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About Modems

A modem (or a portmanteau ) is a hardware gadget that helps convert data into a specific format suitable for a transmission medium. Hence, it works more as a network connector. As a result, the data is transmitted from one computer device to another.

Initially known as the Dataphone, the ideas came up in the 1960s. After some time, Dennis Hayes and Dale Heatherington released the 80-103A modem in 1977. It was the time when the idea became common in our households. In the early 2000s, the dial-up modem was used by computers to connect to the internet. Later the idea was replaced by broadband internet. Time passed until today when the young generation does not have a slight idea of what a dial-up modem is. Today a more advanced version of modems is used to transfer digital information from one end to another. In this discussion, we will explore the types of modems available in the market on this date.

Types of modem available in stores online in Dubai

Modems are electronic devices that are responsible for converting digital information into analogue signals and vis-à-vis. No matter what style or type, a modem is meant to assist the computer in transferring digital information. In the digital world of this date, a modem is a must-have for day to day professional and personal communication. This is the reason why more and more experts are spending time polishing the idea. As a result of ongoing efforts to advance the idea, different types of modems are available in the market. Below are some of the common types of modems that one uses in day to day life.

The Wi-Fi modem

Wi-Fi is the most common type of digital information conversion used these days. It is a single device that works both as a modem and a router. This device translates the internet data packets using a modem and sends them wirelessly to other devices around you using a router. Likewise, it can send the data back to the internet just like you send an email, video, photo or text. Today many internet service providers rent or sell any networking device on monthly subscriptions. Different types of Wi-Fi modems offer different speeds of internet, thus varying in functionalities.

A cable modem

It is a hardware device that helps computer devices communicate with the internet service provider over a landline connection. This device helps to convert analogue signals to digital signals to give access to broadband internet. A cable modem works by connecting Ethernet with a coaxial cable from the device to a computer or the network router. Here the network router helps to share your internet connection within different devices. Generally, a cable modem works with an (ISDN) Integrated Services Digital Network Device. This type of mode transfers bigger packets of data with high speed. This is the reason why they are mostly used for high-end applications like video streaming.

DSL and VDS modem

Both DSL and VDSL work the same way. The core purpose of these types of a modem is to bring internet access to your devices. However, there are some slight differences between the two types. The DSL device is connected to a conventional phone with the help of a copper wire. While on the other hand, a VDSL requires an optical fibre wire to do the processing. Speaking of speed, a DSL has a much slower speed as compared to the other. The VDSL is a comparatively advanced technology that also limits its availability and is also costly compared to a DSL connection.

A portable modem

This is just like a personalized internet box at your home. However, this box is not attached to a cable or telephone device. Rather these types of devices come with a SIM card inserted in them. If you have an unlocked portable Wi-Fi device, you can use any SIM card from any part of the world. This type of device is economical to use and can work with any data SIM from around the globe. A portable device helps to set up your personalized internet connection. Plus, you can connect up to 10 devices with it, including; laptops, tablets, mobile phones, iPods, cameras or game consoles.

Tips on how to buy Modem online in the UAE

The internet has become a crucial part of our lives. Everything from a phone to a TV is connected wirelessly. However, there are still many who know nothing about technology. For such people setting up everything can be intimidating. Moreover, things get complicated when they visit stores. This is where the buyers find a whole new world of routers and accessories. Finding such a variety of online making the buying experiences is overwhelming for many. To ease buying for such people, we have gathered tips on how to buy the device online without losing money. Considering these points while buying these accessories can make the shopping experience easy and horror free.

  • Check the compatibility – Not every type will pair with your computer or laptop. Thus before heading to buy a device, check the hardware version of your device. Also, note the operating system installed in your PC or laptop (Linux, Mac, or Windows). Always look for a device that is compatible with your PC or laptop.
  • Check the up/download speed – The next thing you will need to check is the upstream and downstream speeds. These speeds vary from one model to another. This speed plays a crucial role in the performance of the internet. If you are going to use the device in the office, make sure you are buying the one with the highest speeds.
  • Check the security – Here, you need to check if the accessory supports security features like Wi-Fi Protected Setups (WPS), WPA/WPA2 Security Protocols with the TKIP, WEP and AES encryptions. You can visit the product description section to know all these details about the security services.
  • Mounting option and size – It is important to check how small or big the accessory is. Also, check if you can easily fit it with other computer equipment. Do a little research and check the images and product details of each product carefully. Many options come with wall mounting options. Is this something you will be interested in?
  • Check the price – Are you a wise investor? It would help if you went no further than the computer and accessories section in any such case. Here you can look for any product according to your price range. Hence, you can do wise and economical yet high-quality shopping for devices that will stay with you for a long.

Apart from all these tips, a smart shopper will always pay attention to the review of customers. Moreover, it is important to read the product return or exchange policies. Apart from these basic information sources, one must look for a product with a better warranty. It can secure your investment even when you buy the best product online in the UAE.

Question & Answer

How much is a modem?

The price of a device varies according to the features, make and model of the modem. Although you can find a device for as low as $10, there are devices in the price range of $200 or more. This price difference comes down to the type of speed, connection and features like whistles and bells. Expert suggests that buying a device is a long time and worthy investment. Thus it’s essential to focus on the features of the device rather than the price.

How often should you replace a modem?

Experts agree that we can replace the device considering its condition.  In general quality, modems have a lifecycle of 3 to 5 years. This cycle of replacement is more obvious for the HDDs and PSUs. However, we can apply this rule to mediocre PSUs. If your device is flaking out or the cable network is not supporting the device anymore, it’s time for a change. However, a point to note is that Wi-Fi technology is advancing rapidly. Hence if you are using a Wi-Fi modem, you might need a swift change following the technological advancements.

Which modem is best for laptops?

More and more people are using laptops for their personal and professional processing. With the advancement in the idea, more and more manufacturers offer high-quality devices for speedy processing. Some of the top listed devices for the laptop are; Huawei E8372 Unlocked 4G/LTE Wi-Fi Wingle, Airtel 4G Hotspot – E5573Cs-609 Portable Wi-Fi Data Device, and D-Link DWA-123 Wireless N 150 USB Adapter. Meanwhile, other best devices include; Reliance Jio 4G Router – JioFI3 and TP-Link TL-WN727N 150Mbps Wireless N USB Adapter. All these models are readily available online.

Where can I buy a modem online in UAE?

Here at you can find all types, including both cable and Wi-Fi. Here you can find products from top brands like TP-Link, Cisco, Huawei, Netgear, ASUS, Linksys, D-Link, Motorola, Belkin, and Ubiquiti. Here you can not only get easy access to top-selling products online but can also enjoy comparing different products with their features and price to make your shopping experience more exciting and impressively successful.

So if you are having any problem with the speed or connectivity of the internet, look forward to upgrading your device. Explore a product search engine and buy economical products with high quality online.