Cleaning Cloths

About Cleaning Cloths

A cleaning cloth is a necessary purchase but mostly overlooked. Well, even a cleaning cloth has varieties and the variants available in the marketplace differ in quality. If you explore diligently, you may even find a product more suitable than the one you have been using for years. So, probe into the features of cleaning cloth as much as you can and make your purchase the best buy.

A cleaning cloth has different fabrics, sizes, other additives, and features to fulfil your requirements. And it is not difficult to find out the features of a single product. You only have to read out the specifications list thoroughly. Once you do it for two or three products, you will be able to compare the products and see the difference between them. Half of your shopping queries will be resolved by this simple method. And buying kitchen cleaning cloth in the UAE will be one smooth ride.

Types of cleaning cloths

There are distinct cleaning cloths, segregating themselves according to their functions. Some of them are handy wipes, dusters, cloth mittens, glasses cleaning cloth, rags, and many more. All the names we have written have different fabrics like dusters are cotton material – plain and soft. On the other hand, there are cloth mittens coated with mineral oil to avoid spreading the dirt again. Other than types, there are also accessories like polish applicators that maintain the product’s durability. These products remove rust from the metal surface or give shine to it. Likewise, you can dig in more and more about a single product and come out with its features to make it long-lasting.

Handy wipes

These wipes are loosely woven or knitted cloths. They can also be non-woven cleaning cloths. Even synthetic sponges can be considered as wipes. Whatever material you decide to buy, do not forget the ultimate purpose of these handy products. As the name says it all, these products should be versatile. If your other cleaning cloth is dirty, you can have a wipe in replacement. That’s how these products work. Overall, you can use them for washing walls, woodwork, glass, or even upholstery. If you are searching exactly the products we have described, you can check out our shopping platform, to grab them.

Glasses cleaning cloth

Whether you are about to buy a cheap cleaning cloth for glasses or an expensive one, you should remember the main features of it. That is them being lint-free so you can wipe mirrors and drinking glasses without thinking of any residue left behind. Thes reason they are lint-free is that they are made from linen tow yarns. So, you can search for either mention in the specifications list. Either the fabric is written as linen tow yarns, or there must be mentioned lint-free somewhere.

Microfibre cloth

Microfibres are synthetic fibres and are one of the efficient cleaning cloths. But not all microfibres differentiate themselves in quality based on the machinery used to weave fibres. Also, the quality and ratio of synthetic fibres matter. In that case, you can search for Zwipes brand and buy Zwipes microfibre cleaning cloths with versatile functions. You can search for more brands on our product search engine .  If you are off hunting products right now, we suggest looking at some in our dedicated section before you start exploring.

Tips on how to buy Cleaning cloths online

A cleaning cloth has features that can make or break your whole purchase. It is possible to invest highly and end up with a cloth that tears up after one wash. Thus, it is imperative that you know your requirements and shops for the exact match. So, here we have compiled some handy tips to keep in mind while exploring.

  • Scratch-free – The fabric may seem soft and shiny, but it can happen that the fibres will harden up even after the first use or after the first few uses. And then, these hard fibres are going to scratch the cleaning surfaces, no matter what. To avoid such mishaps, you should do a little investigation before you grab the product.
  • Versatile or not – It is good practice to segregate the cleaning cloths for different purposes even if they are versatile. For example, different clothes for kitchenware, cleaning kitchen top, or cleaning spills etc. However, for dusting and cleaning, you can choose versatile products, or your different DIY projects can have the same cleaning supplies.
  • Reusable or not – If you are not that into cleaning the reusable cleaning cloths every other day, you are better off with paper towels. Another solution is also to have the combination of both like paper towels for spillage and reusable ones for other tasks. You can change the purpose as you think is appropriate according to your household or workplace.
  • Lint-free – This is a complete NO for any cleaning cloth. You simply cannot or should not afford to buy a product that is not lint-free. It would be embarrassing to serve crockery in front of your guests, and there you see small particles of the microfibre or whatever product you use. So, while exploring, read the specifications list and see the features written as lint-free before adding it into your cart.
  • Streak-free – This feature is an underdog, but if you observe it carefully, it should top the list. Sometimes, when you try to wash the surface in a circular motion, it left a line or streak. If you try to remove the previous streaks, new ones get created. So, the fabrics that are streak-free are the best of all.

We hope you may count some of the tips as insights and narrow down your purchase. If you are going to explore the products now, we would also like to recommend some brands. These include Vileda, Swiffer, Spontex, Mr clean, 3M, Clorox, e cloth, and Zoflora, among others. You can find all these names or even more at our shopping platform, Not just brands, but the products within are wholesome, including the latest and older versions too.

Question & Answer

Can microfibre function as a cleaning cloth?

There is no reason that says microfibre is not a cleaning cloth. This single product can perform multiple tasks, such as dusting, cleaning windows, washing stainless steel, shining mirrors, and lots more. All this is because microfibres are highly absorbent, durable, and thus, saves money in the long run because you don’t replace them often. They may take longer to dry, but in front of their versatility, this one downside can be sidelined. All in all, yes, microfibre is the ultimate cleaning cloth.

Where are cleaning clothes kept between washes?

Before you ponder upon the storage ideas of cleaning cloths or cleaning supplies, you must remember to segregate them. What if you don’t remember what cloth is used for what purpose? Often we start cleaning full of energy but end up exhausted, leaving all the clothes in a laundry bag. So, colour code them and buy a nice storage box, cupboard, or rack to place them accordingly. Most often, the colour coding goes like red for the bathroom, yellow for surfaces, and blue for dishes.

Where to buy silver cleaning cloth?

The silver cleaning cloth is to polish silver products. Now, it could be silverware and silver jewellery. These polishing cloths are gentle and won’t scratch the product, which is why these are preferred over any other cleaning cloth. You can check out many top-listed and reputed brands at our shopping platform, There are also online shops to explore and grab the product you are looking for.

Can microfibre cleaning cloth be washed?

Yes, these clothes can be machine-washed, but you need to make sure to wash them separately even from other cleaning cloths. We often overuse microfibre products due to their highly absorbent nature, which is why they tend to get dirty. You can first shake the cloth in the trash can to release excess dirt and machine-wash them in cold or warm water, but do not use hot water. If an odour has developed somehow in the cloth, you can put a little white vinegar along with detergent. Then, you can choose to machine-dry or air-dry, whatever is preferable to you.

Cleaning cloths are an essential part of your household, workplace, DIY projects, and whatnot. Our shopping platform, is an easy-to-use platform that lets you explore endless varieties of this product. Here, under one roof, you can expect multiple products to choose from and brands of flexible budget range. Thus, you can explore, compare, read reviews, grab deals, and end up with a satisfying product. Commence your shopping journey now!