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About Triangle Trousers

Winters are fun, as you get to experiment with numerous looks. But, there’s something fresh about summers. And lucky for you, the outfit inspiration for summers is as simple as raising your hemlines a few inches. Yes, we’re talking about the 3-quarter length trousers or the triangle trousers. They’re one of the most elegant pant shapes out there. So, give your floor-grazing pieces of clothing a rest and pick a perfect three fourth to lighten up your look this summer. Below is the guide that’ll make your trouser shopping a breeze. So continue reading! 

The rise of these cropped pants in recent years is a welcome development in men’s and women’s wear. However, even though both men and women enjoy wearing leg wears of every conceivable length, we still have been stuck with the traditional shorts and pants. That’s probably because the choices were limited. The good news is that the 21st century has brought in several stylish and elegant trouser options that you can choose from. And triangle trousers are undoubtedly a wardrobe staple among them. But, here’s the thing, with so many options out there, it’s easy to get confused when you have to buy the best three-quarter length pants. You could always reverse this situation by figuring out the trending models and understanding a few hacks to choose the right. Keep reading if you want to explore the trending models and the tips to help you choose the best one. 

The various three-quarter length trousers to choose from 

The three-quarter length trousers for ladies and gents are some of the most versatile pieces of clothing. Whether you’re planning to update your work wardrobe or looking for a jeans alternative for weekends, this shortened silhouette of triangle trousers feels modern, fresh, and instantly pulled together. Besides, dressed up or down, this timeless style icon is one of the most stylish pieces you’ll ever add to your closet. Not only it is an ultimate summer-to-fall staple, but it looks crisp and apt during all seasons if styled correctly. Each type of these triangle trousers comes in vibrant designs. Let’s have a look at a few of their types below. 

The women’s 3-quarter length trousers 

A woman’s fashion has been evolving and has changed a lot over the years. Today, the women’s fashion industry includes apparel for all occasions. From formals to casual and party looks, you’ll find them all. Among all these choices, triangle trousers are one fashion item that brings you a unique style with extreme comfort. Plus, it allows you to pair them with top and accessories. Interesting, isn’t it? But the best part is yet to come. These versatile pieces of clothing come in different types. This means you’re sure to find countless options when searching for the best one—for example, a plain black three-fourth. You can pair them with anything. 

The three-quarter length joggers

Workout wears are one of the most critical parts of your workout routine. Of course, you do not want to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable when in a gym or playground. This means you should certainly pick the right joggers. The three-fourth of joggers are perfect for a gym workout, exercise class or just day-to-day wear. They fit effortlessly into your varied lifestyle, but they also offer you (both men and women) the best designs out there in the market. Most of the models come in smooth fabric and an elasticated waist. All this makes them soft and flexible enough to wear all day long. Try opting for a pair that features a tapered leg. Further, you can choose from pre-shaped knees, as they provide a flattering contoured fit. 

The three quarter length tracksuit bottoms

Summer clothes are meant to be comfortable, light and stylish. If you’re looking for something like that to wear this summer, do not miss getting a quarter length tracksuit bottom. These bottoms are great for summers. Thanks to its lightweight construction with an elastic waistband and drawstring fastening, these bottoms are a comfortable fit. Many models also feature two zipped pockets and are complete with the signature logo embroidered on the front. Apart from that, you’ll find them in different hemlines and vibrant colours. Therefore, you can pair them with any tops and wear them on any occasion. 

Styling three-quarter length chinos

If you have embraced the quarter length trousers, you ought to explore their versatility by discovering different looks that best suit you. Go for open-neck shirts if you intend to wear the quarter length chinos for lunch, dates, art gallery events, etc. Indeed, these trousers are direct substitutes for pants. But, that does not mean that you avoid denim altogether. You could always pair a denim shirt with dark coloured quarter chino. Yes, they look surprisingly smart. Furthermore, try pairing your quarter chinos with boots and sneakers to look fresh and casual. You can do this, particularly when you’re out for a drink with your boy gang. Also, pairing your chinos with shades of white is perfect for any out of the box look.

Tips on how to buy Triangle Trousers

With the endless options of triangle trousers in the market, you might find it challenging to pick the right one for yourself. This is why it’s essential to keep a few tips in mind before you set out to buy three quarter length pants online in UAE. To make things easier for you, we’ve listed those tips below. Have a look.

  • Know your body type – Of course, all of you can wear the three fourths. But, we all know that each of us has a different build and stature and opting for the one that’s carved for you is crucial. Ladies and gentlemen, we would recommend you not to wear these trousers if you have short legs. This means if your legs are proportionally short when compared to the rest of your body. Also, make sure you do not pick them if you want something formal, as they have a very casual look.
  • Get the right length – Yes they’re three fourths and will end up till your calves. But, here’s the thing, the length of the trouser depends on your height. The 3-quarter length trousers might not look like three-fourths if you’re a short or very tall person. Therefore, make sure you pick the right pant length before you make the final call.
  • Style them accurately – Though these triangle trousers are the most elegant and flattering item in the fashion industry, everything goes in vain if you do not style them correctly. Right styling of the outfit is essential to make you look chic and classy. The three-quarter length trousers sit close to your legs; therefore, you must consider their make, fabric, colour and patterns while styling them for any occasion. Besides, couple them with the right accessories for an overall elegant look.
  • Pair them with the right tops – Have you chosen your perfect quarter length trousers? Yes? Now, what do you wear them with? It’s quite reasonable to feel confused when you have to pick something that perfectly goes with your funky pants. Well, we recommend you go with the tops that make you appear fuller, comfortable and stylish. Just make sure to keep in mind your height, your body type, and colour preference. An easy tip, you can follow the same rules as you would while wearing or buying a skirt.
  • Pick the right colour and pattern – Go for all one colour from top to bottom, if you want to look taller than you are. You can pick a black top with the black triangle trousers that have prints on them. It’s best to avoid flashy looks, particularly if you’re wearing them for formal events. You could always try wearing colourful triangle trousers with a white shirt or any other soft colour top. Alternatively, choose a bright coloured top if want to wear soft coloured three-fourth.

If you’ve almost given up on choosing the perfect one among the wide range of options, then we hope the tips above will help you change your notion. Keeping these styling tips and evaluating factors in mind while buying one, will guide you to the right fit, style and material. Just remember, these three-quarter length trousers are trendy, playful, geeky and sexy too. So please have some patience and carefully pick them.

Question & Answer

What shoes should I wear with three quarter length trousers?

Quarter length trousers are tricky because they make your legs look shorter. Wear them with the wrong shoes, and you’ll look downright stumpy! We get it, you love your bulky socks and sneaker, but they’re a no-no when it comes to pairing them with the three-fourths. So, what do you wear them with? To look fabulous in 3/4 trousers, you need to create the illusion of having long legs. One of the easiest ways to do this is to put some visual distance between your triangle trouser hem and the tip of your toes. To create this look, you can go for lace-up sandals, pumps, block heels, flats, canvas flats, mules and so on.

Can I pair high-heels with quarter length pants?

As mentioned above, one of the best ways to look dashing in three-fourths is to make your legs look leaner and taller, and you can do that by creating a gap between your toes and trouser hem. One of the easiest ways to do that is to pair your look with high-heels. This means you can certainly pair your quarter lengths trousers with high heels to look chic and sophisticated. Just ensure that the shoe colour you pick matches your entire look. You can go for nude colour or the same colour as your trouser.

What brands are the best for triangle trousers?

Apart from the look, price, and style, one of the major factors that you shouldn’t overlook while purchasing the triangle trousers is the quality. You should never neglect quality to save a few bucks. Make sure you purchase a long-lasting piece. One of the ideal ways to ensure quality is to buy them from world-renowned brands. Brands like Marks & Spencer, Adidas, Splash Fashions, Nike, Jack & Jones, Puma, Balenciaga, H&M, Kiabi, and Mango offer a curated collection of stylish triangle trousers.

Where can I buy three quarter length pants online in UAE?

If you’re in search of versatile and high-quality quarter length trousers at an affordable price, then do not miss going through the collection of trousers on This superfast product search engine features all the best three-fourths for both men and women. Moreover, you can also find the three quarter length pants for sale. Besides, you can also compare prices from various brands and pick your get your favourite ones right here. What’s more, you get to purchase them all from famous online stores.