Pregnancy Pants

About Pregnancy Pants

Radiant, beautiful and glowing are probably a few words that people commonly use to describe a pregnant woman. If you feel bloating during pregnancy then it is probably due to tight pants. What if we tell that there are maternity clothes that can elegantly embellish your precious assets and hold down the parts you are not willing to show to the world. 

Studies show that an average woman gains about 25 to 30 pounds during nine months of pregnancy. While in the first three months the women gain only 2-4 pounds, the following months pass by gifting women a whole pound per week. Don’t close the number, ladies! You may gain more or less depending on your pre-pregnancy weight or if you are expecting twins. Most of this weight is in the mid-region with a slight increase in other body parts. With varying weight, every pregnant woman faces a common problem- finding a flattering, appropriate and comfortable outfit. Today’s discussion is for all the pregnant ladies who want to understand their maternity bottoms. We will also talk about how to buy maternity clothes online in Dubai.   

Pamper yourself with the right maternity clothes 

Not willing for the hassle of shopping for pregnancy pants? Start an online hunt using your smartphone. Type and you will see dozens of cheap maternity clothes online. The more you spend time, the better you will realize how flattering, comfortable and stylish maternity bottoms and tops are. Now from this entire collection choosing the right option is up to you. Although maternity clothes are tricky, they work on the single rule – mother comfort. Let’s explore how you can possibly play with these maternity clothing according to your taste and needs. 

Tees and tops with maternity dungaree dress for pregnancy 

A women’s belly and breasts get bigger during pregnancy which means there is more space to cover now. A standard overall pregnancy dress or dungaree pants cannot give the required comfort and cover; you need something more. The maternity dungaree can give an overall cover and support to your belly with a go-show street style. Maternity dungarees are one of the best cheap maternity clothes that are practical, stylish, comfortable, and versatile. From Beyoncé to Scarlett Johansson you can witness all top celebrities flaunting their baby bumps in comfy denim dungaree and plain tops. Likewise, for all the denim lover ladies who cannot fit into their skinny jeans, a maternity dungaree dress with slim-fit pants is a superb option to go with.

Pair standard jeans with a pregnancy pants extender

Not willing to give up on your standard jeans? A pregnancy pants extender could be your pick. These are triangular, or strip-shaped elastic clothing essential. They work as a lifesaver for many pregnant women. Generally, these extenders are made of a combination of cotton, spandex, and Velcro. YOu can use them by inserting them into the belt loops of your standard denim or other pants. Experts rate it as an economical and ideal solution for enjoying the current pants throughout the pregnancy. For those who are tight on their budget or are not willing to invest in other pregnancy items that they might not be wearing again after delivery, these extenders are good to add space to the waistline ensuring enough room for blood and baby to move within the body.

Underbelly maternity leggings or jeggings 

For those who are not denim lovers at all or experiencing some serious skin sensitivities during pregnancy, the under-belly maternity leggings are a blessing. These pregnancy bottoms are relaxing, comfy, and super stretchy made up of soft material. Moreover, just like normal jegging or harem pants, these leggings come in varying bold prints, cuts and colours as an affordable option in super-soft fabrics. For moms-to-be who are too concerned to look slim and stylish during pregnancy, the maternity jeggings and legging style can help to enjoy the comfort of legging while the look of skinny denim jeans. These jeggings come with an additional smooth and over the bump band. It rests over the waist to help you feel support without a squeeze.

Maternity tops or dresses: Choosing the best maternity clothes 

The rule of size-up during pregnancy does not limit to jeans or bottoms only. With a substantial increase in the waist and belly of pregnant women, the breast size also increases substantially. While many other parts of the body start accumulating fats and experience increased blood supply. It means that with pregnancy, you need to upgrade your entire wardrobe, from head to toe. On the whole, pregnancy is hard to deal with, which is why every mom-to-be wishes to find maximum comfort in her day to day lifestyle. For the same reason, the fashion industry offers a comprehensive range of maternity clothing, including tops, dressed and inner garments. You should wear comfortable tops and bottoms during pregnancy. bring you every single option in women’s tops for pregnancy including t-shirts, blouses, tank tops, dresses, sweaters, and button-up shirts for pregnancy with different sleeves lengths and necklines to choose from.  

Tips on how to buy Pregnancy Pants online

Dressing during pregnancy can be fun; it boosts your self-confidence and enhances your sense of beauty due to pregnancy. However, a general recommendation is to go for light colour clothes that are tailored to your body size and shape. Choosing a figure-hugging dress during pregnancy is the worse idea you can ever have, but the clothes must offer support to your stomach. If you are an on-job mom-to-be, it’s obvious to have that office attire crisp, but comfort is still mandatory. This is where online shopping gives you the convenience to spend on your comfy pregnancy clothes, depending on your budget and lifestyle. Let’s now review the most important points to keep in mind while buying cheap maternity clothes online.

  • Buy maternity wear in your budget – Mostly, women are conscious about how they look during pregnancy. Thus, I prefer paying for quality maternity clothes as they are always made of good quality that offer a guarantee of the required comfort. Moreover, prefer natural fibres with light colours and small prints.
  • Comfort matters – Fashion does play a crucial role when it comes to choosing maternity clothes, but the health of the baby comes first. Make sure your pregnancy pants are loose at the waist, and the elastic is not confining the blood flow or obstructing the movements of your baby. If you are keen to go with standard pants, always use them with belly bands or pant extenders.
  • Choose the size wisely – The maternity clothes are different from the standard female wardrobe. They are designed with extra space for the bust and belly. Though pregnancy clothes are highly recommended if you are still not willing to buy one, make sure your standard garments are of a comfortable fit and are larger than the size you usually wear.
  • The material used – Besides comfort, breathability is the key in any piece of pregnancy garment you buy. Experts recommend choosing highly breathable and soft materials like cotton, bamboo, modal or fabric with mixed cotton fibre. These fabrics are stretchable and can comfortably accommodate the baby bump while giving you a fresh feel all the time.
  • Under or over waist – As we are speaking of the baby bump, you have three options in the waist style of pregnancy pants to choose from. You can pick a style that pulls up on your belly or go for the one that sits right below it. The third style is a fold-over waistband that can be worn both over and under the bump. This versatile is easy to adjust according to your mood and needs.
  • The stretch panels – Do you remember the budget was the first tip we shared? Always stick to the idea and look for pregnancy pants with adjustable stretch panels. There are certain designs of pregnancy pants that will help you avoid buying new trousers now and then. You can also buy designs and sizes that can incorporate stretch panels around the hips, belly and butt.
  • Choose the right supplier – is helping more and more moms to get hands-on pregnancy clothing items and accessories from top brands like Mothercare, Forever 21, and Old Navy to get quality products at economical prices and the best sales online. Our website also helps you review the bestselling products and hot deals in town to get high quality on a minimum budget.
  • Read product descriptions – No matter if you are buying a dungaree, plain or printed tops, tees, pregnancy overall dress or best maternity jeggings online, always read the product description. It is important to know the material used, size and style specifications of every product.
  • Check return and exchange policies – Pregnancy clothes are always tricky. Rather than running to the trial rooms in stores better is to have the products delivered at home and try them on your ease. If not fit, go for another option for which you need to order products from the seller that offers easy return and exchange policies.
  • Eat healthily – Above all, dear moms, it is important for you and your baby to adopt a healthy eating routine during and after pregnancy. A proper diet will help both of your stay in good shape and healthy conditions- away from health issues and weight variations every month. Only then you can enjoy these varying different styles of cheap pregnancy clothes that you can see in the stores.

Happy times are ahead! As you hit the 16th week of pregnancy, start buying clothes that can pamper you with all the comfort dreamed of. Online shopping is a great stress buster. With a shopping search engine online, you can get hands-on endless options based on your budget, style, or size needs. Go online, explore what the world holds for you during this special time and buy one perfect fit and stylish pregnancy outfit delivered right at your doorstep. A bonus point is that you can also look at different baby items to make up your mind for upcoming shopping ventures.

Question & Answer

How to make pregnancy trousers?

The time of DIY alterations is gone. The advances in clothing techniques have made it possible to adjust your clothes in a hassle-free manner. The same goes for pregnancy trousers. You can now convert your existing trouser or jeans into perfect pregnancy pants with just a snap. Just add pregnancy pant extenders on the front of your existing pant and increase the space on the waist. It will help you adjust your baby bump into existing pants without any permanent alterations.

How to wear a maternity dungaree dress?

Start by picking flattering denim overall from an online shop. Pair your denim overall with a simple fitted tank top or tee shirt. You can also go with a plain white shirt or a striped top. Now match your outfit with a pair of flats or sneakers. If you want to add a nifty feel to your pregnancy overall, add a silk blouse and pair it with a comfortable heel. For winters you can wear a light sweater and ankle boots with the maternity dungaree dress. It’s better to avoid bulky sweaters as they will make your body look heavier.

What to consider while choosing maternity clothes?

It is important to consider certain things when you head to choose maternity clothes for you. Considering your budget is the most important thing when it comes to buying something that you will not be able to wear after nine months. Moreover, consider the season you will be wearing the clothes in and how the style will help you look flattering. Also consider the occasion you will wear the clothes on, and the weight of your belly, breast and waist. By contemplating these important, you can choose a perfect maternity clothing item for you.

Where to buy pregnancy trousers?

Shopping for pregnancy pants online is the best idea to get hands-on with the most advanced options available in the market. Visit where you can find more than 500 brands selling maternity clothes online in the UAE. Here you can explore and compare products from bestseller brands like H&M, Asos, Levis, Gap, Mothercare, Forever 21, M&S, Zara, and Old Navy or you can visit stores to explore what more is available to make your pregnancy comfortable, stylish and most memorable time of life.