About Wrap Tops

From ancient times to this day, wrap tops have always been dynamic, elegant, and graceful. With a cosy and comfort appeal, they continue to be the star garment of not just one, but all the seasons. And that’s what we are revealing here – everything about wraptops. But, before going further, we would like you to have a chunk of fascinating old days. So, read on. 

In old times, wraps have been admired by both men and women equally, which is quite the opposite of what we see today. Nowadays, wraps or wraptops dominate women’s fashion more nowadays. But back then, wraps were not just above-the-belt costume. Most commonly, they are either wrapped around the chest to keep it warm or around the waist with a belt. Wraparound skirts and shawls respectively are what we call them in modern culture. Well, as we evolve slowly into modern time, wrap tops came into the picture. And as we go further on this page in knowing the array of designs wraptops has to offer, we would also be providing you with a list of online shops and brands to explore.    

The diverse range of wrap tops 

A basic wrap top has a V-neck by default but what is different in every top is the kind of strap it embellishes. This functional aspect of any wrap is the formula for inventing a diverse range. Well, what is the formula we are talking about? Well, when you blend a current style in demand with the different kind of straps, you get a whole new glamorous avatar. Peplum, cropped, and flowy wraptops are some top-notch examples for that. The list is endless, which is why we want you to hit our retail search engine, inclusive of more than 500 online shops. While you peak through different designs, make sure you put some light on sleeve designs as well, especially the wrap top with puffy sleeves. And, about the strap styles, read on to get an idea of how magical a strap can be. 

Different strap styles of a wrap top blouse 

What about straps? They come as wide, thin, or just elastic made. They can be fastened on the sides of the waist, on the front, or the back. You can also wrap the straps across your waist and tuck them inside your bottoms without any knot. Well, there is a lot about straps that you may have thought. Speaking of different approaches, you can slip on an earthy tone wrap top with side straps for a relaxed evening look or a front knot for a casual day. The strap does mean a lot in a wraptop design. We recommend looking at trendy collections at Zara, H&M, Asos, Denim, and Next. Off the topic, our suggestion for you would be picking an out of the comfort zone style this time. And, why so? Well, life’s about rolling the dice sometimes and asking, why not? 

A Few offbeat ways to style a wraparound top 

You are not alone in the desire for a spectacular add-on in your wardrobe. But what if you can create different looks with the same top. For instance, you can quickly achieve a dazzling look by using a contrasting colour strap with one of your wrap top blouses. Believe us; it doesn’t matter how you tie it: front, back, or side, your new look will be effortlessly put together. Another way to style a wrap top is with high-waisted denim. Cross the straps around your waist making a V-shape in front, tuck the rest inside your jeans, put on a funky belt, and that’s it. You want to delve more into the stunning styles, and not just wraps? Check out our clothing collection of all the top brands under one roof. 

Wrap tops for plus size women 

Here, we want to emphasize especially on plus size women because wrap styles on them look stunningly beautiful. There is no way you can say no to a wrap top fearing it would expose your body fat and reveal flaws unwillingly. Because it does not! First, it has a V-neck style which most of the plus size women adore. And second, you can customize the waist area with the strap. A piece of advice would be to avoid wraptops with puffy sleeves because it unnecessarily makes your shoulder look broad. Also, if you have more fat around the hip and thigh area, try long belted wraptops, which works like magic by balancing your body image. And you are set for the next step – Start shopping. How, what where? – We have all the answers for you. So, keep scrolling. 

Tips on how to buy Wrap Tops online

Why tips? What do they do when you already know what you want? Well, you sure are confident enough, but it saves your time when you segregate your preferences. That’s what we are assisting you with here. But, “What difference does it make when you focus on every tiny element?” Nothing, but it surely gives depth and intrigue to your look with a product that never loses its charm. In all the four pointers mentioned below, our motto is to help you highlight your best features. And without much jibber-jabber, let’s jump to the first tip:

  • Fit – Buying wrap tops makes you forget all your fitting hurdles because of the straps that come along. It enables you to alter the fit from the waistline, and that’s it. So? Whenever you are buying a wrap top, only look at the ‘across shoulder-length’ for a perfect fit.
  • Sleeves – If you are the person who doesn’t emphasize much on sleeves designs, with wrap tops, you must. For instance, with short arms, long sleeve wrap top might give a mediocre look, and the strap adds to the mediocrity. Thus, pay special attention to what sleeves you order.
  • Strap – What is there to focus on straps when buying wrap tops? Whether thick or thin in size, it is imperative to know the placement of straps. Is it above the belly button or below it? Strap above the belly button helps you trick a taller image of yours.
  • Length – Cropped and hip covering lengths are two must-have styles in your closet. On the other hand, choosing the length for wrap dresses depends on your height. For petite women, an above-the-knee envelope style dress can flaunt your figure well.

You see, the product you explore might look awesome in one sight, but as you go into details, the same product will fail you. So, it becomes imperative that you scrutinise the products before hitting the buy button. Check out brands, shops, reviews, and whatnot at our shopping search engine. A seamless shopping drive awaits you here!

Question & Answer

Are wrap tops flattering?

Indeed, they are! And in-built embellishments in the form of strings, knots, belts, elastics are the most flattering. Saying that only a piece of wrap top paired with your favourite bottom is enough for a neat look would not be an overstatement. Across seam length, low/high-cut, or hem-width – one different cut can make the overall wrap style completely different. For instance, a basic wrap top with an asymmetric end is a distinctive style to look for.

How to wear wrap tops?

A simple way to wear a wrap style can be explained in three steps: put on your blouse, cross your straps over each other, bring them in front and tie a knot. If your wrap top blouse is of the cropped style, you would prefer your straps on the rib cage otherwise on the waistline. On the other hand, tying the knot at the back gives a belted look from the front but that depends on the length of the strap. Sometimes, customers also like a few inches of the straps hanging. Overall, wearing a wrap top in different styles depends on how you handle the strap.

How to style wrap tops?

Want to style up your boring corduroy skirt – pair it with a wrap top blouse with puffy sleeves. Get a classic look with a polka dot asymmetric top with white jeans paired with pointed heels. Also, a unique retro look would be with flared slit jeans paired with your comfort footwear and bun hairstyle. Another out of the box wrap style is with the one-shoulder wide strapped wrap top. Pair it with ripped jeans and your favourite flats. Isn’t it fine to say that wrap tops can go pretty well with any kind of bottom? Well, you say.

How to rock wrap tops?

We must admit that wearing a wrap top as a jacket on top of a dress is one of the rocking ways. Mixing and matching patterns is another way. How about striped jeggings and a textured wrap top? Or a crisp white wrap top with an off-shoulder look paired with leather shorts? Spectacular is the answer we would like to give for the look. Similarly, there are countless ways somehow depending on the kind of embellishments and bottom you would like to wear.

Not just wraptops, we would like our platform to be at your best advantage. Therefore, we present a wholesome clothing collection with every style and top-rated brand to explore. You can put advance filters, and search for almost anything. Some brands we would like to mention, especially for wrap tops are PAtBO, Marella, Acler, Anatomi, BONDI BORN, Banana Republic, Chloe, Significant other, and Stine Goya. So, get on your shopping spree and get started with