About Strapless Tops

Strapless tops may not be everyday fashion for most of the ladies out there, but it is one of the must-haves in your wardrobe. You can create versatile fashion statements with this one top. But the premise is that you need to plan your purchase well. So, let’s probe into whys and hows before hitting the buy button. 

Many of you may not know this interesting fact that the invention of these strapless tops was just a mistake in one of New York’s manufacturing units. But once they were out in the market, their popularity reached heights. Some of you may also call these tops tube tops. however, despite the naming culture in different regions, this clothing item is nonstop since its invention. There may not be lots of variations in tube tops other than colour schemes and a few embellishments. Still, the demand is well intact. Ladies of all ages like to wear this product and complete the look with different accessories and jackets. No wonder you don’t need to look into many factors while buying strapless tops online but you sure should research or read a bit to avoid impulse purchases.

Different strapless tops to choose from 

We all have to admit that we are so obsessed with window shopping online that we spent hours scrolling without buying anything. Well, that is probably you have a fear of missing out on the latest designs. There are not many variations in strapless tops, so you can rest assured. You can here read the different types of tops and choose the suitable one for you. Visual impact is a must for which you can explore our shopping platform that is All in all, shop smart with and end up with cost-effective and quality-driven products. For your convenience, we have compiled the various types of strapless designs here on this page.  

Strapless crop top

A stylish strapless crop top paired with belted high-waist pants can be the look for any season and occasion. You can layer it with a blazer to make it sleek officewear. Or, don a fancy neckpiece to make your way to a party. Crop tops are evergreen trendy material, so no matter how you style them, you are sure to make a statement wherever you go. Linen strapless tops and a breathable midi or maxi skirt is a match made in heaven.  When it comes to the fitting, you can also choose between a flowy or body-hugging one. Since crop tops also come in a vast array of fabric materials, designs, and colours, you have many choices here. 

Strapless bralette top

A strapless bralette top is a bold daring garment you must not miss on. While you are on a shopping spree, do not forget to pick the one with the right support and comfort. Otherwise, you may end up compromising the fabric throughout your day. As it is an alternative for a bra and shirt, it comes with a boning stitch. However, if you want to achieve a modest look, the trick lies in layering bralettes with a shrug and putting on the right accessories. Keep in mind to read the product descriptions and customer reviews carefully to know what to expect from your purchase.

Strapless bustier top

Bustier tops are usually worn to uplift the breasts. Though their design and concept were derived from corsets, they come with a slight variation when it comes to stitching. Corsets are undergarments featuring the traditional stitching method to hold the torso into a desired shape. On the other hand, bustier tops are designed with mesh panels to make them form-fitting. As a result, they can be comfortably worn even without an undergarment. You can simply layer them up with a shrug or a blazer, and you are good to go. If you are heading to a party or gala, you can never go wrong choosing a strapless bustier top as your OOTD.

Strapless flowy top

Unlike other fitted strapless tops, such as bralettes, bustiers, and strapless crop tops, flowy tops come with a wider base. Women who are on the heavy side adore them, as they work wonders in concealing love handles. The great thing about flowy top designs is that they can be layered starting from the neckline or asymmetrically starting from the bust line. Aside from these, you can also find other varieties including flared, frills, and laces, to name a few. You can explore all these variants or other tops on our shopping platform that is

Tips on how to buy Strapless tops online

There is no doubt that strapless tops can work wonders for your overall look and fashion statement. However, to achieve this, you need to pick the best one that suits your figure, style, and personality. For that, it is imperative to consider some tips and tricks that will make your online clothing shopping a pleasant and stress-free experience. We want you to look your best and be happy with your purchase. You may follow the pointers below to achieve your shopping goal and save some time.

  • Choose the right fit – If you are on the shorter side, then choose a strapless crop top. However, if you are tall, long tops can create an illusion to balance your height. In the same way, strapless flowy tops can conceal love handles, making them perfect for plump women.
  • Complementing style – Want to hide your body fat? Do you look too petite in body-hugging clothing? In both cases, you can rock your style with a strapless flowy top. It comes in different styles that can complement your body shape and hide your flaws.
  • Arm movement – A slightly discomforting feeling with strapless tops is natural. But how do you know the fit is perfect? Well, if your dress slips when you move your arms or if it is difficult to hold a breath, you must pick another size. Alternatively, use fashion tapes to make it stay put.
  • Strapless undergarment – Unless your strapless top does not come with built-in cups, you need a strapless undergarment. Choose one with a thick underbust, so your breasts are fully supported. We can’t think of any other colour that will work best for anything other than beige.
  • Accessorise – A perfect neckpiece is enough to complete the look of a strapless top. You can choose a choker if you have a long neck, or opt for a hanging neckpiece instead. However, women with heavy bust should choose a smaller size so it does not hang right in the middle.

Now that you know all the tricks and tips to buy a perfect strapless top, you can start browsing the products on Not just this particular item, you can browse more clothing items from popular brands. Amongst the best ones we have for you include Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21, Asos, Tomy Hilfiger, H&M, River Island, Fila, Next, Nordstrom, and many more.

Question & Answer

What are some other names of strapless tops?

The tube top is the most common name used to refer to a shoulderless garment that wraps around your torso. However, with the passage of time, it has otherwise been known as a strapless top due to the advent of new styles. Sometimes, strapless tops get other names, such as off-shoulders, and you can find another variant called cold-shoulder tops. Boob top is another name famous in the UK. Out of them all, tube top and off-shoulder are the most popular terminologies used.

How do strapless tops stay up?

Traditional boning is the special stitching technique that makes strapless tops stay up. However, there are simple hacks you can try to avoid an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. Fashion tapes are super reliable, as they function like double-sided tape. They stick between your garment and skin and are strong enough to keep up with the garment unless an external force is applied. Besides, another trick is using safety pins and silicone rubbers.

How to style strapless tops?

There are endless ways! A bandeau strapless top with a funky skirt is fabulous for a beach look. Meanwhile, a solid tube top bodysuit with a skirt could be your office wear. If you want to look chic, a bralette strapless top with a corduroy midi skirt can do the trick. Are you a college-goer? Then, a strapless crop top paired with flared jeans will give you a funky vibe when accessorised with a choker. Ultimately, you can pair a layered flowy top with trousers to give you a youthful aura.

Where to buy strapless tube tops?

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Whether you want to experiment with your style or want a regular top, a strapless variant is something to look for. And for that matter, our shopping platform undoubtedly stands as a perfect platform to begin with. Explore all of the brands and shops to see what excites you the most. A seamless shopping drive awaits you on