Mens 3 Pack Classic Trunks  White/Black
Mens 3 Pack Classic Trunks White/Black
mens 3 pack classic trunks white/black
Mens 3 Pack Classic Trunks  Navy Blue/Grey
Mens 3 Pack Classic Trunks Navy Blue/Grey
mens 3 pack classic trunks navy blue/grey

About Boxer Shorts

Clothing has always been a personal choice for us. Be it the smallest of things; some people can be extremely picky about taking this decision. It has a lot to do with the variety at hand. Things we couldn’t imagine maybe a decade ago, have now become a reality. 

Online shopping especially, has made buying so easy. Log on, select clothes that you like, add to your cart, make use of discount codes or exclusive coupons if you have them, and finally pay and confirm! It’s that simple. Earlier, there were days reserved to go shopping, especially when it came to festivals and special occasions. Today, you just have to log in and get done in a couple of minutes – that’s all it takes, and technology couldn’t have made it any better. Be it the simplest of things; you can easily find it online and at prices that would put most stores to shame! Be it boxer shorts, T-shirts, trousers, dresses or lingerie; there’s nothing that online shopping hasn’t made possible and most of all, it has simplified life! 

Different types of boxer underwear that you can pick from 

When it comes to clothing, there are several choices in every department. There is something for everyone here, and you can pick based on your body type, budget, brand, designer, and so on. When it comes to innerwear, boxer shorts are possibly the most common type for men. Today, every guy has at least one kind of boxer underwear as part of his innerwear collection. They are the epitome of comfortable underwear for guys, and many would argue to say it doesn’t get better than this. The best part is that boxers are so comfortable that men tend to wear them to just about anywhere. Be it at home while wearing formals, to run down to the store, while having friends over etc. 

Cotton boxer shorts  

Possibly the most comfortable of all variations, boxer shorts that are made of 100% cotton are skin-friendly and super soft. Most guys love wearing them inside their jeans, so they don’t feel hot and especially in summers when denim tends to stick to your skin due to excess heat. Cotton boxer shorts are readily available around the world in most malls. Today, you can have so many variations in them regarding the size, quality, length, design and more. However, the best ones have a secure fitting, are looser than briefs and don’t give the impression of being “stuffy” when paired with pants. You can get creative and style your cotton boxer briefs anyway.  

Boxer briefs underwear  

The counterpart of regular cotton boxer shorts is the brief boxer underwear. Unlike traditional boxer shorts, these are more fitted. They offer a better grip to your crotch area and are also comfortable for extended wear. In case you’re used to wearing trousers or chinos more often than jeans, this is the best choice for you. Unlike boxer shorts, briefs do not give a “stuffy” look. Hence, there are fewer chances of them being visible. In fact, with briefs, you can get the perfect seamless experience. It is also ideal for everyday use, given you choose good-quality briefs in pure cotton. Blends are too comfortable; however, they can make the wearer uncomfortable after prolonged use for several hours in a day. 

Long boxer briefs  

Another modern variation of boxer shorts is the long boxer briefs. With these, you can be more comfortable even while wearing them on their own. As far as the length goes, they reach your thigh or even knees in some cases, depending on the brand and variety. However, they can be challenging to wear and conceal in both denim pants and trousers. If you’re looking out for an easy to wear option while at home or to step outside for a walk or so, these long boxers can be the best thing for you. They’re great in hot countries where trunks and Bermuda shorts may get too stuffy to wear. With long boxer shorts too, you can get creative with designs and patterns and team them with some good top-wear choices. 

Tips on buying Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts are the epitome of comfort. They are versatile, you can wear them anywhere and they also make for good layered clothing. It’s one of the most popular and common choices when it comes to a guy’s wardrobe. Whether you’re a beginner when it comes to boxer pants or you’ve been using them since ages, a few easy tricks to make your shopping easy is never a bad thing. Here’s how to ensure you make the best choice.

  • Do your research – Always know what you can pick. The internet today is full of beautiful things waiting to catch your attention. When it comes to online shopping, especially, there’s no stopping! Always make sure you do proper research before you go for a purchase.
  • Remember you cannot try them – Just like any innerwear, stores won’t let you try boxer shorts, obviously for hygiene reasons. Thus, make sure you’re aware of your size. It also means most of them to have a no return policy either.
  • Ask for suggestions – Don’t struggle with your options and try to analyse vaguely as to what may or may not suit you. The staff is there for a reason, and it is best to consult with them in case of doubts.
  • Don’t forget to try out something unique – Always be up for trying out something new or out-of-the-box because you never know how perfect it can turn out to be! And if it doesn’t, well, you at least tried!
  • Check for online options – The internet and e-commerce are a considerable sector full of unbelievable varieties and massive discounts. You lose out if you don’t shop online. For newbies, try getting the hang of it instead of worrying that it’s not for you. You can also ask someone to help you out.
  • Match the attire – Depending on the occasion and attire, pick the best type of boxer shorts to suit you. With varieties like short boxers and loose boxer shorts, you have so much to choose from. Teaming the right innerwear with your attire can create a comfortable combination, perfect for everyday wear.

Focus on comfort, something that makes you feel weightless in them and if you want to wear them around the hours, they should look good too. With a few simple rules, you can change the ball game when it comes to picking the right innerwear. Nevertheless, even if you go wrong, there’s always a learning curve, and there’s still another shopping experience to look forward to! Make sure you always check for your priorities before picking up a pair.

Question & Answer

Are there boxer shorts for women available?

Yes, women’s boxer shorts now exist, and it is the most comfortable thing ever! Unlike men’s boxers, there are shorter and slimmer and not too puffy. However, they’re still very comfortable. Although the concept is comparatively newer, there are a few brands that are manufacturing them, and you can quickly check online for some good choices. Women’s boxer shorts are great to wear under jeans or just on their own, while at home.

How should boxer shorts fit?

Ideally, boxer shorts should not be too tight nor too loose. There is no “ideal fitting” here, but depending on the wearer’s choice and preference, they can pick one. However, roomy and slightly ill-fitted boxers are best to make you feel comfortable throughout the day. If you look forward to wearing them on their own, then opt for something slightly more fitted and better looking.

What is the difference between boxer shorts vs trunks?

Trunks are more fitted than boxer shorts. They also ensure better coverage. However, trunks can be “too-fitted” for some men, whereas boxers are better for comfort. Most men also prefer trunks while choosing underwear for trousers & pants while boxers are better for jeans. You, however, cannot wear trunks on their own, but you can do so with boxers. Boxer briefs also have buttons or a practical fly while trunks don’t have this function. Brands like Calvin Klein, Hanes, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Next, Ralph Lauren, GAP, Versace, Marks and Spencer and Gucci are some of the better ones.

Where can you purchase boxer shorts in Dubai?

A lot of brands offer some excellent choices when it comes to picking up boxer shorts. For some brilliant online stores, try GAP, Ounass  and  Yoins. If it’s your first time while shopping online or you tend to get too confused with all the thousands of choices, this online search engine can be your best friend! It will help you make the best pick from over 500 online stores, ensuring the best product at the best price.

Be it boxer shorts, briefs or trunks, they all make for excellent innerwear options for men. It is also an excellent option to try out newer choices as they keep being introduced because you never know when you can find something much better than what you wear now! Happy shopping!