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Balmain Leggings in Stretch Jersey
Balmain Leggings in Stretch Jersey
It's never too early to introduce little ones to high fashion, and these Balmain leggings spell o...
Side Stripe Logo Leggings in Jersey
Side Stripe Logo Leggings in Jersey
A luxurious essential, these Balmain leggings add a sporty slant to your baby's early wardrobe. •...
Glitter Monogram Leggings in Jacquard Knit
Glitter Monogram Leggings in Jacquard Knit
Elevate the everyday wardrobe with this elegant pair of monogram leggings from French house Balma...
Logo Stripe Leggings in Stretch Jersey
Logo Stripe Leggings in Stretch Jersey
A luxurious essential, these Balmain leggings add a sporty edge to your little one's wardrobe. • ...
Glitter Monogram Leggings in Jacquard Knit
Glitter Monogram Leggings in Jacquard Knit
Balmain's intricate monogram pattern brings an unmistakable finish to these new-season leggings. ...
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About Leggings

Leggings are comfortable trousers, work great when layered with other pieces of clothing and are super versatile too. Be it stepping out with your friends, going to a party, lazing around at home, going out for groceries or just having a go-to piece of clothing when you just can’t decide – leggings are the answer once you understand how multipurpose they are. 

When it comes to leggings, there are no set rules. For examples, tights to a party or an LBD dress while chilling at home may not work because they’re for specific scenarios for which they suit best. However, when you consider something like casual shorts, for example, they can be teamed with a dressy top and worn outside or with a simple top for a coffee date. Similarly, they can be teamed with many different variations and work wonderfully well if you know how to make them stand out! Leggings also work well for all body types. Today, they’re available in so many shapes and sizes that you can easily pick a couple of them, mix-and-match according to your outfit. The best part is although they’re ideally a casual wear statement, you can conveniently team them with workwear attires too, without worrying about it not fitting the scene.  

Factors to consider when shopping for different types of leggings in Dubai  

Today in Dubai, we’re spoilt for choices because so many brands around the world have set up their stores and brands here. Including a large variety of other outfits, leggings too, have made their mark in the country. Depending on your choice, needs and the way you wish to style leggings, you can choose from so many different types. Since leggings are comfortable and chic, you can never go wrong with them. However, to make them noticeable, you have to wear them right. These are some popular types of leggings that you can try. If you’re already a fan and own a few pairs, how about checking out some great new options that you may be unaware of?  


This new type ends just at or slightly above the ankles. They work well with tunic tops or long tops that reach the hips, and you can wear these with comfortable flip-flops, wedges or flats. However, be wary of the cheap leggings that a lot of local brands sell these days under the term of “ankle-length” that give a horrendous fitting. A good pair of these leggings should not fall loose anywhere around your legs and have the elasticity to support your movements. Look for a pair that offers an excellent fitting. Ideally, any leggings should give a snug-fitting, and you can wear it with loose blouses or tees as you fancy. This one is good for casual wear due to its length. Try not to go for ankle-length ones if you wish to wear them to work. 


This type has stirrups, i.e., a strap that goes from the base of the leggings to the ankle, exposing your heel. These are perfect for yoga, walking and as everyday wear. They look good with a loose-fitting T-shirt and are slightly better at keeping you warm when the temperatures dip. Again, be wary of the cheap leggings sold under its name in the market and always opt for reliable brands. This one is perfect for casual wear. However, if you’re wearing closed shoes, you can wear them to the office too. In this case, the stirrups won’t be visible, and they will look like a regular pair of leggings.  

Knee-length and capri-length 

Like the ankle-length type, these end at the knee or calf and are super comfortable. While they’re perfect for casual wear, don’t refrain from taking them up a notch with a good pair of stiletto heels, a jacket or shrug and a handbag for perfectly proper evening attire. These are also great to wear under long skirts to keep you warm or under baggy pants. Since they’re mostly skin-fit, they don’t show from underneath most clothing. Ideal for parties and casual wear, don’t go for this one if your need is for a formal setting. You can pair these with tunics, tees and lovely blouses. They’re perfect for summers too.  

Full or footed 

These leggings are designed to cover the legs, just like tights. Be it casual or formal, they work well – wear these under a dress or skirt or even under a pair of pants to keep you warm. At home, you can wear these with pyjamas or pants while sleeping. This type is one of the most varied kinds, and a little creativity can go a long way with them! They look elegant and work well for plus-sized women too. If you’ve never worn leggings before but wish to, try with the full leggings to start. Choose a comfortable pair that will work with various outfits. 


To make a statement at parties, what better than a pair of expensive-looking leather leggings? Be it plain or shimmer, leather leggings have been fashionable, and folks love wearing them even today. If you like this look, consider teaming it with a plain white tee or a tank top, boots and accessories for the perfect outcome. The coloured ones are also the right choice – in which case, everything else should be kept simple. This one can be a little eye-catchy, so it is better to restrict it to parties and clubbing. Also, remember to keep the top wear and accessories simple and let the leather leggings be the star of your attire.  

Tips on buying Leggings for your needs

Leggings have been around since a while now and their popularity has only increased. The best part is their versatility that allows us to wear them for multiple occasions. While there are no hard and fast rules to wearing leggings, ensuring they match the occasion makes a difference. Since they’re naturally so versatile, don’t forget to have a little fun by trying on something different with leggings now and then.

  • For those who love working out – Compression leggings for running make for the perfect workout attire. Compression leggings for running are the best because of the fit and comfort they offer to the wearer. These are designed to support your leg and muscles and reduce the chances of getting sore muscles or a sprain. The leggings have a tighter fitting yet feel comfortable and lightweight when you run in them. These are also great for other exercises like Zumba, kickboxing, yoga, squats, etc.
  • Leggings for men – Brands today have come up with options solely for men to encourage wearing it. They are designed to fit men’s bodies and are generally full-length that end either at the ankles or slightly below it. They are perfect for swimming, running, working out, and other activities. Wear these leggings with soft T-shirts, sports T-shirts, and jerseys, workout vests, etc. Team men’s leggings with shorts to wear to the gym or after work-out attire.
  • Jeggings (jeans and leggings) – Love jeans and leggings? How about mixing them up? Yes, jeggings are precisely that and perfect for any kind out outfit – they work well with long tops, halters, camisoles, simple T-shirts, tunic tops and even under your favourite skirt or shorts! Jeggings give the appearance of jeans; however; their fitting is much tighter than a regular pair of denim.
  • Plus-size leggings – Designed for those who are on the heavier side, plus size leggings are generally full-length, comfortable, and have a proper fitting to provide maximum comfort.

Along with these, there may be several other scenarios where you can wear leggings and even more types of them to show off. No matter what you pick, ensure it complements your body type and makes you feel comfortable. You can also change or modify the look every time you wear the leggings. This way you have an opportunity to showcase.

Question & Answer

What is the difference between leggings and tights?

Although a lot of people consider them similar, there are a few essential details between leggings and tights. While leggings are thicker like pants, tights are generally of much thinner, sheer-like fabric. Leggings are great to wear on their own; however, in case of tights, they are teamed with dresses or shorts and cannot be worn with another top wear. Tights are also much more comfortable and are generally used during exercising, whereas depending on the make and type of the leggings, you can or cannot include them in your workout attire. Tights always cover the feet while leggings may or may not, depending on its type.

Which are the best leggings for girls in Dubai?

NIKE, Adidas, Gucci, Calvin Klein, ZARA, Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21, H&M, Versace and Denim are some great brands when it comes to women. Online shopping is highly recommended to make use of the discounts and deals that go with it, and the right decision would be to research before getting started. GAP, Tryano, Lacoste, Newchic, Ounass and Yoins make for great options. With a selection of more than 500 UAE online shopping stores, we offer you the best options all under a single roof with, an amazing product search engine.

Which are the best leggings for men in Dubai?

For men, brands like Nike, Adidas, Fendi, Champion, Dolce & Gabbana, and ASOS are great to consider. While most people generally think men’s leggings with shorts are an excellent choice to mix and match your options and then pick the best one. While leggings may not be a trendy choice amongst men, there is no reason to wear them if they work for you. Try to pick something that isn’t too skin-tight, so they work well, and you feel comfortable. When it comes to guys, wearing them for workwear is not recommended, although for exercising and casual wear they’re lovely because of their comfort factor.

Which leggings are the best?

Just like there cannot be a single type of T-shirt or jeans that are best, leggings too, fall into the category of simple, essential clothing. Hence, there can never be one single type that works for everyone. However, the thing to remember here is not to choose one that is “in style” at the moment. Always stick to something that makes you comfortable. Also, don’t be afraid to try out new ones because you never know what you might stumble upon. It is a good idea to try and mark to negatives of the pairs that you don’t like and try something that fills in those gaps.

Leggings are fantastic, comfortable soft and versatile. If you love jeans but hate the fact that they stick to your skin during summers or when it gets humid, you should try legging. Go for one with a basic design and fit and see how it works for you. Everything that you wear with trousers, pants and jeans work with leggings too, so you don’t have to worry about re-doing your closet altogether.