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About Computer Mouses

The different components of a computer are its “organs” and something that any computer won’t be able to function without. One of the primary components is a computer mouse. Let us explore in detail. 

Computers are indeed a phenomenal blessing in today’s day and age. Although we may have taken them for granted, because they are everywhere, we have to understand the fact that we won’t be able to go a day without needing them. When it comes to buying them, we do an enormous amount of research before coming to a decision. One of the most critical aspects is undoubtedly deciding on the best components like the input devices, CPU, keyboard and monitor. Along with helping you with the computer functions, they also make working on the computer easy and effective, depending on the ones you choose. As per your requirement, i.e. for home use, for gaming or business use, the type of PC and its accessory requirements also change.  

Different types of computer mouses you can buy for your PC 

Among the other accessories, the computer mouse is one that is a necessity. You can find them in both wired and wireless forms. While the regular or wired ones are just as good, with the popularity that the wireless mouse has gained, there’s no reason why you should not opt for one. Plus, if you have a laptop, it makes using the wireless type even more comfortable. It’s a fantastic thing to be able to travel with it, without having to worry about entangled wires. Whether it’s about moving the cursor, opening a program, selecting something, hovering or drag and drop, a computer mouse, be it wireless or wired, helps you. On this page, we will explore more about them in detail. So, read on!

The wired PC mouse

It is one of the most common computer mouses that you can spot anywhere. As the name suggests, it connects directly to your desktop or laptop. The connection is made generally through a USB port and information transmits via a cord. It is the best type for starters as it provides a faster response time than other common types. These are also great for digital artists, gamers, and other users who want a high level of accuracy. Although, with innovation, we have many more new designs in the market such as Bluetooth mouse, other wireless patterns and more. 

The wireless computer mouse  

Wireless gadgets outweigh all others because of their convenience factor. So, it’s a no brainer when the wireless computer mouse is one of the most popular picks amongst people. Be it for use at home, the office or for gaming; nothing beats the convenience factor of this kind. The fact that it is sleek looks great and works smoothly are all plus points that add to the experience. Since they are pretty affordable, don’t stay back from picking up a couple of them if you use your PC or laptop a lot. It is a good idea to wait for some discounts on electronics so you can get them at an even better price. 

The wireless mouse for laptop  

Laptops call for a sleek and easy to use a mouse. The most crucial aspect when it comes to a laptop mouse is that you should be able to use it anywhere. It should also be small and convenient so you can carry it in your laptop case. The best thing in this scenario is undoubtedly a wireless mouse for the laptop. You can check out some good brands and see which one works for you. These days you can also customise the mouse and its pad with your name, initials, company logo or some other design, which is a cool thing! Make sure you always use the mouse with its pad and use the right batteries. 

The optical mouse  

This one is the most common type of mouse that you can easily find in any electronic store. The optical mouse is powered by a light-emitting diode that helps it to detect the surface. This can be both wired and wireless. For ease of use, a lot of people often invest in different computer mouse that they can keep at the home, office and in their laptop bag. You can, therefore, use one as and when you require it. This eliminates the need to remember to carry the mouse everywhere you go. You can also buy a wireless mouse for your iPad if you tend to use one. 

The Bluetooth mouse 

How amazing would it be to own a mouse that can sync with the computer Bluetooth to work? Well, the concept of a Bluetooth mouse is now a reality and accessible too. Although these types are not as well-known as the optical or wireless ones, they are catching up. They use radio waves to communicate with the computer and enable you to use them as you require. It is best to try your hand at one before making the big purchase. Since they are less common, they may be slightly different in use as compared to the optical or wireless one, so it‘s better to be sure. 

Tips to keep in mind before purchasing a Computer Mouse

Buying a computer mouse is one of the main things that you need to do after having invested in a computer or laptop. A lot of salesmen will be happy to give you a good deal by including one in the package as a freebie if you buy a computer from them. However, these are generally not the best ones, and if you use your computer often, you know the importance of having a smooth mouse. These tips will help you figure out the best one as per your requirement. 

  • Know the latest types – Be aware of what is new out there, and you might find the best one for your needs. It’s a good idea to do a quick search on the internet before getting shopping. 
  • Go as per your requirement – If you own a business or for some reason require more than one mouse, it is best to go slow and get one in the beginning. Use it for a couple of days to analyse its potential and then buy more. 
  • Check for options online – Shopping online is quick, easy and gives you value for your money. Make sure you check for additional discounts and promo codes on the internet before buying.  
  • Wired, wireless, Bluetooth or optical – It is essential to understand which computer mouse is most suitable according to your needs. This can also make working on your PC or laptop easier so choose wisely.  
  • Check for compatibility factors – You should be able to use the mouse while working on your computer and laptop, this way you don’t have to invest in two different ones.  

It also helps to do a little research of your own. Find out the best ones in the market, their brands, and how much they should ideally cost. Although a computer mouse is now very affordable, nobody should give you a run for your money. So, reading up a little about their pricing is a good thing before you head shopping. Also, if you know someone good with computers, always ask for an opinion, they’ll be happy to help. If you are in search of some good options, you can find them right here on 

Question & Answer

Is it a good idea to buy a wireless mouse for your iPad?

The most advanced type, the ergonomic computer mouse, should be a good thing if you work for long. Be it for the laptop, iPad or computer, getting one will surely make it an enjoyable experience. Since there are so many types, always speak to someone knowledgeable about it, before going ahead with your plan. It is the best thing to ensure your fingers and wrist don’t strain over long hours of working on the computer. It is an excellent choice for an iPad and better over a regular mouse any day. 

How should you care for your mouse?

The mouse is one accessory that people don’t care about, and this often leads to changing it so many times just in a couple of months. To ensure your lasts long, clean it with a damp cloth at least once a week. Go for a wireless option that won’t cause strain on the wire and ultimately this also harms the computer or laptop. Ensure you use the right batteries and remove them if you won’t be using the mouse for long. This is also good when you’re storing it. 

How should you decide between a wired and wireless mouse?

It all comes down to your requirements. If you have a computer, then a wireless mouse may not be needed. However, it is essential to have it if you work on a laptop or iPad. For travelling purposes too, the wireless mouse makes for a good option. It is both comfortable and affordable to buy a mouse online in the UAE. Be it a mouse for the laptop, computer or iPad, it helps to take your usage into consideration before determining your purchase. 

Where can you buy a mouse online in the UAE?

Be it buying a rechargeable wireless mouse, an ergonomic computer mouse or a mouse for the laptop; it is so comfortable in a spectacular country like the UAE. The best part is that you have access to so many different computers and electronics stores that you can easily buy the ones that you like best. Coming to the best online stores, make sure you check out stores on Some of the best brands to shop are Logitech, Apple, HP, Microsoft, Lenovo, Dell, Kkmoon, Razer, Benq and Corsair. 

It is also an excellent decision to shop online. If you are skeptical about it, check out, a fantastic product search engine that helps you check the best options from more than 500+ online stores under one roof!