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About Memory Cards

Do you remember the small chip like devices that we use in our mobile phones and gadgets? Yes, the memory card is a powerful and fantastic electronic chip that you can use to store and transfer all your data effortlessly.

The concept of a memory card has evolved so much over the years. What looked like thumb-size pieces of storage units when they were just launched have seen so much transformation today. When it comes to memory cards now, you can find them in the smallest sizes. In fact, some are just as little as your fingernail. Yes, technology advancement has been mind-blowing, due to which these things are now a possibility. You can store and transfer any data to a mobile phone with such ease. It also keeps your precious material safe, in case there is an issue with your phone or laptop. Using it is also not a hassle. Be it using the compact flash card or the micro SD card reader; any layman can do it with such ease. 

Different types of memory cards to use for your electronic devices 

Seldom have we gone somewhere without a memory card. Be it a holiday or a business conference; it makes for the perfect backup storage option. Plus, it’s so easy to use that you can store and transfer everything in a couple of minutes. Most of these require a simple micro SD card reader. This is the key to using the content on the memory card with ease. However, with different gadgets and as our requirements vary, it is so essential to make sure we have access to the right devices. Furthermore, the market today is full of some of the best choices that you can consider if you’re on the lookout for some cheap memory cards.  

Compact flash card  

Possibly one of the smallest ones out there, the compact flash card is something that every techie loves! These little devices are minute, and you can comfortably use them on your phone or laptop. Once you transfer the content to it, use it to store it securely, or you can also transfer it to another source. There are several big brands that have variations of this one. The higher the capacity, the more the pricing. But with these, it makes sense to go for something that is of a more substantial size so you can quickly put everything together at once. They are a better option than a hard disk because it’s so easy to carry around.  

Mobile memory card  

Ever wondered what the best way to transfer content from your phone would be? Well, the simple memory card is here to make things simple. The mobile memory card is so much better than a wire transfer or hard disk. It is tiny, works quickly, and you need a simple card reader to use on different gadgets. It is also safe as you can easily store it in a small pouch or case and not worry about leaving or misplacing it anywhere. You don’t even need to carry a laptop bag or something else to store it when it’s not in use. Again, some great brands have their versions of the memory card, and you can easily pick something that works for your amount of data sharing. 

Micro SD card reader  

Two sides of the same coin, the micro SD card reader and the memory card have to work in sync. This is the other part of it that allows you to read the data that is on a card. You need to buy an inexpensive one. These come in a universal slot size that works very quickly with different devices. They are also easy to carry and store. Again, you don’t need to worry about carrying a separate case for them. It is effortless to fit it the reader just about anywhere, and it makes handling it easy as well. The micro readers are compact and perfect for phone, computer and laptop use. 

Memory cards for iPhone 

The iPhone is something that a lot of people love. Its brilliant configuration, camera and features make it perfect for businesspersons and for regular use too. The memory cards for iPhones vary slightly when it comes to regular ones. However, you can quickly get it at any Apple store and use the same for your phone. Except for the look and size, the functioning of this one too is very similar to others. You can also find several options for memory cards online particularly for an iPhone. It is best, however, to consult with the dealer before going in for one. Since Apple products are expensive, they can vary, so it’s best to check beforehand. 

Tips on how to buy Memory Cards online

With electronics, it always helps to have a little basic understanding before you go shopping. Since technology is updating every single day and at such speed, not being aware can sometimes cost you a great deal of money. The reason behind this is that with such advancement, everything is getting cheaper and you don’t need to shell out a lot even for pricier things. Plus, there is a whole lot of memory card offers available online where you can score some stunning deals.

  • Ensure you pick from reliable brands – You want your memory card and the reader to last you a good couple of years. So, put in that little extra and get something from a reliable, well-known brand.
  • Check for reviews – Always scan the internet to read up what other buyers thought about the product. At times, you may come across something that will completely change your viewpoint and it’s best to know beforehand.
  • The capacity matters – Depending on your requirement, choose the right memory card. With tonnes of memory card offers out there today, it is easy to pick the best one you need.
  • Check its compatibility – Check if the card is suitable for your mobile, laptop, tablet and computer. It should work universally on these and all other gadgets. If not, you may need some form of adapter or converter.
  • Invest in a reader – Without a reader, your memory card is incomplete. Get a good one to help you transfer, store and share data as you need to.
  • Ask questions before purchasing – No question is silly because you’ll be putting in money to buy that product. Ask on their live chat or to the salesperson if it’s a retail purchase and settle all your doubts before going ahead.

It is essential to be aware of what you’re buying, its warranty and guaranty and other features. Don’t blindly go in for something just because someone had a good experience. It is imperative to invest in electronics, accessories and gadgets only after considering your needs. For example, if your data requirement is enormous, a memory card won’t even suffice in the first place. You will have to consider a hard drive or something similar in that case.

Question & Answer

Can you fix a memory card without formatting it?

Formatting is one way of eliminating viruses and any other intrusions in the system. Even without anything, the periodic format is considered a good thing to make sure the system or phone keeps running flawlessly. When it comes to a memory card, formatting is the best and fastest way to make it better, of course, it also takes care of any viruses in it. Without this, you may have to go to a software specialist who will transfer the data and content carefully and work his way to checking each file. This is another way, but it is more time consuming, expensive and may or may not fix the problem in the end.

Can you get a virus by using a memory card?

Yes, using a memory card is the fastest way to send or gain a virus in your system. This happens a lot of times if the circle of data sharing is large. Sometimes, your PC may be under a virus attack that you may be unaware of. At this time, if you share data through a memory card to someone else, the virus gets transferred too. Thus, an anti-virus to detect and eliminate any instances like this is very crucial in every device.

Can you repair a memory card?

Since memory cards have become so cheap and easily accessible because of their popularity, a lot of people don’t go to fix them. The more affordable and faster option here is to try to recover the data, if possible and eliminate it. You can transfer the data quickly to the new memory card. However, if the data on it is critical and you don’t have a backup, then you may have to go to a specialist. It depends on the nature of the damage and the specialist’s skill to be able to repair it.

Where can you buy a memory card online in Dubai?

With hundreds of electronic stores all over the UAE, it is easy to get your hands on a good quality memory card. You can choose from several online and retail options as per your preference. The best way to shop for one is to use this fantastic shopping search engine that is This excellent platform has some of the best choices from over 500+ online stores. Thus, you can be sure of getting the best deals under a single roof, without any concerns.

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