About Tank Tops

Tank tops for women could be a smart or street style ensembleIf you want to rock your look in them, you can consider some fantastic styling tricks. That’s what we are going to discuss on this page. So, sit back, relax, and read on.

The journey of a tank top toward modern society was slow but dominant. Back in the days, they were popular rebellious clothing amongst women, as they revealed the arms in public, which was offensive at that time. Even in the Olympic games, when swimmers showed up in tank tops, spectators regarded the ensemble as immodest and unsuitable. However, things started to changwhen celebrities were seen wearing tank top variants. This paved the way for common people to accept the garment. And finally, these tops got the limelight they deserved in 1980. Since then, they showed up everywhere from every-season wearables to lounge-wear items. Considering their history, we can say that this garment is here to stay forever and always. 

Types of tank tops to select from 

tank top comes with a straightforward design, as it is collarless, pocketless, and buttonless. The neck and armhole’s size, as well as the shoulder strap’s width also vary to suit individual needs. Thus, buying tank tops online is not challenging at all because 'across shoulder' length is not much of a worry. All you have to do is choose your correct bust size, and you are good to goWhen it comes to the length, you can also find long ones that you can tuck into a pair of denim. However, wearing them as an undershirt or as a blouse is entirely your decision. If you fancy these tops, you will discover everything you need to know on this pageBelow are some of the common variants of tank tops for ladies that you can choose from.  

High-neck tank tops 

Short-necked women tend to ignore a high-neck design, as it makes them look shorter. Well, here’s an interesting hack to slay it—wear a high-waisted bottom, say no to a sleek hairstyle, and finish off your OOTD with heels. The right accessories, such as hanging earrings, can also turn your style from meh to wow. However, if you do not want to put much effort into styling your get-up, go for a crew neck. When it comes to colours and design, you will find that there is a higher demand for high-neck tank tops in solid shades rather than in prints. That is because solid hues are versatile enough and can be paired with just about anything. If you want to revamp your winter clothing wardrobe, check out an array of style at our retail search engine.  

Low-cut tank tops 

Does dancing carefree to the tune of your favourite hits seem uncomfortable with a low-cut top? Well, fashion tape is your saviour, but ditching a pleasant appearance is not recommended at all. We recommend you get a low-cut tank top, wear a choker, and pair it with a skirt or chino, and you are all set for a party. Satin is the perfect party fabric to opt for. Meanwhile, if comfort is on top of your priority list, grab a cotton one with a thin strap. Do you want to grab everyone’s attention? Then don a shimmery top embellished with sequinsActually, there is no protocol when it comes to wearing this chic garment at a party. But of course, could you dare attending an office party wearing graphic tops with an above-the-knee white skirt? Mind the occasion, honey. 

Workout tank tops 

Style and breathabilitare two must-have features that your workout top should haveThus, go for something that will give your armthe freedom to move by considering styles, such as racerback, muscle tees, and street tankAlso, ensure that the fabric stays lightweight when it absorbs sweat. Some of the best ones to consider when shopping for a tank top online include cotton, spandex, polyesterand nylonYou can also find something with built-in detachable cups for convenience and comfortWhether you are skinny, fit, or curvy, you can explore an array of trendy styles here at Shops.aeIf you are on the curvy side, experts suggest you opt for super-stretchy fabrics with panels to provide support to your muscles. 

Tank tops for plus-size women 

Generally, plus-size women do not consider wearing a tank top as a blouse because they believe that certain parts of their body must be concealed. Thus, they choose to layer it up instead with a jacket, a shrug, or a blazer. Well, our viewpoint to this is slightly different. If you want to hide your flabs, then you can buy a flowy tank top. Are your broad shoulders making you self-conscious? In this case, go for a wide-strap tank top. When it comes to bottoms, a flared skirt paired with a long top is a better option than skin-tight denim. Regardless of your size, there is a fantastic top out there for you. And our shopping search engine coupled with wide array of products is one of the best place to explore.

Tips on buying Tank Tops online in Dubai:

Men wear tank tops mostly to throw a muscular image. Sun’s out gun’s out is a popular saying for a big guy in a tank top. Women, on the other hand, have trendy looks to pull-off. Speaking of shopping for a tank top, let's face the fact that a presence or lack of a single inch of fabric can make or break your styleSo, why not we single-out all your requirements before you place an order? Always remember that the best tank top is the one designed to meet your needs and preferences. 

  • Fit- As a skin-tight garment, the right fit should be the foremost characteristic of a tank top. It cannot be too skimpy to reveal your curves or too loose like a flowy top. If you buy the correct bust-sizethe lower abdominal area is not much of a worry unless you have broad waistline. 
  • Skin show - How much? What for? These are the two questions you need to ask before showing some skinCheck the strap width and armhole size to get an idea of how much you can showWhen it comes to neck style, choose the right one for the occasion and activity.
  • Underpinning- Some workout garments have built-in cups to support your breasts. Otherwise, it is important to have a comfortable strapless undergarment. You can easily pull-off a killer look with low-cut tank tops by wearing underpinning with mesh panels. 
  • Straps- With a broad strap, a tank top can work as blouse for formal occasions. Thin straps, on the other hand, are perfect for a casual lookWe recommend you choose the right one carefully before placing an order. 

There you have itBy considering factors such as size, strap width, and fabric, you can get the right tank top that suits your style. Above all, the list of brands is countless. From casual to sports style, you can expect everything pumped up from these brands. Listing a few here: Under Armour, INC, GAP, Nike, Adidas, and many others. The advantage is that you will find all these brands under one roof at 

Question & Answer

Are tank tops out of style? 

A Tank top is an all-rounder. They are fantastic as an undershirt or as a blouse in different occasions, especially when working out at the gym or strolling around the city. As a result, these tops never go out of style with such versatility. Ask someone with toned arms and a chiselled tummy, and they will never say NO to a tank top. That is because this garment is designed to flaunt your best features in the best way possible.  

Are tank tops appropriate for work? 

Yes, wide straps, are perfect on casual ThursdaysYou can also layer them up with blazer or shrug for an office-ready look. Other than that, you can nail your business casual attire with a printed or high-neck tank top and a formal skirt. It is just a matter of mixing and matching your ensembles to achieve the kind of style that you are going for. Of course, since your outfit can affect your promotion and integrity, we do not recommend adding any daring touch to it. 

How to wear tank tops? 

From graphic motifs to patterned styles and everyonefavourite solid colours, tank tops have them all. Going for a walk with your dog? Pair a graphic or ripped top with denim. Going to a corner restaurant? Wear spaghetti strap tank top and finish it off with a flared skirt or jeans. tank top in your wardrobe can solve most of your troubles related to making decisions on ‘what to wear’.  Shopping smart is the key here.

What can I wear tank tops with? 

Make your tank top the centre of attention by wearing it with a simple pair of denims. For casual days, it will look good under a buttoned-up shirt. Adding accessories like scarfs can also add a charm factor in your style. What’s more? A tank top paired with bold prints are on-trend nowadays, especially when paired with a maxi skirtWhatever you want to pair your tank top with, it will look fantastic with just about anything! 

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