About Sport Tops

Getting the right sports top is a must for all fitness junkies. With the wide array of designs and styles available in the market today, you will never run out of good choices. However, it can also leave you confused on which one to pick. Well, what could be better than sincere probing? 

While you might feel alright with a little discomfort in your party dress, but this is not the case when it comes to sportswear. Their comfort and fit significantly affects your performance in every fitness or sporting activity. Thereby, manufacturers put a lot of efforts in creating clothing items featuring comfortable and skin-friendly fabric materials. If you want to revamp your sportswear collection, it is crucial to determine the right one that will suit your specific needs and preferences. On this page, we will unveil everything you need to know about sports tops.   

Sports tops are motivation boosters 

What happens when you start a fitness regime? Well, you stick to a daily routine, which includes running, gym workouts, and protein-rich diets. A lifestyle change like this requires a lot of motivation to keep you going. And believe it or not, your closet can help you with that. Research shows that wearing your favourite sportswear can boost your spirit, as they make you look and feel good. Therefore, when shopping online, we recommend you select something you will be happy to wear for years. This is the key to achieve your fitness or sporting goals.   

Start with an oversized sports top 

Let us face the ugly truth—body–shaming is one of the common issues people deal with everywhere, especially at the gym. New joiners find it uncomfortable to wear sports crop top seeing others with perfect figures. If your current picture is nowhere near the shape you want, then our advice is to get yourself a loose-fitting sports top. There is nothing wrong wearing an oversized sports top as a stepping stone. Once you see the fantastic changes in your body, then you can start wearing something that will bring out your confidence. Search for sports top sale at our retail search engine and commence your shopping journey with us. Or you can also explore regular tops if that is comfortable for you.

Sports tank top for fitness freaks 

During the first few months of working out, you will feel the fruit of your hard work through body pains. Celebrate your fitness journey by reinventing your style with trendy sports clothing. A sports tank top coupled with comfortable bottom tights can give your confidence a total boost. However, it is imperative to buy sports top in the UAE that gives you the best of both worlds. Strike the right balance between comfort and style, as well as between price and preference. Also, ensure that the sports tank top of your choice is suitable for your type of activity. In doing so, you will be able to get the best value for money without compromising the way you look and feel.  

Look chic with a sports crop top 

Here comes what you have been dreaming of wearing for months! Whether you’ve got the perfect curves or chiselled abs, it is time to show them off with a sports crop top. This comes in an array of styles such as button-down, zipped, twist-hem, turtleneck, and tie-dye. For a fantastic collection, explore brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Forever21, Marks and Spencer. Of course, complete with drawstrings joggers or panel leggings, whatever suits your personality or mood. During winter, you can also layer your outfit with a hooded crop top or a cropped jacket. Enjoy shopping for sports crop tops online!  

Tips on buying Sports Tops in the UAE

Whether your fitness goal is to stay fit or to build muscles, your everyday routine is the one that truly matters. And of course, your sports clothing collection is an integral part of that. While some buyers pay special attention to styles, prints, and designs, there are also other important factors to consider. We will discuss them in detail below to help you pick the one that meets your needs, taste, and budget. So, read till the end.    

  • Good ventilation – It is of utmost importance for your sports tops and leggings to be breathable. As workout lets you sweat more than usual, unbreathable fabrics can make your body overheat, making it hard to balance the body’s temperature. Thus, opt for waterproof-breathable fabric for good ventilation. 
  • Comfort – If you prefer to wear tight–fitting clothes, drop this habit when shopping for sports tops and bottoms. Consider choosing a loose size if you sweat more. For extra comfort, make sure you get the one with the right size, neckline, sleeves, zip closure, and bottom length. 
  • Style – Take note that your style of choice must depend on the physical activity you engage in. For instance, delicate body-hugging sportswear is fantastic for a morning or evening running routine. On the other hand, dark-coloured sports tops are suitable for more intense workouts. 
  • Fabric – Go for a sports top that is fast drying, sweat absorbing, and offers antimicrobial protection. Refer to the product description when shopping online to ensure that these are featured by the item you intend to purchase. Also, lycra, mesh, microfibre, neoprene, and sports fleece are some of the most suitable fabrics.
  • Budget – Two to three sets of sports tops and bottoms in your wardrobe are enough to do the work for months. And that means investing in sportswear will not cut a hole in your pocket. On the other hand, if you plan to stick with one, then go for a tracksuit. Not only it is comfortable but stylish too.  

There you have it. Now that you already know how to choose the right sports clothing, you can get finally embark on an online shopping spree. Here at, a long list of top-notch brands awaits you including Slazenger, Victoria’s Secret, Next, Asos, John Lewis, Puma, Reebok, Tahari sports, and many more. Explore their sportswear collection to find the one that is made especially for you. If you are lucky enough, you can also get the chance to enjoy great deals!  

Question & Answer

How to prevent sports tops from smelling?

First things first, so separate your sports tops from the rest of the laundry and soak them in cold water mixed with white vinegar before washing. Use less detergent and add baking soda or lemon juice to the solution. We recommend you wash them immediately when they get soaked in sweat instead of hanging them to dry after exercise. Using a fabric softener is also a no-no. Once washed, hang your tops outside to dry. 

What do sports compression tops do?

Generally, compression apparels are designed to increase blood flow to the limbs and improve your overall performance. As a result, the recovery time becomes less. Specifically, upper body compression wear keeps you warm during early morning sessions and cold after a sweaty session. This is made of a tight fabric that is stretchy enough to allow ease of movement. Compression bottoms and socks also have the same purpose. 

What are sports tops made of?

Sports tops are usually made of natural fabrics such as cotton and calico. Both are highly absorbent and comfortable, but cotton is prone to damage when stretching. Synthetic materials, on the other hand, are microfiber and spandex. Apart from their absorbent characteristics, these fabrics are elastic, thereby making them long-lasting. Refer to the product description when shopping online to know the fabric and finer details of the item you fancy.   

Are sports tops uncomfortable?

Of course not! In fact, they are more comfortable than your daily apparels due to their overall construction. No wonder, a lot of customers also use them as casual wear. We recommend you follow the tips mentioned on this page, to prevent awkward moments brought by ill-fitting clothes or wardrobe malfunction. More importantly, check the product description to know more about the item you intend to purchase. 

Which sports tops are the best?

Well, the best sports tops are the ones that enable you to move freely without feeling any discomfort post-workout. They must also suit your personality and bring out your confidence. Whether it is a tank top, a crop top, an oversized top, or a hoodie, ensure that they embody all the essential characteristics of good activewear. Though the material must be tight, there should not be pressure around the hip areas, stomach, and thighs as these areas suffer the most during the workout.  

Want to step into the world of sports or fitness? Don’t start unless you have the right activewear. The good news is, there are myriads of choices that await you here at For a great selection, explore the products available on popular brands and make your purchase an informed decision.