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Are you the one who picks any available detergent from the stock? Or the one who is brand conscious but still pick any type from one brand? Both the practices might make your clothes’ life short to a few months or a year after which you will see dullness or lost sheen. All of this is because of a non-compatible cleaning product. Thus, no matter how easy it looks picking a detergent, you must research well before grabbing the one.

Detergents not only cleans the clothes and make them stain-free but also brighten them up and extends their life. After all, cleaning the clothes plays a major part in their maintenance other than maintaining hygiene standards and stacking them well in your closet. You treat your clothes well, and they will definitely look fabulous on your body whenever and wherever you wear them. So, you should not be negligent or lazy while buying a cleaning product. Whether you are searching for the best smelling detergent or the cheapest place to buy laundry detergent, you need to search for different features. So, read on and make your purchase nothing but an informed decision.

Types of detergents

To choose the best, you should be first knowing all the variants. But before that, pay a little attention to your clothes. Segregate them as white, casual, occasion wear, formals, or more category if you have such. You can also segregate them with fabrics because some fabrics need gentle hand wash while some are fine with quick machine wash. Then, you can segregate the clothes that will be good with all-in-one detergent and clothes that need a special stain-cleaner, fragrance, or more features. You must also be looking at your preferences like if you have sensitive skin, allergies, or babies at home. All these parameters encapsulated together takes you down to the best laundry detergent product. Now, let’s dwell on the variants.

Washing powder

A detergent product in powder form is an excellent choice for general wash day loads. Powders are also effective in lifting out everyday stains. But may not be very effective on stubborn stains of oil spills or ink, this you need to know. Also, if you keep the stained cloth for a long and then try to do a quick wash, just powder as a cleaning product may fail sometimes here. You can either buy a prewash formula or work on any spill as soon as you notice. If you want a quick wash, you should make sure that you throw less dirty or pre-soaked clothes. These are the small things that can let you wash clothes without trouble. And for those will skin allergies, you can look for some of the best detergents for sensitive skin.

Liquid detergent

If oil or grease spills on your clothes are your everyday problems, you should consider having your laundry product in liquid form. Even if it is not an everyday issue, you can still have a small bottle of liquid detergent. Then, you can have a liquid product for stain filled laundry and powder for others. It can balance your budget because something with extra features like spot-treating can cost higher than a general cleaning product. And if you wash clothes in low temperatures, then also liquid form is best-suited as washing powders may not dissolve properly at such temperatures. You can also check out some of our detergents for sale online in UAE and see if you find what you have been searching for.

Tide pod

Detergent pods have made news for being a convenient-to-use product and also gain some negative attention. There have been many reports where babies or even some of the teens mistakenly put these pods into their mouths, which caused health issues. So, you can never leave these pods unattended, especially when you have children under the age of six. If you can take care of the product’s storage, nothing is bad about these products. You can easily toss them for one wash load without worrying about wasting powder or liquid detergent in one wash. But if you are especially seeking detergent for baby clothes, you can search for them at our shopping platform,

Tips on how to buy Detergents online

Detergent selection depends on a lot of factors. For example, if you do laundry on a daily basis, you may require a different kind of product than those who do it on a weekly basis. Further, the type of washing, fabrics, machine and other factors may or may not influence your purchase. We have compiled all these fine points briefly to let you make an informed decision.

  • Bio detergents – When should you go for bio detergents containing enzymes? And the answer is when you want an all-in-one detergent product. The enzymes mixed in the product can be effective for cleaning stains and save your time as well. So, if yours is a busy household, and you can’t make much time for laundry, you can opt for bio detergents.
  • Non-bio detergents– These kinds of detergents contain no enzymes, unlike the bio ones we discussed. Their main advantage is that they are not harsh to your skin. So, if you have sensitive skin or you hand wash your clothes, you can grab detergent without enzymes. Also, if you feel redness or itchiness already and you are blaming the weather, try changing your laundry cleaner and see the difference.
  • Fragrance – Again for sensitive skin, and household with babies, products with fragrances is a complete no. But if you have no such issues, and you sweat a lot, and you work at a place that makes your clothes a little stinky: you need a detergent added with fragrance. You can choose between vanilla, rosemary, lavender, and lots of other fragrances.
  • Optical brighteners – Either you can buy a brightener separately, or it comes mixed with regular detergents. The function of these products is to absorb UV light and emit them as blue light making your clothes appear bright. They are often used with white clothes, silk, or party wears to keep their brightness intact.
  • Compatibility – The type of washing machine, type of clothes, types of handwashing, everything will influence the kind of detergent you should buy. It would be better if you start checking the type of clothes you usually clean other than occasional wear so you can contemplate the features well. For that, research is the first and foremost that you can do.

We are pretty hopeful that the tips will make you narrow down your purchase. Further, if you get to know a list of brands, online shopping can become more convenient. Some of the brand names include Surf, Ariel, Omo, Nirma, Chemex, and Carrefour. You will find all these brands or even more at our shopping platform,

Question & Answer

Can detergent kill Covid-19?

Can Covid-19 virus possibly stay on fabrics, and if yes, then how long? The answers to these questions are still unclear, but fabrics do have metal and plastic elements on which viruses can live for a few hours to several days. And yes! Detergents can kill the virus if you follow certain measures laid down by UNICEF. As stated, you should not repeat the same clothes as much as possible and stop shaking dirty laundry to prevent spreading the virus if there is any. Then, you can use the detergent you have been using until now while following hygiene measures. Use a warm water setting and dry the laundry completely before use. Also, keep the dirty laundry bag separate and if there is someone in your household affected, use disposable laundry bags.

Are detergent pods eco-friendly?

On the one hand, you will see detergent pods reduce plastic usage and help to conserve resources. On the other hand, you will also notice some harmful chemicals inside the pod that can be harmful to aquatic creatures. Every detergent, whether it is a tide pod, liquid, or washing powder, contain a warning the product contains harmful chemicals. Taking this into account, manufacturers have also producing fragrance-free and eco-friendly products equally safe for babies and the environment. If you feel suspicious about any product, you can just flip it over and read the specifications to clear your doubts.

Can detergent cause rash?

Depending on your skin type or affected with allergies, you may have rashes from certain types of detergents. For example, the most cited examples of rashes are from detergents products with fragrances and dyes. There can be other chemicals also that can trigger the redness or itchy rash, which can be widespread or confined to specific areas like the armpits and groin. So, if your skin is sensitive or have encountered a skin disease earlier, you should be extra cautious while buying any product, be it detergent, lotion, oil, or even perfume.

Which detergent is best?

The best detergent is something that can serve your purpose well. For example, if you have a newborn at home, you might need a separate mild detergent. You can look for Purex and Persix brand names while shopping. Some brands like tide are specially used for pre-cleaning applications on stains. There are also all-in-one detergent products available almost at every brand store. You can search for these brands to explore all the variants, whether it powder, liquid, and tide pods: you will find them all at our product search engine.

You can now begin your shopping drive on our shopping platform, Not just detergents, but you will find many DIY products for varying purposes. Check out now and see what fits your shopping cart.

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