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About Multiplexers & Concentrators

Multiplexers & concentrators, also called data handlers, increase the number of input/output devices that may use a single communication channel. You can find them in a wide assortment of options based on the application. Let us explore how to find the one that works for you. 

Multiplexing can be a helpful process for you if you want an economical use of a communication channel. It is a communication interface that works toward combining various input streams from different devices. It then transforms the same into a single stream that goes over a single channel. A concentrator is a device that allows data to travel just from one terminal at a time over a communication channel. It works towards load balancing between two or more servers that are in connection together. Data distribution takes place according to the server processing rate. On this page, we will explore much more about the various choices you have in the market as per the application. So, read on!   

Things you need to know about concentrator & multiplexer

A concentrator refers to a device that forwards the data transmission signals efficiently. It combines the low-speed communication channels into comparatively higher speed transmission links. The mainframe environment can merge the lines from various terminals and provide a link to another concentrator in a hierarchical arrangement. In other conditions, it may link directly to the front-end processor of a host computer. This takes place using the multiplexing or contention method. A mux is a device that combines the data from multiple terminals in a single line. It then sends that data over the link that demultiplexes at the other end. Let us explore more things in detail.   

VPN concentrator 

While looking for the concentrator, you will come across a crucial thing called a VPN concentrator. It is popular in the domain and refers to a networking device that offers the secure creation of VPN connections. Along with that, the best VPN concentrator is responsible for delivering messages between various VPN nodes. You can call it a router device that has been designed specifically for the creation and management of VPN communication infrastructure. It also works towards adding capabilities to the VPN router. This basically adds advanced data and network security for secured communication. It may also do other work for you, such as establishing and configuring tunnels, authenticating users, and encrypting data.   

MUX or multiplexer 

It is a crucial device in networking that takes numerous analogue signals and then forwards the selected ones in a line. The basic work is to enhance the amount of data that one may transmit over a network. One can use it with different signal types such as digital, video, analogue, and optical. You can also find them working on different mechanisms: wireless and wired. Just like other network equipment, they also support network protocols like Ethernet. If you want to reduce your business’s operational cost and scalability, then these devices are a must. Quality mux is versatile and good for the management of hubs, routers, and server farms. 

Digital & analogue multiplexer 

Multiplexing is a process involving multiple signals that combine into one signal. It is all done over a shared medium. If this happens with analogue signals, then it means that it is analogue multiplexing. In the same way, if the digital signals come together, then it is digital multiplexing. This process took place in telephony, where many signals were combined and sent through a single cable. This is the process that divides a communication channel into many logical channels. Each one is then allotted for different message signals, or you can say data stream. The device that involves the process of multiplexing is Multiplexer or MUX.

Tips on how to buy Concentrators & Multiplexers online in Dubai

Concentrator and mux are important networking equipment. They may appear to be a straightforward product to you. However, the wide range of options you get in the market might confuse you. It happens when you are not someone from the field. For non-frequent buyers of network equipment, it can be tough to decide. If it is hard for you to choose the best, here are some tips to help you a lot.

  • Know your requirements – The devices such as mux are classified on a wide range of factors. One of those is the size of LAN, WAN, or MAN they support. However, it is important to find the one that is appropriate for your needs. Read the product specification to know the number of ports, form factor, concurrent connections, and many other things about the device.
  • Go for the right brand – Many brands offer concentrators and mux. However, only a few will live up to your expectations in the long run. So, go for trusted brands like Arduino, MB, Keithley, Adtran, Pelco, and Python. You can find them right here.
  • Shop for it online – Be it this device or other network device, it is good to shop for it online. You will be able to get the brands and varieties you look for. Moreover, there is comfort in getting the product at home.
  • Compare prices – If you have budget restrictions, then it is good to compare prices online. Different sellers may offer products at different prices. You can compare prices right here on You can find many sellers offering this device.

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Question & Answer

Where to buy a computer concentrator online in the UAE?

If you want to buy a computer concentrator online in the UAE, consider your search ends right here. Here on, you can find the best stores offering quality products at affordable prices. You can filter and sort the choices based on your preferences. Moreover, you can compare the features and prices of different products to find suitable ones falling within your budget. So, grab the best ones while stock lasts. Since there are many options online, this guide will help you choose a good option.

Which computer concentrator do I need?

Your selection depends upon your requirements. However, if you search for the best brands, you should go for Arduino, MB, Keithley, Adtran, Pelco, and Python. If you want to explore their collections in one place, then you can do it right here on our retail search engine, i.e., You can find plenty of options here. Make no delay and find the concentrator as per your application now. Moreover, you will be able to compare the costs of different varieties here to find cheap products.

Which multiplexer is used in fibre optic cable?

Fibre optic mux is used at one end of a fibre optic cable. It serves multiplexing purposes, which means many things can share information over a single wire. It is a giant multi-input connector that allows many signal inputs. These signals then go over a single fibre optic cable. This information goes with this wire until the time it contacts a demultiplexer. It is another device that lies at the end of the cable. It separates the signals again and, at the same time, sends them on their way.

Why are multiplexers called data selectors?

The basic work is to select one of many analogue or digital input signals and forward them into a single stream. The data refers to the continuous signal flow here. So, it may be called a data selector. The names data selector and multiplexer are generally used interchangeably, with mux called data selectors and vice versa. However, the difference is that a circuit that selects between two inputs may be known as a data selector. On the other hand, the complex circuits that combine multiple inputs into a single output using different methods are called multiplexers.

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