About Spaghetti Tops

Sometimes things like effortless clothes and simplicity are more fashion-savvy than going wild after trends. Because sometimes we need a break from the fashion crazy world of prints, funky cut-outs, and the latest jackets and tops. Don’t we love it when we can slip in a top and flaunt them effortlessly with anything and everything you pair with them? Well yes, and that is why the spaghetti tops are so cool!

You can live in the spaghetti tops and shorts for a whole year, but it is the brutal summer that makes these outfits the most versatile pieces ever. But what exactly are these outfits? Well, the spaghetti tops are best defined as a skinny shoulder strap that is used to support clothing, while providing minimal shoulder straps over otherwise bare shoulders. It so happens that the shoulder straps resemble thin pasta strings called spaghetti. But when did these unique pieces of clothing first make their way into modern society? Before, the 1920s, men and women were not seen showing their arms off in public areas. However, it was only in the 70s that men and women started wearing spaghetti tops.

Five types of designer spaghetti tops to slay your summer look

Progressing into the 1980s, the spaghetti tops only succeeded in getting even more popular. However, it was in the year 1990 when these spaghetti tops saw the rise of the simple fashion trends and have continued to date. In other words, they have never fallen out of fashion since then. Nowadays, you can see these spaghetti strap tank tops outfits in a variety of different styles and colours. You’ll see people often wear spaghetti tops to the gym, on the beach or to go to the shops when the sun is shining, and the weather is warm. This is we have today cherry-picked a few of their marvellous types and listed them here. Keep reading to find out.

Simple spaghetti tops and shorts

 A prevalent type in this category is this simple top which is plain and is made from cotton material. This type of spaghetti top sometimes also come in nylon materials. This top is the basic format of all. They are available in various colours, which makes them the perfect match for any coloured jeans or pants. Most of them are form-fitting and have a proper grip on the waist. They also are a bit lengthy and reach up to the thighs, flattering your entire hip and torso. You could also layer them with other suitable tops from your existing wardrobe. Though they aren’t ideal formal wear, nothing seems impossible if done wisely.

Frock design spaghetti strap tank tops outfits

The frock design spaghetti tops are one of the most feminine items in this category. They are a single piece that usually looks like a frock and come with straps on the shoulder to support the entire dress. Some tops may also come with dual straps on shoulders to offer more comfort and support to you. So, they’ll look like a frock when you wear them as a whole. Typically, these tops come in solid plain colours and are usually given the length till the thighs. With such versatility, most women love to wear them in clubs and parties. However, you can also pair them with a chic shrug and use it as regular wear.

Spaghetti tops with tank top design

If you are a tank top lover but are looking out for something that adds a twist to your look, then this would be your ideal pick. The top usually comes in cotton or wool materials. And some also come with tribal prints. This gives a fantastic drowsing effect. Such tops typically have a proper fitting at the neckline and the waist. This ensures that you get a figure-flattering look. With such versatility, you can pair them on high waisted jeans or even shorts to get that dapper look. Also, they are one of the best beach dresses in which you can flaunt your figure effortlessly.

Spaghetti tops with string designs

Do you love wearing strips design? Then try this type of spaghetti top. They usually are designed in such a way that the entire top is made of dress, especially at the back. You could also call them backless spaghetti as most of the tops back is made of strips and strings. Also, this top is given utmost fitting for a perfect figure with two simple strips on the shoulder. You can also wear it when you head out on vacation at the beach. However, make sure that it isn’t too sunny or else you would be exposed to too much sunlight, which is certainly not good for your skin.

Plus-size spaghetti strap tank tops

Every woman wants to hop in a pretty dress in summers that you can wear and flaunt effortlessly. Well, nothing can be better than this type of spaghetti top. They give you a pretty look for summers and even beach travels. All women quite like a lovely spaghetti top in dress design. Usually, the dress is tight-fitting at the chest area and flare out as it runs towards the bottom. They normally come with thin strings on the shoulders that support the entire dress. There are a variety of dresses with such cuts and patterns and are made to flatter your figure. They are also one of the best options when you are a plus-size woman. The specially designed spaghetti strap tank tops plus size are both stylish and comfortable.

Tips on how to buy the best Spaghetti Top online in the UAE

The revolutionary designs of the spaghetti tops are hugely popular among women, especially of colleges and working women. These have gained the attention of the women’s section in a very short span since its inception. And now there are a plethora of them available in fashion. However, with so many styles, pattern and types it is apparent that selecting the one that best suits you become an arduous task. That’s why we have listed a few fundamental factors you need to look for in a spaghetti top when you set out to buy spaghetti tops online in the UAE. This will surely help you to hunt down the one that fits you perfectly.

  • Consider the body type – Tracking down a style that fits your body and suits your taste can be a major hassle if you are unaware of your body type and the measurements. You must know and thoroughly understand your body type to pick the right top. Remember that a too loose or too tight top can spoil your look in a split second.
  • Assess the material – Of course, the fabric is the heart and soul of any dress, and this holds true especially for the spaghetti top. As it is a revealing kind of top, you tend to mostly wear them in the summers, which is why they must be made of materials such as cotton. This ensures that the tops absorb any moisture attached to your skin and keep you fresh, clean and crisp.
  • Pick your colour – These tops are versatile, and hence, you can find them in an array of vivid colours and patterns. Some also come in tribal designs are a bright colour. However, always consider the occasion you are wearing them for. If you are layering them or wearing them underneath a shrug, then make sure that you do not go for flashy colours.
  • Look out for the length and fit – Obviously, there is some leeway when it comes to dressing length. But for the spaghetti dresses it is the key in creating your entire look. Therefore, it is always better to go for hemlines that hit somewhere between the middle of your kneecap.
  • Keep an on the style – Every person has a unique body type, and they all are beautifully different. This is why each person needs to pick a style of these tops that best flatters their body type. There are numerous varieties of spaghetti tops available out there.

Indeed, spaghetti tops are getting much popularity due to their peculiar design. It gives a bare shoulder to attract the attention of the others. They are designed in such a manner that they provide a suitable look to even the plus size women. It is just that you need to pick them smartly and style them wisely with other pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. Moreover, the strips and string design is loved by your girls, especially when they are travelling out to beachy destinations. Well, why wouldn’t they because these versatile pieces give much comfort and flexibility?

Question & Answer

How to style spaghetti tops?

If you recently went through your drawers, found more than one spaghetti top and you said to yourself, ‘now what am I going to wear with these?’, then it’s time to get some styling tips. Getting your favourite spaghetti top paired with a bottom that matches is not the only styling tip you need. Those matching footwear, some accessories, and hair styling are equally important to look exquisite. For example, a yellow spaghetti top with white trousers, layered hairs, and flat footwear is a beautiful look for sun day out or casual lunch. Likewise, the topmost styling tip is to get your personality together with the right clothing and accessories.

How to wear spaghetti tops?

You can wear spaghetti tops either by layering or by accessorising them. Choose what you think you look best in! You can wear a spaghetti top layered with a summer or winter blazer, depending on the weather conditions. You may even wear a sheer top over it to get that oomph factor. About accessories, you can have a scarf, stole, or choker to get the perfect stylised look. If you only have a plain stole, add a brooch to style it more. Of course, it depends on the place you are headed to. Likewise, you can wear these super cool spaghetti tops with confidence.

When to wear spaghetti tops?

Spaghetti tops are for all seasons. No matter it’s windy, snowy, or sunny, you can wear this top all day all night. However, your top will be hidden inside the layers in chilly or rainy weather. But who cares? You know you are wearing your favourite top underneath and that’s all that matters. This is one top that you wear even as a nightdress. You should not be thinking about when would you wear a spaghetti top because the answer is anytime you want. Style them however you want and this one clothing will not disappoint you.

 Are spaghetti tops comfortable?

If you buy your size, spaghetti tops are nothing but comfortable. Otherwise, the straps keep peeking out of the shoulder and that’s surely not what you want. Even you have to keep adjusting the neckline from time to time. This is all because of an incorrect size not because of the top or if you think your figure is not for spaghetti tops. Throw those thoughts out of your mind, and get some exploring online on our platform that is With multiple brands all under one roof, it will be easy for your to get your size and even compare different products. When you do, you will realise what has been wrong all this while and what style, pattern, colour, or size you should buy.

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