About Shorts

Thinking of some beach time over the weekend or planning for a vacation? No matter what your holiday plans are, if it’s not about business, it is the right time for shorts. 

For most men, shorts are the piece of clothing that they have struggled to put just right since high school. Interestingly, many failed to get success to date, while others quit the idea of having comfort in shorts because they cannot muster up the courage to wear this highly provocative bottom. Men’s shorts have faced many debates in the past two decades in terms of appropriate width, length and decency. Despite spiking controversies and debates, they remained in use of men. Today, you can see a profusion of men shorts in the market. From lined and Bermuda shorts to swim shorts for the beach you can explore a whole new world of style, colour, fabric and pattern of men’s shorts online. 

A Beginner’s guide to buying men’s tailored shorts

More than just pulling them around your legs, there is an art to picking the right shorts that can accentuate your vogue in the right way. With top brands offering a wide range of shorts, it’s not a tough task to find a short that can give you comfort and elegance at the same time. Today we will help you understand the possible uses of shorts for men and how to style them the right way. 

Understand the fit of men’s shorts

The inseam of your shorts is the most important factor. Unlike pants that come in a wide range of skinny, relaxed, slim and so forth, the shorts are majorly offered only by inseam length. A rule of thumb for the length of short is that it rests about one to three inches above your knee. It means that the shorts will be in between 7 to 9-inch inseam. However, this may vary if you are exceptionally tall or short. For fitting of the shorts, there is no one-size-fits-all. Start looking for shorts with a 7 inches inseam and slowly move upward to figure out what looks good on you. A perfect fit or lose of your shorts also depends on the body shape, specifically the thickness of thighs.  

Aesthetics- Colors and patterns for men’s shorts 

Shorts mean dressing with simplicity, comfort and flexibility. If you chose to wear short pants for men in winter or fall, you could easily find thicker fabrics that are easy to style with layers and creating a sharp look. While in summers, men prefer to stay limited to a pair of shorts, shoes and a loose shirt. In such a case you need to pay attention to the fabric, patterns and colours of your shorts. Prefer choosing saturated colours as they are easy to match. If you are too tight on budget, colours like grey, British khaki and navy can never go wrong. These colours can easily be paired with different styles and colours of tops. Plus, you can easily find cheap men’s shorts in clearance to carry through the summer. 

Choosing the right fabric for shorts 

Cotton is classic, comfortable and breaths well. But if you are looking to enhance airflow and an eye-catching drape, go for linen short. Linen gives cooling effects to the skin; it's lightweight and adds a style as it wrinkles. The linen shorts are also a perfect choice for vacations as the last thing that you will need to worry about is busting out the iron. Just give it a five minutes fluff in the dryer and let is wrinkle where they may. Although ripstop, seersuckers and performance fabric must be your top priority. For instance, when cotton or linen is a great idea for hot surrounding, wearing synthetics and wool shorts might cause you some serious skin irritations. 

Choosing the right shirt with your shorts

Shorts are casual so the shirts should be too. Style experts suggest not to wear collared, button fronted or long sleeve shirts with any type of shorts for men. Likewise, shorts and t-shirts make a combination that flatters no one. It may sit well in a casual setting but won’t do any good as other combinations can. Instead, you can opt for a collared short-sleeve shirt to look good and stay casually cool. You can consider incorporating button-front seersuckers or a basic monochrome polo shirt. However, if you are attending a fun gathering with a little tackiness or visiting tiki or beach bars, consider paring loud-print shorts with a Hawaiian shirt to grab all the attention. 

Choose the right occasion 

Shorts are a casual piece of men's wear, but there are times when you can wear them, and then there are not. Temperature, location and environment can be some valid reasons to wear short but wearing them on a business meeting or a formal event or wedding ceremony is surely not a good idea. The best “shorts time” is friends and family recreation gathering, private parties, beaches, outdoor sports or anything that is purely for fun. However, the weather should be appropriate for wearing shorts. Choose wearing shorts when it’s hot enough and switch to light trouser as soon as it’s bearable. Replace shorts with soft pants on a picnic, luncheons, weddings, or meeting with a stranger, etc.

Tips on how to buy perfect Shorts for men online 

From women’s cargo shorts to, short pants for men, the fashion is equally flattering and casual for all. Thou, comparatively women, have more style options like high waisted shorts, but men can take advantage of paring a short with different styles of shirts and footwear according to the occasion. To serve your style needs, must have a quality pair of men’s shorts. Note that we say need, and not speaking of the desires. This is so because you will melt without a reasonable pair of shorts that you bought just because it was attractive. Here are some tips for choosing the right pair of shorts for you online.

  • Find the right store – With dozens of style option, there are hundreds of stores claiming to sell quality shorts for men online. Always choose a store that offers branded products with better deals in town. stand among the list of handpicked trusted online shopping search engine that helps you to shop from top brands.
  • Buy from men’s shorts clearance – Shorts are expensive than pants. If you are willing to stay on budget, visit to find the best sales on shorts for men and look for a product on that sale. Here you can compare the price of different brands and can make a better shopping decision with deals and discount offers online.
  • Find the right style – Some men like tailored shorts while others prefer streetwear shredded denim shorts. Although both are acceptable, there is much more in between. Better is to match your shorts with your bod and dressing priorities. For example, if you are a conservative dresser go for classic cotton shapes, otherwise choose chino or denim shorts with bold prints.
  • Consider the build – Guys, dress for the build you have, not for the one you want. If a style of shorts is not for your build, leave it. Identify your leg shape and choose a short accordingly. If you have thicker thighs, choosing darker tones can help you create a slimming effect. Besides, bold prints can help you hide those skinny legs.
  • Get the right length – Opposite to styles; there are lesser variations in length. Shorter lengths are not suitable for family gatherings. Likewise, if the short goes below the keen, you may look outdated. Always choose a short that ends with an inch’s space above your keen or below the mid-thigh. Landing here ensures that the outfit is in the right proportion.
  • Consider trends – If you believe that you can find style in designer shorts for women only, you are wrong. Trend apply to men’s wear and to shorts too. If you are heading to buy shorts online in the UAE, ae offers the latest trends in shorts from trusted brands including Zara, Nike, Adidas, Denim, and American Eagle etc.

To be honest, buying short pants for men is easier than finding a perfect pair of tops with women’s cotton shorts with elastic waists. Visiting gives you the optimum freedom for product searching and comparison of different products from more than one brands. With more than 500 stores including Ralph Lauren, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, and Nike, you can explore, compare and buy shorts for men that suits your budget, body shape, and needs side by side.

Question & Answer

Are shorts allowed in Dubai?

Shorts are designed to offer comfort and freedom to men in hotter weather, which means that shorts are perfect men-wear in regions like Dubai. Both men and women can be seen wearing shorts in Dubai. However, the length of shorts is important to consider while going out on the road, for shopping, or on the beach. Wearing a keen length sophisticated shorts on a public beach, in shopping malls or for a dog walk is entirely acceptable for both men and women in Dubai.

How should shorts fit?

To make sure that the shorts are flattering your body, you must focus on the length and width. The shorts must not go past your knees and rest maximum on the kneecaps, neither below nor above that. The best inseam for men under 5.9’’ is 7’’. Anyone longer than 6'', must buy shorts with a 9’’ inseam. Whereas for width, always choose a slim fit short. However, the shorts are not meant to be skin-tight, and they must offer some room for movement and air. Thus, make sure that there is some wiggle room between your skin and fabric, but no more than a few inches.

Why are shorts expensive than pants?

Buying a pair of branded shorts is a considerable investment. Market survey shows that shorts are expensive than pants because they require the same amount of time for stitching as a pair of pants. Shorts are complicated in construction and have much more intricate details that increase the manufacturing costs. Moreover, quality short requires an additional amount of professional expertise in stitching and attention to special areas like the fly, pockets, and waistband, which make them an expensive article as compared to pants.

What is the decent length of shorts?

For both men and women, an ideal short end somewhere 2-3 inches above the knees. A thigh-high short is not acceptable for Walmart visit, public beach appearance or a family gathering. Likewise, a longer length gives you a baggy look which is an outdated version of shorts to wear. Apart from length, a decent short must sit properly around your thighs. With a reasonable gap between your skin and fabric, the short should not flaunt your intimate body parts while sitting. is a trusted website that gives you access to more than 500 stores including Nimshi, Newchic, Ounass, Lacoste, GAP, Mamas & Papas, Sun&Sand Sports, Lifestyle, and Yoins, where you can explore dozens of products online. The website also helps you to compare price and products from different suppliers to make the best buying decision.