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Never confuse the booty shorts, Bermuda shorts, or biker shorts with hotpants—they are a unique breed of their own. Hotpants are the 70s born, culture-defining bottoms that encouraged women to embrace their curves for the first time in history.

It was in the 1950s when hotpants budded with the title of “Short Shorts.” Back then, it was the style celebrities used in photoshoots to accentuate their curvy bodies. Later, women began integrating the short shorts onto the streets in their daily wear. It was the same time when hotpants became available in fabrics like silk and yarn. Surprisingly, hotpants that are considered style icons today have faced massive backlash in the past. However, breaking all the rules of women’s everyday dress code back then, hotpants made their way to shelves of confident women. Today, they are a must-have ensemble in every wardrobe. Let’s explore the style options offered by hotpants.

Stylish ways to wear hot pants short

The human body is amazing, besides many other changes, it demands changing clothing habits to survive the weather around. This is the reason why we use warm and layered clothes in winter. But in summer the wardrobe takes a 360-degree turn. Summer is a long season with lots of hot pant shorts styling freedom. If you love to be comfortable in your go-to hot pants but are worried about looking too casual or sloppy, we are here to give some style inspiration. By choosing a great piece of top to wear with your hot pant jeans and the right accessories, you can look fashion-forward while keeping your look real and effortless. Below, we will unveil some street-style ideas for wearing hot pants this summer.

Kimono—hotpants jeans with an off-shoulder top

Hotpants, jeans, and kimono are meant for sensuality. Are you thinking to update your entire summer style with hot pant jean shorts? Gladly, you can enjoy a new look every single day. Start by layering a trendy kimono in pretty prints with a plain white T-shirt for an instant chic style. For an evening party, shorts with a pure white smoked off-shoulder top are the best. They could give you all the sensuality you need and show off your fashion cred. You can carry the style on a bonfire at the beach or a patio gathering. Meanwhile, carry your dark cut-off denim style short with a trendy gingham top for a daytime look. Otherwise, you can pair it with sunglasses and sneakers.

Biker jackets to festival hotpants shorts everywhere

Planning a day out with girls? Pair your hot pants with a biker jacket, a solid coloured T-shirt, ankle boots, a pair of sunglasses, and metal wrist bands. Done? Now, you are all set to go in a casually fierce look from head to toe. Hotpants with biker jackets are an admired summer style of active ladies. Meanwhile, a button-down shirt in solid shades with hotpants is also amazing. This is perfect for women looking for an innovative way to rock decent hot pants shorts for a new look. Likewise, you can choose a shirt in cotton fabric and pair it with a contrasting denim shirt and hot pants. Else, choose a contrasting satin top and leather hotpants for a perfect look. It looks best for music festivals, club nights, or summer parties.

Wear a floral top for hotpants shorts

Do you want to look a bit grown-up in shorts? Consider a subtle, lightweight floral top paired with a single shade of white, blue, or black hot pants. Else, go for a pair of stylish flats. It will add polish to your personality with a casual and refreshing look. Feel confident to wear this look on a summer date or a shopping day with girlfriends. However, if you need to rock any special occasion or summer party, go for a pair of festival hotpants. Pick layered, colourful, and breathable tops. They can help you get dressed in less than 5 minutes for any summer event. Likewise, you can add sneakers, a cowboy hat, and a trendy cross-body bag to keep your concert essentials.

Tips on how to buy Hotpants online in the UAE 

Shopping for clothes online can get you a novel style at bargain prices. However, that is only if you find a trusted product search engine online in the UAE. We will help you ensure that this never happens. First, take note that the trickiest part of buying hot pants shorts is finding the right length. Your hotpants can either be incredibly sexy or unbecomingly loose. It all depends on making the right choice. Here are some important points to consider when you intend to buy hotpants in Dubai.

  • Measure it right – Shorts come in three major standard lengths: short which is 2-3-inch inseam; midrange which is 3-5-inch inseam; and Bermuda which is 11 to a 13-inch inseam. You must choose a size according to how fuller your hip area is or how prominent you want it to be.
  • Know your shape – There are some hotpants for women with a 7 inches inseam, but they merely flatter any body type. The midrange is universally flattering, while the Bermudas are tricky because of their form-fitting. Stay away from shorts unless you are in good body shape.
  • Stiffening – The biggest mistake women make is that they go for a fabric that is too loose. With parachute or washed silk fabric, you will have a tough time finding the right top. Prefer a structured material like silk-cotton, linen-cotton, or denim.
  • Colours and prints – Pairing colourful hot pants with a plain top are fine if you are wearing them to a festival. Are you looking for an article for daily use?  If so, go for solid colours in neutral or brighter tones. It will help you try several style variations.
  • The top – The right tops are an important item to rock your hot pants. However, always look for a top that offers a striking contrast in your outfit. A loose top will work wonders with a fitted shorts. Also, play with the shades of your ensembles.
  • The footwear – The hot pants jeans look more flattering with flat sneakers or strapped sandals. Are you planning to wear a satin or silk hot pant with a button-down shirt? In such a case, you might need to go for a delicate high heel to complete the look and feel.
  • Attention to the details – If you are looking to add volume to your backside, go for jeans with flap pockets and get the lift. But if you are not willing to get much attention to your bum, consider plain hotpants. Denim jeans are, however, the hottest trend that gives you a thigh-lift.

Do you want to compliment your body with flattering bottom wear? Hotpants can do wonders to your outfit, and there are a lot of styling tricks to rock them. Occasionally, pair them with kimono or leather articles for an effortlessly flawless look.

Question & Answer

Can I wear hotpants in Dubai?

Hotpants are breathable, making them a perfect option for use in Dubai. Despite being part of an Islamic country, this city is a melting pot of different cultures and ethnicities. This is the reason why you can see a lot of clothing and trouser style variations. Therefore, you can find a wide range of hotpants for men and women in shops. You can also see people wearing them on the streets. So, it is quite fine to wear hot pants short in Dubai.

Are hotpants in fashion?

After a setback, the hotpants were once again seen on the ramps in 2017. Since then, they have become a necessity for stylish women and for those who do not hesitate to flaunt their bodies. Meanwhile, they are preferred by ladies looking for comfort and style with a casual, effortless look. Currently, hotpants are the best ensemble for streetwear, parties, and festivals. Meanwhile, you can also find hotpants workout wear in shops like Ootd, Teeki, and ASOS.

How to wear hot pants?

You can bottom-up hot pants with a blouse. Otherwise, get a blazer over a floral top and a solid colour bottom. Many girls tailor it or can be seen styling it with stockings. However, the fabric of choice is important for making a unique combination of your own. You can complement your style with flats. Otherwise, go for a high heel if the occasion, fabric, or style calls for it.  For more tips and tricks look at your favourite fashion vloggers and get inspired with as many styles and matches as you wish for.

What are hot pants for weight loss?

These are weight loss leggings designed to lock the heat in your midsection while working out. As a result, the pants help you shed the water weight, giving you a flattened tummy. These pants are also believed to be effective in burning body fats. Thus, you can expect faster weight loss with a regular fitness routine.  For more details about the use and benefits of hot pants for weight loss, read the product details. You can also get information about the product on the seller and manufacturer’s website.

Where can I buy hot pants online in the UAE? is a well known retail search engine. It offers easy and one-click access to all the leading fashion brands from across the globe. Whether you need a unique festive look, or you want a pair of hot pants for a workout, has it all. You can choose from an array of brands here including Denim, Levis, Adidas, Victoria’s Secret, H&M and Pretty Little Things. You can also explore more than 500 shops that the world trust. So explore now and make the best fashion shopping decisions of your life.

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