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Promate Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo, Combo-KM2 Eng/Arab
Promate Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo, Combo-KM2 Eng/Arab
Technical Details Brand Promate Package Dimensions 52.2 x 15.2 x 4.2 cm; 580 Grams Manufacturer P...
Promate Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo, Ergonomic Ultra-Slim Full-Size 106-Keys Quiet Keyboard with 1200 DPI Ambidextrous Mouse, Angled Kickstand and Volume Control Keys, Combo-KM2 English
Promate Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo, Ergonomic Ultra-Slim Full-Size 106-Keys Quiet Keyboard with 1200 DPI Ambidextrous Mouse, Angled Kickstand and Volume Control Keys, Combo-KM2 English
Technical Details Brand Promate Package Dimensions 52.4 x 19 x 4.2 cm; 580 Grams Manufacturer Pro...
Product details Batteries :  2 AA batteries required. (included) Product Dimensions :  24 x 55 x ...
Technical Details Brand RAPOO Package Dimensions 50.8 x 18.6 x 5.2 cm; 900 Grams Item model numbe...
Technical Details Brand RAPOO Package Dimensions 51.8 x 16 x 4.2 cm; 117.98 Grams Item model numb...
Magic Numeric Keyboard Silver English, MQ052
Magic Numeric Keyboard Silver English, MQ052
Magic Numeric Keyboard Silver English, MQ052



About Laptop Accessories

Whether it is about work or entertainment, laptops play a crucial role in our day to day lives. However, for the optimum operation of this gadget, you require a set of laptop accessories like a keyboard cover, screen protector, cooling pad etc. Let us explore some of the must-haves in this regard.

Laptop accessories are the things or equipment a user requires for the perfect operation and use of the laptop. It may include cases that hold the system securely, cables that help us connect many other gadgets to it, high power chargers, a hard drive for additional storage, a cooling mat and more. While you head to the market for shopping, it can be an experience full of confusion for you. The options have become so extensive and innovative that it’s hard to choose one and miss another. So, on this page, we will unveil everything you need to know about system accessories. The below guide will be useful while you do online shopping for laptop accessories in the UAE.

Things to know about laptop accessories for HP, Dell, Asus etc

They come in various options depending upon their functions, usability, durability, benefits and other factors. A cooling pad, keyboard protector, hard disk, mouse, screen cleaners, cables, and chargers are some of the essential things to consider. Each one has different functions to offer. For example, cooling pads are essential to deal with overheating of the laptop. A laptop keyword cover protects the keyboard from scratches, wear and tear and spills. It is not just essential to have these things. But what’s more important is to have quality products so that your system’s life does not get affected. Read on to explore details about some of the essential accessories.

Laptop charger/ adapter

A laptop is a portable device that comes with rechargeable batteries. When the batteries discharge, you will need adapters that help you charge the laptop. Laptops generally come with chargers/adapters. But if you are looking to replace it, you can find many chargers and even laptop power banks for sale in Dubai. Model number, voltage and ampere requirements are crucial things to check while buying chargers. Any random charger might not be compatible with the model of the laptop you have. Moreover, there is a classification based on the connector type as well. Cylindrical, Molex and snap & lock are common types you will find in the market.

A cooling pad for the laptop

This is another essential accessory if you use your system for a long time. If your laptop gets overheated, then it is not a good sign. It may lead to the failure of hardware components like motherboards, video cards, and hard drives. Hence, the lifespan of your computer decreases. However, it is a common problem that every system user deals with at some point or other. External cooling pads lower the temperature of the laptop. A cooling pad usually contains fans that blow cooler air against the system or take warm air away. It offers cooling and adjustable height options to improve your posture and comfort while you use the system.

Apple MacBook case cover

When it comes to electronics, costly gadgets like MacBook, safety comes first indeed. Hence, a laptop bag or case should acquire the first position on your list of accessories. It can be highly risky to carry the laptop without a case, and your heavy investment might just destroy it in a second. A case protects systems from drop scratches, impacts and unfavourable weather conditions that promote moisture. It becomes even more essential for you if you go to business meetings frequently. Nylon, neoprene, and needle punch fabrics are some of the common materials laptop bags come in. You can even buy leather laptop bags online in the UAE from our store to look for stylish and sturdy options. Whichever style you choose, make sure it offers enough padding and protection to your MacBook.

Laptop screen protector for eyes

Regular or extended use of the system can put a lot of strain on your eyes. This makes screen protectors essential in the list of laptop accessories. Laptop screen protectors reduce the screen’s glare and hence, save your eyes from fatigue or any strain. However, these protectors’ degree of eye protection depends upon various factors like hours of usage, eye problem history, sitting posture, etc. Hence, it is important to consult your eye doctor if you already have eye complications before using this product.

Tips on how to buy Laptop Accessories online in Dubai

If you are in search of the best system accessories, the options are endless in the market. Laptop chargers, cooling pads, screen protectors, keypad protectors, touchpads, and mouse are common ones. However, there are thousands of brands that create each of these. So, if you are overwhelmed with the options, keep certain factors in mind to choose the best and appropriate options. Here are some tips that will help you out.

  • Know what you need – Laptop accessories are an umbrella term for many devices or equipment like a laptop case, mouse, cooling pad, screen protector, and more. To buy accessories for laptops or computers, you need to know what items you require.
  • Check for compatibility – This is an essential consideration while purchasing any item for your laptop. Whether it’s a laptop bag or charger, whichever thing you pick should be compatible with the model of your laptop. Else, it can be nothing but a waste for you.
  • Pick from trusted brands – When it comes to electronics, choosing trusted and good brands become necessary. HP, Dicota, Kensington, Lenovo, Dell, Targus, Toshiba, Asus, Incase, and Mosiso are some of the popular brands you can choose from. The best part is that you can find all of them right here.
  • Compare prices – When you head out to the market or shop online, you can take a pick from cheap to mid-priced and even expensive accessories. However, it is essential to consider your budget. An easy way out is to log on to a product search engine where you can easily compare prices offered by various stores. is one such place where you can easily compare prices and find things fitting your budget.

Now that you have known a lot about laptop accessories, are you ready to explore the latest varieties offered by popular brands in the industry? On our product search engine, you can compare prices to find things falling under your budget. Moreover, you can use filters and sorting to quicken your browsing experience. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and find fantastic options at

Question & Answer

Where to buy laptop accessories online?

If you search for the best laptop accessories online, you are in the right place. On, you can explore an extensive collection of laptop equipment offered by popular and trusted shops in the industry. If you are running on budget constraints, then you can also compare prices on our platform. We feature products offered by the best brands. You can also use filters to find the products that suit your needs. So, go ahead and browse their latest collection while stock lasts.

What laptop accessories do I need?

There is a vast list of laptop accessories you can have for optimum usage and performance of your laptop. Screen protectors, laptop charges, cable, battery, bags & sleeves, cooling pads, hard drive, keyboard cover, mouse and stereo headset are some of the must-haves. Are you wondering where to find the best models? Well, you are in the correct place where you can explore a wide assortment of items at affordable prices. On, it is easy to find a wide range of options.

Do you really need a screen protector?

As the name suggests, a screen protector is an essential item to protect your laptop screen from smudges, scratches, and other types of damage. With a screen protector, your laptop screen might not live a long life. Some screen protector even comes with filters to block the radiation that is harmful to our eyes. However, if you already have a history of eye complications, consult your doctor before using this product. Plus, there are many options. Go for the right one as per your preferences.

Are laptop keyboard covers needed?

Some laptop users might avoid the keyboard covers because covers restrict the airflow for cooling purposes. However, if you are regular and reckless use of a laptop and have a dusty atmosphere or liquids around the laptop, it becomes a must-have accessory. A keyboard cover protects your keys from dust and spills and offers a new look to your keyboard. It is indeed an important accessory if you are a frequent user.

So, do you have all the information about laptop accessories now? If yes, then it is the right time and the right place to start exploring them. On, you can find an extensive collection of laptop accessories. Moreover, it is easy to compare prices and use features like filters and sort to find appropriate products. Now, go ahead and grab the best items.