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About Air Freshener

Do you know that the air care products category alone counts about 9.5 billion USD globally? Most of you might not have any idea about it but it’s the air fresheners.

According to historical records, the fragrance has been used to deal with odours since antiquity. A large variety of compounds have been used over the past two millennia due to their abilities to create pleasing aromas and effectively eliminate bad smells. However, it was in 1948 when the first modern air freshener was introduced. With times the idea was polished, and today we can find a wide range of scents made of natural and synthetic products or a combination of both. Besides, there is a wide variety of fragrances in this freshener technology with many ways to disperse the scent in the surroundings.  

Everything you need to know about air fresheners 

A modern freshener is a consumer product that typically emits fragrance. Without any segregation, it is used in both commercial and home interiors. Today we can widely see them in foyers, restrooms, small indoor areas, hallways, and larger areas like hotel lobbies, medical facilities, auto dealerships and all types of public arenas. With such extensive use, there are many different brands and methods used in these fresheners. However, at times modern fresheners also contain toxic chemicals that can provoke issues like asthma and many types of allergies.  Here is a bit more that you might need to know about these consumer products.

Reasons to use air fresheners 

People use these fresheners for several reasons. A fundamental idea is that the users like the fragrance. Meanwhile, the smell is another important factor that makes almost 50% of people pick a freshener. In the meantime, many users claim that they want some added freshness and fragrance to their surroundings, hence opt for artificial means like these fresheners. Besides all these claims, these fresheners also help in creating a specific atmosphere for are also an important decorative item to consider and buy.  

Types of air fresheners 

Today we can find many different types of air care products on a retail search engine. Among all, the electric air fresheners make about 30% of the market share.  They have ultrasonic diffusers with natural essential oils. At the same time, the spray room fresheners (including aerosol types) make 27% of the total share. Other options that you can find in the market include car air fresheners with 16% of the share and gel air fresheners with 9% of the stock. Moreover, we can also find wax melts and candle air fresheners popular in different parts of the world. Above all the types, fresheners with natural ingredients and fragrances are must popular than synthetic chemical options. 

About picking a fragrance 

The perfume description of any fragrance is generally presented with the help of a fragrance triangle or pyramid. At first, it comes to the very light and fresh notes followed by heart tones and base notes. The top notes include flavours with fruity, green and aldehydic touches. At the same time, the heart notes include the rose and violet flavours. The base note contains a range of fragrances like honey and amber. The choices of fragrance, depending on the type of smell you want to enjoy in your surroundings or the atmosphere you want to create.  

Tips on how to buy Air Freshener online in the UAE

Now that you have had an idea about what this freshener is and how it works to boost your surrounding environment, you can start digging deep into how to pick the right one for you. When you explore any search engine, you will find a wide range of the best plug-in air fresheners and realize that the modern models do more than just freshening your room and are more sophisticated. But with it comes the need to think more in-depth on what to consider while buying air fresheners for home or office. In terms of offering you help, here are some tips on how to make the decision sensibly.

  • Chemical and natural – Decide if you want to have a natural freshener that uses a combination of alcohol with a mix of natural and concentrated essences. Or you want to go with the one made of petroleum products like aerosols and formaldehyde etc. You can read the product description section to find such details.
  • Type of freshens – Times are gone when you could have a spray bottle to spread the droplets in the entire room. Today you have options fragrance spreading options as traditional sprays, burners, candles, electric sprays that work when plugged in or stick scented. Every one of these works differently, know your type before placing the order.
  • Choosing the smell – Not all types of smells are suitable for the entire home. As for the living room, you will need a warm and convey smell, while for the kitchen, you must opt for cinnamon, chocolate, or citrus-based fragrance to boost your cooking moods. For the bathroom pick fresh and clean options like pine, thyme, or jasmine whereas for the bedroom you should pick relaxing lavender or wood.
  • The verity in scents – Modern fresheners come with options to swap between a range of scents. It allows you to change the fragrance when and if needed. It helps to improve the fragrance as per your mood without investing anything extra and hence making them a cost-effective option to buy and enjoy versatility. Also, refillable fresheners are a good choice to make.
  • The budget considerations – They come in a variety of price points. Some are even more expensive based on the accessories and the range of spare parts they come with. So, when it comes to buying air fresheners online, make sure you are investing in something that can be of use for you in the long run.
  • The capacity of your freshener – Here we mean the ability of a freshener to deliver fragrance in the room. Pick something that can spread aroma evenly throughout the room. Here candles, burners and stick scents are more subtle options to consider. Otherwise, you can also look for peer recommendations to decide which product to choose from.
  • Allergies – Many people have allergies to certain types of chemicals and compounds. SO, if you or any of your family members have an allergy, be more careful while selecting the freshener. Here you may also need to consider the kids and pets in your home and pick a freshener accordingly. Reading the ingredients can help you do the job well.

Last but not least, when it comes to DIY the feel and flavour of the air freshener is always an excellent point to consider while making a purchase. Especially if you are placing them in multiple rooms, luckily, there are many options to consider, and some look much better than others. So, if people are going to see it right away as they step into the room, you will need something amazing to smell. Looking at the top-rated and products with the best reviews can help you find a better option easily.

Question & Answer

What is the best car air freshener?

Some of the best-selling items that you can find in the market are Moso natural air purifying bag, Febreze one car odour-eliminating freshener, Air spencer cs-x3 car air freshener, and the Roya-Roma car aromatherapy essential oil diffuser. If you are not able to find what you need, look at products like Little trees black ice air freshener, Ozium smoke & odours eliminator gel, Chemical guys leather scent premium freshener or the One fur all pet car air freshener

Which air freshener is best for a bathroom?

Bathrooms are the smelliest places in any home or office. Therefore, they need a special type of fresheners and fragrances to deal with bad odours effectively. Some of the best-selling air fresheners for bathrooms include Poo-Pourri before-you-go toilet spray, the Moso natural 200 gm air purifying bags, the Germguardian gg1100w pluggable UVC sanitiser and deodorizer and the Best-fire mini ionic freshener. Whereas the Renuzit pearl scents super odour neutralizer is also an appreciated choice of many users.

Where to spray air freshener in the room?

You can spray the freshener in all corners of the room. But before doing so, make sure the room is clean and there are no pets or garbage or any other source of the smell in the room. Once the room is clean, spray the freshener in all parts of the room and open the doors and windows of the room to let the air flow freely. If needed, you can also turn on the fan to let air circulate in the room free. Later you can leave some scented candles in the room to enjoy a good mood and smell.

How to use glade solid air fresheners?

Glade solid fresheners are an efficient way to add continuous fragrance to any office or home. Plus, they are available in a variety of scents to choose from. Besides variation in fragrance, these are easy to activate. You will need to twist the area that is marked with “peel and tear here to open” to release the rich fragrance within and set the intensity by adjusting the lid.

Explore any product search engine to find the most variety of fragrance and fresheners and other cleaning and DIY items for your home or office. At you can find products from top brands like Teatro, Air Wick, Glade, Ambi Pur, Esteban, Odonil, Areon, Febreze, Carrefour, Cool & Cool.