacuum with a disposable one, or vice versa, you can do that if the fit is compatible.
  • Get the right size – Another thing to consider is the size of the bag. Larger dirtbags are great. They can store more dirt, and also you don’t have to empty them as frequently. However, there should be enough space inside the vacuum cleaner to fit the bag. And even if you manage to fit a larger bag inside a small machine, it is not really worth it.
  • Material of the bag – Vacuum cleaner dirtbags come in a few different types of materials. It can be paper, jute, cotton, or synthetic. The thickness of the material also varies. Disposable bags use finer materials to reduce wastage and also to reduce the cost of the bags.
  • Check manufacturer recommendations – In case you are not sure about the type of bag that your vacuum cleaner requires you can refer to the user’s manual. But you don’t necessarily have to stick with the same exact type of bag that the cleaner ships with. You will find bags from third-party manufacturers that are sometimes better than the original bags.

It is imperative to keep the place we dwell every day as clean as we can. And a vacuum cleaner is a product that can help you with that. Besides that, there are a lot of other cleaning products that you will need to keep every part of your house in perfect shape. But finding them is not difficult anymore because you can just use our product search engine to look for them. Finally, don’t forget to check out other amazing products from the DIY category when you shop.

Question & Answer

What are vacuum cleaner dust bags for?

Vacuum cleaners are great at cleaning dust from a surface. But removing the dust is not enough if you are not properly disposing of in a convenient place. That is what vacuum cleaner dust bags are for. These bags collect dust inside them and make it easy for you to safely dispose of it. But vacuum cleaner bags are a little different from regular bags. Because vacuum cleaners use suction to remove dust, the bag inside the machine should not pose much resistance to the flow of the air. Therefore, the design of dust bags takes this into consideration.

What are dust bags made of?

Not all dust bags are of the same material. Cloth, paper, and microfibre are a popular material for dust bags. In the case of disposable bags, the paper is the most common material. Paper is very convenient as a disposable bag. But good microfibre synthetic bags can improve the better cleaning performance for the vacuum cleaner. This is because it is possible to manipulate the material at the microscopic level to enable a better flow of air without compromising the ability of the bag to trap dust inside it. Then there are carbon PET bags that are meant for people with allergies.

How to clean dust bags?

Before you clean the dust bag, wear gloves to avoid contact with your skin. And it will be better if you wear a face mask as well. Firstly, you open the bag and shake out the bag like a trash can. It is always better to do this outdoors. You can also whack the bag against a wall to get the loose particles out. If you have another vacuum cleaner at your disposal, then vacuum the inside of the bag. You should only wash the bag with water if the manufacturer recommends doing so. Otherwise, it can be damaging to the bag. After the cleaning, you can fix the bag back inside the machine.

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