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About Barcode Scanners

Shopping is something that we all adore. However, we often underestimate things like secure billing, excellent customer support and barcode scanners that make our shopping experience even better. Since we have never paid heed to it, let’s see how these input devices can make a difference.

While shopping can be both enjoyable and challenging, depending on whether you like it or not, there are a few things that we often oversee. So many small things go into making every shopping experience an easy and fruitful one. Plus, once you get familiar with your local grocery store, you can shop for a week’s stuff in fifteen minutes flat! Yes, that is the level of comfort and convenience that shopping stores have given us today, and it couldn’t get better than that! Other things like barcode scanners, spacious isles, discount sections, product placement and secure billing add to the experience. We often underestimate these things because they are so natural. However, over the years, the concept of grocery shopping has undergone so many transformations!

Different types of barcode scanners that you can find today

The concept of the barcode has been around for a couple of years. It is something that people at the billing counters use to scan your product. With this, you can easily detect the price; however, this is only one of its many advantages. The best thing is that some barcodes will also give you the manufacturing and expiry dates, number of products in stock and many more things. It thus, makes things so much easier for the grocery store owner and ensures that operations are carried out with ease. Today, the type of barcode scanners for computers are modern and quick. Plus, you have several choices while considering the best one to buy.

The wireless barcode scanner

For those who hate the fact that the barcode scanners have a wire that can get in the way at most times, the wireless barcode scanner should be your best bet! These are generally powered by a rechargeable or regular battery, and that is the only aspect that one needs to care about. You also have the ones that come with a charger cord, so you can charge it before using it, similar to a mobile phone. It is also an excellent choice to buy your barcode scanner online, as you can often end up with great deals that will help you save some good bucks!

The symbol barcode scanner

The symbol barcode scanner is the newer variation of the regular one. This one helps to scan the barcode with ease and immediately features the information on the screen. You can find them in so many choices, and there are many brands that offer them. They are mostly wired, and since one only needs to use them at the cashier, they work efficiently. Some stores allow buyers to take the scanner with them while they shop. This way, their products are already scanned and stored in their account, so they can directly come to the cash counter and pay. These may require to be wireless but save a lot of time and effort.

The QR barcode scanner

In the purest sense, products that have a QR code require a QR barcode scanner. These are more advanced, and the regular barcodes don’t work in this case. It is something that is catching up and has a whole lot of advantages too. Sometimes the QR codes also let you access information such as the nutritional facts of the product, expiry date and other relevant knowledge. The customer can also view this if the grocery store has a policy of self-scanning for their buyers. It is popular in the European countries as of now and slowly spreading to the other parts of the world.

The handheld barcode scanner

Most barcode scanners today are the handheld kind. Handheld barcode scanners are easy to use, and you can be flexible with the way you choose to scan. Again, it is also something that a grocery store can give to their customers, so they can examine themselves before coming to the counter. It is the best way to avoid any confusion over the pricing, and they also know the total bill by the time they come to pay. Some excellent technology and electronics brands have a range of handheld scanners that they can choose from. Today, it is also easy to buy the best barcode scanner for computers online.

Tips on how to buy Barcode Scanners 

You may be a grocery store owner, book cafe owner or own a department store. The need for a barcode scanner is something that you cannot avoid. The best thing is that due to their popularity, they are now readily available everywhere and pretty reasonable too. The combination device of a barcode reader and scanner is also something that you could consider that will give you value for money and make processes simple.

  • Do your research – Make sure you do a quick search to understand scanners. If you are aware of them, still do it to get an idea of the price factor, brands that sell them, read reviews etc.
  • Go as per your requirement – Make sure you buy the best scanner that can suit your needs. Some stores have products that may require both a regular barcode scanner and a QR one, so make the right choice.
  • Don’t invest in too many at a time – Even if you’re opening a new store, get only one or two to see if it works as your expectations. You can always opt for more after a while and as the need increases.
  • Buy online – Buying online has countless benefits. It is easy; there are plenty of discounts and good return and exchange policies as well. It is the best way to shop for pretty much anything.
  • Talk to other store owners – Get some information from store owners who you may know or those willing to share. Find out what works best for them and how they manage their billing.
  • Get value for your money – Since electronic devices can burn a hole in your pocket, so make sure you get a good deal when buying them. Check for bargains, discounts or pick up during off-season sales.

The best thing about buying a scanner device is that it is a one-time investment. You can use the same one for years if you manage to use it with care. It is essential to educate your staff on how to handle them, so you don’t have to shell out more money in case they misuse it. With some of the best barcode scanners for computers available online at the click of a button, it’s easy and economical to make the right choice.

Question & Answer

Do you think barcode scanners are necessary?

Yes, when it comes to any physical store, a barcode scanner can make a lot of things very easy for you. Without it, one would have to manually enter the rates into the system and then go for billing. Imagine doing this for every customer who has a lot of products on the card. It is physically impossible for large stores that have a lot of customers every day. Thus, the scanners make it easy to have things going and sort out the operations part too.

Is a wired or wireless scanner preferred?

Wireless scanners are ideal for when you allow your customer to scan the products themselves. Even if the cashiers do it, it does give a certain level of comfort. However, if they need to be charged, then you will have to devise a system so they don’t stop working at the last minute. However, the wired ones are not too bad either. They don’t require any batteries or charging and are the most common ones that all stores use today.

What is a QR code reader and scanner?

New stores and supermarkets may have a QR code instead of a barcode. These require a specific QR code reader and scanner that works just like a regular scanner. However, this scanner is not as universal as the barcode one because a lot of manufacturers still don’t produce their packaging with QR codes. If you have specific products that require it, you can always opt for one or two scanners to suit your needs.

Where can you buy barcode scanners in Dubai?

A lot of good electronic stores are available all-around Dubai, where you will easily be able to find the best barcode scanners. Many of them also have online stores that you can pick from. It is effortless to buy a barcode reader and scanner online and makes sure you get the best deals for it. You can also head to their retail stores to check out the product in person and then buy online. You can also check out, a brilliant product search engine for a terrific shopping experience.

Honeywell, Datalogic, Zebra, Samsung, Motorola, Opticon and Symcode are some of the best brands for barcode scanners today. With excellent customer feedback from people across the globe, they make for some good buys.