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About Headsets

What is the best thing you can do to escape from the noisy world outside you? Indeed, there is nothing as soothing as plugging on your headsets and losing yourself in some cool music. Well, the fun and relaxation double if you have high-end products like head sets etc. You know what we mean! A Bluetooth headset or a gaming headset are absolutely examples of this. You’ll come across these and more in this article. But before that, let us take a step back and travel back to the time when it all began. 

Early in the 1890s, the headsets were single-headed and bulky devices. You had to hold them close to the ears to communicate. This later evolved into an electrophone. This system comprised a headphone that resembled a stethoscope and was connected to a switchboard. This apart, engineer Nathan Baldwin designed the first-ever actual head sets. And surprisingly he did that on his kitchen table! It was a decade or two later; in 1937, Beyerdynamic invented the first headsets for personal listening. There was no looking back for the headsets since then. As fashion took a turn, new models came into being. With such a history of over a century, the headsets today, have become an integral part of everyone’s life. So, it is quite apparent that you must know their current trends and types. And that’s precisely what we are going to do next!  

A peek into the world of headsets and their types and popular brands. 

Understanding the various types available is an excellent way to start. Well, don’t worry, this isn’t a lecture! We assure you that we will yawn way before you do if this gets boring. So, let’s begin, shall we? Head sets, in general, are broadly classified into two groups – Earphones and head sets etc. Some in-ears sit slightly inside the ear, and some headphones are more massive and cover your ear and comfortably sit on it. However, based on the design, they are classified as – on-ear and over-the ears. Well, there are many like these. Moreover, each type and models have specific uses too. Like there are separate headsets for gaming called gaming headsets. A few that specifically fit for PC are called PC headsets. Why don’t we explore some more in detail to have a better understanding of their various types? Keep reading!  

Get up and close with your headsets for PC

Of course, you can watch a movie or your favourite TV shows on a PC with your headsets on. But, it is the rising popularity of games that makes these PC headsets even more demanding. It is true that, while gaming on a PC, the right gaming headsets can sometimes make a world of difference. Typically, wired head sets do deliver a good enough sound for gaming. On the other hand, you would not necessarily need a wireless headset, but you’ll still need a wireless headset that sounds great to maximise your gaming experience. When planning to purchase a PC headset, remember to buy headset ear cushions too. This ensures that the headphones comfortably sit on your ear, and you can use them for longer hours. Check out brands like Samsung, Microsoft, and Plantronics offer some of the best gaming headsets to buy online in Dubai. 

The difference between wired and wireless headphones 

Free headsets! Just kidding. Well, now that we have your attention, we do mean to take a glance at whether it is good for the headsets to be ‘wire-free or not! When we weigh wired over wireless head sets, the main advantage is that the wired headphones offer proper signal transmission and thereby impart better sound quality. Since most wired headphones use copper cables, they reduce the loss of signal to nearly nothing. However, that doesn’t mean that the wireless ones aren’t good enough. Many wireless headsets provide excellent audio reproduction. Wireless headphones from brands like JBL, Bose, and Sennheiser are some noteworthy examples. Moreover, wireless headphones, unlike wired ones, helps in terms of convenience and mobility.  

The advantages of a Bluetooth headset

Quite often you would have come across people walking on the street, seemingly talking to themselves. Well, the person is likely using a Bluetooth headset. The Bluetooth headphones have scored high in popularity over the past few years. Well, the credit goes to their advantage. One of the best benefits of a Bluetooth headset is that you are free to use your hands all the time. You can do many tasks simultaneously, which is something that you cannot do with a conventional headset. Moreover, Bluetooth headset does not succumb to signal interference. This is because they use low power wireless signals and spread-spectrum technology. If you are planning to buy a headset online in Dubai, do not miss to check out the Apple Bluetooth headset, Samsung Bluetooth headset and Logitech headset. 

Tips on how to buy Headsets

For an audiophile, who are serious about their music, headsets are as important as one’s life partner. You too can be wed in holy matrimony with your music, only if you choose the right pair of headsets. But when it comes to choosing one, everybody has their preferences. But, be it jazz, classical or EDM, from a different genre to languages, there are certain fundamental factors that you need to keep in mind while approaching for the best buy of the headset for a computer. Let us understand those parameters in detail.

  • Know why and how you’ll use them – Whether you are a studio professional or a college student, your underlying reason for buying headphones is of prime importance. For example, a studio professional may prefer over-ear headphones. However, people who are frequently on the move prefer in-ear headsets. Other than this, the genre also plays an important role in selecting your headphones. Rock, pop, jazz, classical or funk – your headsets must favour your favourite genre.
  • Select your design wisely – Now that you know its use, next, it is crucial to choose them according to your convenience. This facilitates easy use. Moreover, when it comes to the design, always choose a size that appeals to you the most. If you want your headsets to be light and portable, go for on-ears or in-ear headphones. Whereas, if you are someone who likes those large and bulky headsets that give a better audio response, then over-ear headphones are your ideal fit.
  • Be careful while choosing between wired and wireless – This can be an exciting factor to consider. That’s because, regardless of their design, the headsets offer you the convenience of getting away with those pesky wires. At first, this might sound like a terrific idea. No more tangles, frustrating knots and freedom at last. But, be warned, though. This is a tricky call. As with everything, wireless has its pros and cons too. You gain convenience and mobility, but you also lose out on quality.
  • Consider the need for add-ons – Apart from being wired and wireless, many headsets also offer some add on features. Microphones and buttons to control the volume are usually the add-on features offered with the headphones. Of course, the ability to speak without picking up your phone is exciting. Moreover, you also get a chance to change tracks in your playlist without moving a finger. This is definitely a feature that appeals to most. But, check if you require those add-ons and then purchase the headsets.
  • Look out for good brands – Not all headphones are as good as some others. Therefore, it is essential to go for brands that offer high-end features. Because it is these features that facilitate good sound quality and better performance of the headphones. Apart from the above-mentioned check out brands like Sony, iball, Logitech, Razer, Jabra, Asus, and LG. They offer an impressive collection of headsets that come with unique features, add-ons, high-quality sound output.
  • Settle in for a budget – Let’s face it! We’re very sensitive when it comes to the price. If you are a first-time buyer, then this is the most important factor you must consider while buying the headsets. Even an audiophile will not completely disregard this fact. That’s why it is always essential to set a budget for yourself while heading out to buy one. Remember, good quality is not always guaranteed at a higher price. You could buy the cheapest headsets on online shopping sites in Dubai.

After checking the purpose, design, mobility, price and brand, tick the right boxes and pick the right headset for yourself. Well, it may seem like a difficult task initially, but as you go ahead and gain interest in music, it will only feel as natural as a breeze. Even then, if you feel like you are getting swayed by many options and are entangled and confused between two choices, go right ahead and visit our product search engine. As we said, we will find the best one for you!

Question & Answer

Can I use any Bluetooth headset with PS4?

If you are an ardent gamer, you’ll know how fantastic the PlayStation 4 console is. But, like every other device, they too have one or two missing features. One of them is the ability to use the Bluetooth headset. You can only use a few licensed and official options. Well, luckily you have the PS4 Bluetooth headset dongle to solve this problem. It works very simply. You get a USB dongle which is plug and play. Once inserted you just pair need to your Bluetooth headsets with it.

Where to buy a Bluetooth headset?

Bluetooth headsets are an excellent pair of headphones, especially if you want to enjoy listening to music hands-free. However, with so many options, brands and stores out there finding a high-quality one that perfectly matches your style is a bit challenging. Well, it need not be the case, if you get yours from It is the best product comparison site that lets you compare the pros and cons, features and prices of several headsets from many popular brands.

Where to buy a gaming headset in Dubai?

Gaming is a fantastic hobby. However, to do justice to the game you play, you must ensure that you experience their sound effects. And what better way to do that, than plugging in a pair of headphones. But, folks it isn’t that easy to get a gaming headset that comes with both quality and style. Nevertheless, anything is possible, with is your perfect shopping companion. You’ll find an impressive collection of gaming headsets that you can shop from top online stores.

How to buy the best gaming headset?

With stylish designs and powerful performance, the gaming headsets are indeed a different beast. However, it gets tricky when it comes to buying the perfect one. Well, there are certain fundamental factors that you need to look into while doing so. Indeed, the budget and brands are of immense importance, but the quality and portability of the gaming headsets are equally critical too. You must look for these factors carefully while buying them.

From in-ears, small to bulky, gaming and Bluetooth headsets, how’d you like your computer headphones to be? Well, we hope this article has helped you to understand the mechanism of your beloved earphones better. So, it’s time to shop one now! Hurry and get one for yourself. Put on the favourite pair, tune in and forget the world. And while you’re here, do check out several other accessories too!