About Tricot Tops

When the weather gets comfortably cold in the fall, everyone dreams of sitting outside with a hot cup of coffee, wearing a comfy knit top and enjoying the moment with their loved ones. That is also the time of the year when you should consider refreshing the fall collections in your wardrobe.

In the old days, people used to knit their clothes with their own hands. Back then, it would take several weeks for a person to complete a knit top. But then came along the hand-operated knitting machines. These machines made it much easier to produce knit fabric. In modern times there is no need to operate a knitting machine by hand unless you would like to take it up as a hobby. But before you start shopping for knit tops, read this article to know more about them. This will help you make the right choices when you make the purchase.

Types of knit tops

Knit fabric is known for its comfort, style and durability. There is no wonder why knit tops are all the rage these days. Knit tops might not come with over the top prints and graphics. Well, that is not why people go after knitwear. In case you are more into such designs, you should look in other categories. But if you are looking for simple yet trendy clothing that will keep you comfortable throughout the day, then you are in the right place. Learn more about different types of knit tops below. In this article, you will also find some really useful tips that you can use while shopping for them.

Knitted turtlenecks

If turtlenecks are already your best friend during the wintertime, then why don’t you choose a knit turtleneck? A Knitted top will help you brave the cold even better than a thick cotton top or a polyester one. Wearing a knit turtleneck means you will sweat even at the height of winter. So, go for a natural fabric like merino. If you are wondering what merino is, it is a unique type of wool that is of very high quality. This fabric provides great comfort and doesn’t cause allergies. And when it comes to pairing the trousers with knitted turtlenecks, you can bet confidently on chinos and denim.

Knitted shawl collars

Shawl collar sweaters are a popular wardrobe staple among the Europeans, thanks to their extreme cold climate. That is why it is not surprising that you will see a lot of European celebrities donning cool looking knitted shawl collars pretty often. The great thing about them is their versatility. You can compare them to sports jackets. You can wear them with cotton trousers in a formal setting and also pair them with washed jeans and sneakers when you are out and about on your own. Even better, they work well with blazers and polo shirts. Can it get any more versatile than that?

Knitted V-necks

These are the most commonly used types of sweaters. And there are good enough reasons for that. For one thing, v-neck tops are easy to wear. So if you are in a hurry, you don’t need to stand in front of a mirror to put on a v neck top. Secondly, you can wear them for any occasion, and they can keep you warm all day long. To make it look cooler, you pair it with a bottom of contrasting colours or try to match them both. V-neck knit tops come in numerous different patterns and textures. There are cable knit tops that make the detailing very pronounced to very subtle knit patterns.

Knitted vest top

Among all other types of winter clothes, knitted vest tops are synonymous with utility. Most people like knitted vest tops for the ease with which you can put them on and take them off. However, it would be even easier and comfortable if it is a V-neck knitted vest top with a medium weight weave. Select the thickness of the fabric depending on how much warmth you want. If it is a very fine fabric, you can wear them even during the summer. The thing is, such fabric won’t work during the winter months. So, if you are an ardent knitted top fan, you should have a collection of fine and thick tops.

Tips on buying Knit Tops

Selecting a knit top might not seem like a difficult thing to do at first. But selecting the right one is harder than you think. One reason for this is the fact that there are plenty of different knit tops that differ from one another in the fabric, style, and texture. However, it gets easier to find the right one if you know what to look for in them. Here are some tips that you can follow while shopping for knitwear.

  • Material – Knit tops are available in many different fabrics. You will find fabrics that are very affordable to those that are expensive. So, regardless of whether you are looking for a top with most utility or a high end luxury collection, you will be able to find plenty of knit tops that qualify your needs.
  • Style – As you already know by now, there is no shortage in style when it comes to knit tops. There exist dozens of different varieties from casual to formal knit tops. So, how do you choose a style that is right for you? Well, you have to think about what you are going to pair it with and what you are wearing it to. A top that works with dress pants might not work with washed jeans.
  • Texture – Texture of a knit top depends on the weave pattern. Select a pattern that you like. It can be a ribbed top with alternating rows of purl stitches. Or it can be a cable knit with very pronounced texture that you can feel with your hand. With an aran texture you can try a different variety of cable stitching that features a symmetrical weave pattern.
  • Thickness – Knit tops are something that you can wear during the both extremes of weather. Fine knit fabrics are pretty breathable and are comfortable to wear even when it is hot. On the other hand, a thick knit top is as good as woolen sweaters to help you brave the cold. Choose both of these types to wear knit tops all year round.

One more thing you have to look for in knit tops is whether or not they are machine washable. More often than not people won’t have enough time to wash their tops separately. So being able to throw all your clothes together in the washer will make things easier. Finally, don’t forget to check out all the other amazing products from the Clothing category.

Question & Answer

How to shorten a knit top?

One benefit of knit tops that is not spoken about as much as its customisability. If your knit top is one size too large for you, for instance, you can fit them without cutting any portion of the top. All you have to do is to add gathering stitches on both sides of the top so that they raise up the hemline. When you do that to the length, you might also want to adjust the length of the sleeves as well. Not surprisingly, this method works for the sleeves as well. That being said, if you want to shorten it quite a bit, you will have to actually cut the top and sew the hem.

How to style a knit top?

There are numerous ways to style a knit top without causing a fashion disaster. First of all, you should decide which style you’re going for. If you want to dress up in a formal way, then you should choose the top and bottom accordingly. A shawl collar knit top or a V-neck can do well as a formal wear. You can pair them both with dress pants or flannel pants or even skirts. For dressing up casually, a cable knit top is a good choice. Cable knit tops, jeans, and knee high boots are winter staples that might not go out of style any time soon.

What is a knit fabric?

Sometimes it is easy to tell a knit fabric from a woven one. However, there are knit fabrics that do not look much different from a regular woven fabric. So, what is actually a knit fabric? The difference is in the way the threads interlock together to form the fabric. In the case of knit, individual yarns loop continuously with other yards to form the fabric. But in case of a woven fabric, it is a group of threads that pass at right angles with each other while forming interlocking at the same time. This gives knit fabrics more room to stretch. They are also generally more breathable than woven fabrics.

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