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About Degreasers

A degreaser is one strong cleaning product available especially for stubborn dirt like grease, oil, corrosion inhibitors, and other contamination common in many industries. This product also comes in handy when deep cleaning your house but its safety hazards and upkeep are very critical. Thus, buying the right product out of many available in the market is something to delve into first.

Something you should know: an all-purpose cleaner can be a degreaser, but a degreaser cannot be an all-purpose cleaner. A simple definition of degreaser is that cleans oiled surfaces, depending on which some cleaners can do that job too if the surface is not too stubborn. So, it is important to note when to pick what type of cleaner. You should segregate the product as per your needs like degreaser for kitchen, industry, or any other purpose. If you are a trained professional, you might already know these facts.

The alkalinity of super clean degreasers

The cleaning products available online have alkalinity from mild to high based on their purpose and application. So, if you know the pH range of the product, you can easily contemplate your purchase. For example, general-purpose cleaning products are mildly alkaline and therefore perfect for pressure washing, automatic scrubbing, and mild to medium grease removal. There could be more applications depending on the product. Now, oven greasers are highly alkaline because the inside of the oven needs a deep cleaning. For that, you need a special oven degreaser only because no special cleaner can help here. Likewise, different degreases have pH ranges knowing which you can choose and buy.

Zep degreaser

The product list of the Zep brand contains degreasers as well as a combination of degreasers and cleaners. You can select as per your requirements. One such product is an all-around oxy cleaner and degreaser. This solution is highly effective and versatile for various types of stains like wine, blood, juice, food, pets, and much more. If you want a fresh scented clean, you can choose to have multi-purpose pine cleaners. Despite these features, you also need to check whether the product will be best for hard surfaces or soft surfaces or both. If you can scrutinise the products for these tiny details, you will always end up with a top-rated degreaser.

Elbow grease spray

Elbow degreaser is an affordable choice if you are looking for an all-in-one cleaner. You can use this product on different surfaces like metals, fabrics, and plastics. Even your kids’ clothes, upcycled furniture, shirt collars, engines, machinery are all good with this product. Along with that, it can even be that perfect oven degreaser and can also remove chewing gum from clothes. You will get to know more functions once you explore the brand and its unique products. And if all this sounds interesting to you, you can directly jump to our retail search engine to explore more.

Meguiars super degreaser

Meguiars brand offers you a wide range of products for a DIY enthusiast or highly trained professionals. This brand is best known for its automotive and marine products. Their products are robust, fast-acting, and provides residue-free performance. Overall, they clean, restore, gives shine, protect, and maintain. That’s why they have been named super degreasers, and they live up to it. If you are looking for such products, you can buy a super clean degreaser online in the UAE in Or you can also read our tips to know about things to consider while buying.

Tips on how to buy Degreasers online

Degreasers are not a kind of cleaning equipment that makes their place in every cleaning kit. Depending on your need of having this product daily, weekly, or monthly, you should spend time buying it. Moreover, the guide we have briefed here remains the same for every customer. You can read these fine points and make an informed decision always.

  • Flammability – Degreasers are both flammable and non-flammable, out of which later come with a premium price tag. Depending on the location where you will be using the product, you can choose the variant. For example, if you use a flammable product nearby a welding process and without ventilation, you may put yourself and others in danger. Likewise, keeping the surroundings in mind, you can choose the type.
  • Material compatibility – Mostly, degreasers work well on metal surfaces, but rubber and plastic materials may bring unfavourable results. Rubber can shrink, swell, or even dissolve with degreasers. On the other hand, you may see plastic becoming brittle, soft, or craze. Thus, before you directly apply a degreaser on your expensive equipment, make sure to test them. Above all, read the specifications before buying.
  • If food is involved – If you want to buy this cleaning equipment for a commercial kitchen, there are features you need to consider. Non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-abrasive, and low-odour formula is perfect for use in food processing facilities. Here, keep noted that non-flammable product contains toxins, so you need to be extra cautious with them.
  • Accessorise – You will need a nozzle, cloth, gloves, or brush to make a complete cleaning kit, one-in-all cleaning washer liquid included. You can skip adding degreasers in your kit if using them in your space is not that frequent. But if you do need it frequently, you must separate its container and make sure not to mix it with other solvents.

We are hopeful that these points will narrow down your purchase. But we know a visual representation is more worth than reading the words. And it is indeed an excellent time to commence your shopping drive as you now have enough information about the product. Some of the brands you can go for include Ecolab, Smac, Chemex, Ernet, Krud Kutter, Intercare, and Bcleen. You will find all these names or more on our shopping search engine.

Question & Answer

How does degreaser work?

The chemicals inside the degreases are attracted towards oil, grease, and water. The process involves the molecules that surround the oil particles and dislodging them from water. This process not only ensures optimum cleaning but also maintain the durability of the product. However, quality may vary as the market is loaded with different products. Therefore, you must keep every product under the lens when buying and only add the best fit into your cart.

What is the right way to use a degreaser?

You may be using a degreasing spray or a solvent that needs to be added to a required amount of water. For both, the basic steps and precautionary actions remain the same. First of all, when you put the liquid on the greasy surface, you need to let it sit for some time to get absorbed by the surface. Once you see the process has been started but isn’t very effective, you can apply additional coats for stubborn dirt. Finally, you can rinse it with water. As precautionary steps, you should always wear gloves and keep the degreasing liquid separate from the rest of the cleaning liquids.

When should be degreaser used?

Degreaser is a powerful solution and can only break down and dissolve grease, oil, wax, and other insoluble soils. This product often finds its application in commercial kitchens, mechanical garages, manufacturing units, godowns, and every place where compiled grease is a common scene. Even if you are deep cleaning your home, you will find this product useful enough to remove months old dirt from every corner. We hope you now know the situation where degreasers become cleaning heroes.

Where to buy degreaser spray online in the UAE?

You can start your quality shopping with one of our best online shops: Sprii. You can explore more such shops upon your visit to our shopping platform, In every shop you find, there is an endless product list of different brands to compare and shop with convenience. Not only that, but you can also read genuine reviews to confirm upon your purchase. Overall, the listed unique products can give you many details that can influence your decisions in some way or the other.

Find all kinds of degreasers on our retail search engine for every single purpose. Whether you are pulling our greased objects for a DIY project or cleaning your home or want this product for your factory, you can rely on our online shops.