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About Singlets

One of the biggest concerns people have, whether they are a sportsperson or not, is how they look, and this is normal. Even though you shouldn’t worry about your looks, they are still a considerable benefit to any sports activities you do. Along with the charisma, the right clothing can make you perform better in any conditions, which is why a singlet is essential for an athlete or a weightlifter. For example, singlets for running is an asset. 

Why do we often call a sports sleeveless top a ‘singlet’? Well, the key is the width of the shoulder straps. They must be narrow. Otherwise, you merely have a sleeveless top. People have been calling these sleeveless tops, as singlets since 1763. This is when the first instance of the world’s published use of these tops.  Interestingly, although the singlet originated in Britain, it is now more likely that this running apparel is called as ‘vest’ throughout the United Kingdom. However, you do not have to be an athlete or a weightlifter to wear a singlet

Types of singlets you need to own soon

From the style perspective, these sleeveless tops have moved on in the recent season. They have reinvented themselves from a popular underwear piece to an acceptable casual attire option. These versatile tops now have everything to bring a signature style to your everyday look. You can wear them during a workout session, while playing sports, to beach walks or for a stylish casual look. Well, more like Kanye West, Ryan Gosling, and Lewis Hamilton. Today, these smart pieces of clothing have crowded the market. You’ll find them in various types such as singlets with sleeveslow cut singletpowerlifting singlet and more. This makes it even more challenging to choose the one that best suits your body type. However, knowing their types will cut down your chase marginally. So, let’s get started. 

The slim-fit singlets with sleeves 

Wearing these body-fitting men’s fashion singlets is a risk, especially when you are wearing them outside your house. You require the confidence in a non-arrogant kind of way. With the vintage American trend set to continue in the coming years, you can easily pair these singlets with the linen-cotton trousers. Also, go for a heavier fabric that adds more depth and texture, which will make your shirt nipple-proof too. Also, remember that these tops must be effortlessly tucked or must sit at waist height. You can go with or without a leather belt depending on the mood. These tight fit singlets are also great layering pieces and give more cooling than a regular cotton tee. Wear them underneath knitwear, a blazer, jacket or even a shirt. 

Relaxed fit low-cut singlet 

The slouchy fit of these sleeveless tops makes them versatile and a go-to summer essential compared to its lighter counterparts. As you know, patterns are a great way of giving back some personality to the onlookers. They also give a focal point to your outfit and adds in striking detail. Which why the print sleeveless tops are bold and brave option to consider. You can wear these types of singlets with superbly tailored shorts but remember not to go too short in length. Finally, have in control your urge to adopt shapeless bottoms like long length boardie or cargo pants, as they may offer to much additional bulk. You can add in a pair of minimal trainers, boat shoes or even leather sandals to finish the look in a super brave way. 

Longline singlets powerlifting singlet 

If you are a fashionably brave person, these longline silhouettes must undoubtedly be your wardrobe staple. They are on iconic pieces of clothing that make their way across the summer seasons. Like the form-fitting, you can wear the longlines single handily. However, it is best to layer them. For example, you can slip them well under the bomber jacket or a loose fit cardigan. If you want to ramp up your longline look with sportswear or an athleisure, pair the tanks with track pants, cropped relaxed-fit trousers or even a pair of skinny jeans. This trend relies heavily on monochrome too. So, keep it colourless with only simple prints in black, grey and white. 

Sports-inspired singlets for running 

With the rise in the sportswear fashion, the athletic-inspired singlets such as women’s weightlifting singletmen’s weightlifting singlet and more are perfect for any sports occasions. They are one of the ideal pieces of clothing for the sneakerhead and hyperbeats who want to make a statement of a different kind while performing. You can wear them with jeans and sneakers to achieve a very casual look. However, you need to ensure that you opt for the right singlet to perform at your best without any hindrance to your style factor. 

Tips on how to buy Singlets online

Today, these tops are available in a wide variety and are one of the iconic pieces of clothing in the fashion industry. They come in different cuts, patterns, fabric, styles and colours. Although they are mostly preferred as sportswear, they are now evolving to a smart piece of casual clothing. But with so many types and styles of these tops, picking out the one that best suits can make you go bogus. That is why we have compiled here a few essential factors that you must consider before you go out to buy singlets online.  

  • Consider the occasion – Make sure you pay close attention to where you are wearing these tops to, the pool, the beach, the park or a sports event. Each of them requires a different type of singlet with various features. Apart from knowing when to wear them, you must also know how to pair them with the right counterparts and accessories.
  • Check out the materials – The fabrics used is one of the most important aspects since it defines the flexibility offered to the wearer, especially when they are wearing it as sportswear. If you find a gear that moves flawlessly with your body, you needn’t focus on anything other than the task. This also translates into improved performance.
  • Keep an eye on the seams – When you wear these tops as sportswear, it is usually because of the malfunctioning of the seams that leads to failure. Which is why you need to be extra careful when it comes to the seams of these sleeveless tops. Especially when you plan to wear them for a more extended period. The flatlock seams are one of the most popular seams used for sports singlets.
  • Pick your colourIn terms of colour and style, there is much to talk about. Solid colours are the top choice when you wear it for any sports activities such as running or weightlifting. However, if you are wearing it as an innerwear, then opting for neutral colours such as black, white or grey will be an ideal choice.
  • Look out for the style – Of course, there are a plethora of their styles available. The designers go as wild as possible. From regular fit to longlines and slim fit, there is a vast range of these tops trending in the market these days. However, your choice must entirely depend on the kind of occasion you are wearing them for and the activity you intend to perform wearing them.
  • Consider the fit – As a general rule, the singlet needs to have a snug fit. It shouldn’t allow sag or excess fabric, especially when you are wearing them for sports events. You should avoid wearing a loose fit as this will give a chance to your opponents to grab onto you easily. And do not worry about the singlets looking too small. They often are stretchy and will fit your body perfectly.  

Though they say, ‘the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ but improving your look is not a crime even when you are running, jumping, weightlifting and training hard. By you now know the importance of your look when it comes to training and playing sports. You must’ve also learned the various types of these sleeveless tops and the essential factors to pick the right one. So, it is time to invest in them and take your summer season, and the sports look a notch higher.

Question & Answer

Are singlets uncomfortable?

They are comfortable. However, their degree of comfort depends on many factors such as fit, style and fabric. To feel comfortable in what you wear, you need to get the fit and fabric right. Usually, a singlet must fit you snuggly, and it must form-fitting to offer maximum comfort and movement. Also, opt for moisture-wicking fabrics, especially when you wear them for sports events. 

How are singlets supposed to fit?

The fit of a singlet largely depends on the occasion you are wearing it for. For example, if you are wearing it for a weightlifting competition, you must get this top in the tightest fit. The form-fitting structure will give you more flexibility and room for movement. However, if you plan to wear them as casual, then you can go for a slouchier fit. The baggy fit of these tops paired with skinny jeans gives out a fantastic summer go-to look. 

Can guys wear singlets in Dubai?

Of course, guys can wear these tops. These are sleeveless tops, with a slightly thinner shoulder strap. They come in various styles, which ensures their versatility. However, before you wear them, ensure that you are wearing it for the right occasion. For example, you cannot jump into a formal meeting with your singlet on. But you can wear them for your workout session, running marathons and even other sports competitions such as weightlifting.

When to wear singlets?

Whether you call it a sleeveless shirt, singlet or an A shirt, when to wear them is much of discussion. Their purpose is the same as their short sleeve counterparts., the undershirt. But they do have clear benefits, though they might not be to everyone’s taste. The top reason to wear these is to soak up sweat and save the material of the formal shirt above it, that is when you wear them as an undergarment. However, if you are wearing them for sports events, you must wear a singlet with moisture wicking fabric. 

Who wears singlets?

From their inception in the 17th century, they have evolved to a such an extent that they are now not only mere sportswear. You can now also wear them as casuals and smart undergarments. There is a massive collection of it available in the market, which is one of the reasons why many men and women wear them for different purposes. However, with their incredible performance as sportswear, the athletes, weightlifters and other sports person wear it to enhance their performance during various sports activities. 

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