Womens Pointelle Short Sleeve Top  White
Womens Pointelle Short Sleeve Top White
womens pointelle short sleeve top white
Womens Floral Cropped Top  Black/Pink
Womens Floral Cropped Top Black/Pink
womens floral cropped top black/pink
Womens Side Slits Top  Orange
Womens Side Slits Top Orange
womens side slits top orange
Womens Metallic Off-Shoulder Top  Metallic Purple
Womens Metallic Off-Shoulder Top Metallic Purple
womens metallic off-shoulder top metallic purple
Womens V-Neck Top  Orange
Womens V-Neck Top Orange
womens v-neck top orange
Womens Plain Top  Olive
Womens Plain Top Olive
womens plain top olive
Womens Plain Tube Top  Neon Green
Womens Plain Tube Top Neon Green
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Womens Knitted Studs Crop Top  Black
Womens Knitted Studs Crop Top Black
womens knitted studs crop top black
Womens Dotted Mesh Top  Ivory
Womens Dotted Mesh Top Ivory
womens dotted mesh top ivory
Womens Scoop Neck Graphic Tops  Orange
Womens Scoop Neck Graphic Tops Orange
womens scoop neck graphic tops orange
Womens Checkered V-Neckline Top  Red Combo
Womens Checkered V-Neckline Top Red Combo
womens checkered v-neckline top red combo
Womens Sleeveless Top  Black
Womens Sleeveless Top Black
womens sleeveless top black
Womens Open Knit Top  Lime Green
Womens Open Knit Top Lime Green
womens open knit top lime green
Womens Summer Top  Off White
Womens Summer Top Off White
womens summer top off white
Womens Lace Top  Light Blue
Womens Lace Top Light Blue
womens lace top light blue
Womens Cropped Top  Yellow/Red/Blue/Ivory
Womens Cropped Top Yellow/Red/Blue/Ivory
womens cropped top yellow/red/blue/ivory
Womens Cropped Top  Yellow
Womens Cropped Top Yellow
womens cropped top yellow
Womens Sleeveless Top  Ivory
Womens Sleeveless Top Ivory
womens sleeveless top ivory
Womens Cropped Top  Light Purple
Womens Cropped Top Light Purple
womens cropped top light purple
Womens Cropped Top Set Of Two  Coral/White
Womens Cropped Top Set Of Two Coral/White
womens cropped top set of two coral/white
Womens Cropped Top  White
Womens Cropped Top White
womens cropped top white
Womens Floral Off Shoulder Crop Top  Black
Womens Floral Off Shoulder Crop Top Black
womens floral off shoulder crop top black
Womens Cold Shoulder Cropped Top  Mustard
Womens Cold Shoulder Cropped Top Mustard
womens cold shoulder cropped top mustard
Womens Off The Shoulder Cropped Top  Pink
Womens Off The Shoulder Cropped Top Pink
womens off the shoulder cropped top pink
Womens Strappy Tops  White
Womens Strappy Tops White
womens strappy tops white
Womens Plain V Neck Top  Off White
Womens Plain V Neck Top Off White
womens plain v neck top off white
Womens Bell Sleeves Off Shoulder Top  Black
Womens Bell Sleeves Off Shoulder Top Black
womens bell sleeves off shoulder top black
Womens Textured Short Sleeve Tops  White
Womens Textured Short Sleeve Tops White
womens textured short sleeve tops white
Womens Satin Lace Crop Top  Yellow
Womens Satin Lace Crop Top Yellow
womens satin lace crop top yellow
Womens Satin Lace Crop Top  Black
Womens Satin Lace Crop Top Black
womens satin lace crop top black

About Shirt Tops

Sure, we all know what basics professional women are supposed to have in their closets. But there are a few that we lean on more than any other outfits  and shirt tops are one among them. These are not just classy but are clothing that you can wear for both formal and informal occasions alike. It is authentic wear that looks just as good with your work trousers as it does with your weekend denim. 

A shirt goes way, way back. It dates to ancient Egypt and is also the oldest preserved garment in the world. Around the 13th to 15th centuries in Europe, the detachable sleeves of the shirts for women were considered chic and stylish. It was in the post-renaissance era that the cloudy origins of a shirt convention that we still live with today: women’s shirts buttoning on the left and men on the right arise. Allegedly, women of high status in those eras were buttoned up by a servant, more easily done from the left. Though the shirt has been unchanged over the past half-century or more, that hasn’t been the case. From detachable sleeves shirt tops for women to cropped tops and frilled shirts, this core garment has evolved in some fascinating ways. They are now available in various cuts, prints, patterns and shapes. 

Five different types of shirt tops every girl must own

Whether yours is made of soft silk or from crisp cotton, the tailored shape of these shirt tops makes any outfit feel instantly elegant. You can pair it with a blazer and a pair of trousers and head out to work. You could also tuck it into a pair of jeans, slip-on sneakers and go out to culminate your weekend to-do list. Cuff the sleeves or tie it up – no matter what your preferred styling or the time of the year you cannot go wrong with these shirt tops. So, ahead, we are breaking down the five basic types centred around this popular fashion item . 

Overlapping shirt tops 

Overlap shirts are tops that have the two sides of the shirt overlapped one over the other. They usually come with a knot on the side that keeps the overlapped piece of fabric in place. Such tops typically come with a plunging neckline. This gives you a classy yet sexy look. These overlapping shirt tops elevate your entire look and make it appealing for any occasion. Generally, you’ll find them in neutral, subtle and classy colours such as black, white or grey; this makes them an ideal choice for formal meetings. Whereas, there are also tops that come in bright and vibrant colours. You can easily flaunt yourself in them when you are up and ready for a night out. Such is their uniqueness that these shirt tops for jeans are an ideal combination, especially when you wear them with a high-west skirt as well as bell-bottom pants. 

Off-shoulder shirt tops for skirts 

Shoulders and covered t-shirts are everywhere. But, around your office, you’ll probably see at least one person who styles an off-shoulder piece in their way on any given day. And we genuinely think they all look way cooler than those who wear any other outfits, which is why we wholeheartedly endorse these off-shoulder shirt tops. They are chic, comfortable and stylish all at the same time. You can wear these off-shoulder shirts for lunch parties, or you could also wear them as daily wear. A few of these tops come with a knot which you can tie in the middle or can leave it loose. Most of them come with a collar which is usually folded to suit the off-shoulder look. This looks classy, and you can even wear them for formal events. Also, they are the ideal shirt tops for skirts. 

Crop lady's shirt and tops 

These lady's shirt and tops are not just a top, but it is a lifestyle. That is why they are suitable for all body types. It so happens that there are a million ways to style them because they are highly versatile. With a cut that ends halfway through your waistline, these crop tops shirt outfits are surely a trend that no woman can avoid. It is a normal shirt, but the size usually is small. If you like to spice up your look and add that extra oomph to your outfit, then these crop tops are just the right thing for you. You can wear them for casual occasions such as parties or when you are out holidaying. If you are a novice to crop tops, then go for pseudo tops. They are shorter than regular shirts, but they don’t reveal any skin.  

Gingham lady's shirt tops design 

The woven cloth in contrasting checks - the gingham ladies shirt tops design, has had a fashion moment in recent years. Somehow, it has now become a persuasive summer style, and the pattern is peaking as per fashion trend analysis. The gingham patterns never really fall out of fashion. These tops elevate the simple structure of the shirt tops in all kinds of smart ways. They usually are a modern take on the classic angler shirt with hidden mesh vents on the back and roll-tab sleeves. The princess seams on this tops help define your figure and accentuate your look. Some also come with unique features such as the hidden zip chest pockets. They normally come in materials such as cotton, spandex or even nylon and showcase themselves in a plethora of bright and vibrant colours. You can wear these shirt tops for your brunch dates.  

Tips on how to buy the best Shirt Tops online

Much like the great little black dress or a pair of jeans, a shirt top is also a woman’s closet staple. This simple item pairs seamlessly with just about anything in your wardrobe. But like every other outfit, finding ‘the one’ can take a bit of work. You might think that all shirt tops are created equal, but there is quite a range of styles out there. Although it can be tempting to grab the first one you stumble upon, there are a few factors to consider before you buy shirt tops online. 

  • Find the perfect fit – The shirt needs to fit you correctly to give out that elegant vibe. Lookout for several styles and determine whether you’ll look good in them. Know your body type and measurements thoroughly to make the online search easy as a breeze. Also, consider the length of the sleeves. Some offer more arm coverage than the others and can make the arms appear smaller.
  • Consider fabrics – The fabrics are the heart and soul of any outfit. Therefore, the first thing to consider in shirt tops would be the kind of material that is used in making them. To make tops last long to go for fabrics that are machine-washable and can withstand bleach and other detergents used. To avoid discolouration, wash them inside out with warm water.
  • Lookout for the collar – Each shirt tops comes with a collar that too in different styles. The collars in the shirt tops are isn’t just something to be there for the sake of wearing. They practically frame your face. This is means that they are the key in accentuating or downplaying your facial features. And because there are so many styles of them, you need to understand each of their functionalities, especially before you make the purchase.
  • Know the buttons – That’s right, though the buttons may seem quite small or insignificant individually. But when your shirt top is seen as a whole – with all the buttons lined up in the front centre and also along the sleeves, one loose or missing button can spoil everything. You’ll also want to consider their types as there is a wide variety of it. There are plastic buttons, pearls, wooden and more.
  • Experiment with colour & patterns – Finally, you should also think about the ‘personality’ of the overall design of your shirt tops. Is it compatible with the rest of your outfit? Does it match the seriousness of the event you are wearing them too? To answer these correctly, you need to understand the message you intend to convey to others. Whether it is credibility, uniqueness or boldness, knowing that message will guide you in choosing the right one for yourself. 

Undoubtedly, the shirt tops are the basics at the core of any wardrobe. If you choose them carefully, you can look stylish, go from day to night and you can also wear them from city to the mountain peaks. However, always remember to choose the quality ones and pay attention to how the top falls on your body. And most importantly know your preference and style. Hopefully, the above-enlisted points will guide you through buying the best shirt tops in town. 

Question & Answer

What to wear with shirt tops?

Thinking about what to wear with the shirt tops is common. Well, you should first understand that there are various types of shirt tops that you can take into consideration. We have listed a few in this article itself. You could button up a crisp white button-down shirt top up and tuck it into a pleated midi skirt. Add in a pair of heeled boots, and you are good to head out to work with confidence. You’ll surely stay chic and comfortable all day long. 

What is a tops shirt?

A shirt top is a unique piece of top that resembles a shirt. There is a wide variety of them available in fashion right now. From ruffled to plain white shirts, you can find them in any type. And the best part you can wear them for formal and casual event alike. They are also available in various prints such as ginghams, florals and striped. Moreover, they also come in different designs such as ruffles and crops. Each of them has its style and elegance; you need to choose the one that best suits you.

Are shirt tops comfortable?

Indeed, they are comfortable. However, the comfort of these tops depends on various fundamental factors. One such crucial factor is the fit. Get the fir right, and you are good to go. Trust, you do not want to keep adjusting your sleeves and buttons when you are out on a date or a formal meeting. Some other factors that contribute to the comfort of these tops are their style, patterns, fabric and even colour. 

Can shirt tops wear at work?

It is needless to say that these tops are a versatile piece of clothing. Therefore, you can wear them with anything and everything in your closet. You can wear them for work, provided you style them wisely. For example, you wear plain white long shirt tops for ladies. Layer it with a blazer and let those white button-down shirts hang longer. This will give you a more refreshing take on your usual nine to five work formula. You can also wear them with a pencil skirt to look for a professional. 

Where to buy shirt tops?

Don’t you want to change your outlook to something sassy and up to date? If ‘yes’ is your answer, then visit, the leading retail search engine now. It features some of the best shirt tops online in Dubai from 500+ online stores that include Brands for Less, Go the List, GAP, Mamas & Papas, Sun & Sand Sports, Ounass, and many more. Here you’ll find the perfect shirt top for yourself from popular brands like Style & Co, INC, Karen Scott, JM Collection, Free People, Cool Club, Bershka, Charter Club, and Gucci.

The tops for women have always given varieties, and this shirt top is no exception. Its charm allows even the aged women keep them as their wardrobe staple. Well, can’t blame them because it adds glamour to any outfit you pair them with. Being in the trend for quite some time, these tops are one popular and unique piece of clothing. Though their origin dates to the ancient Egyptian times, they have never really fallen out fashion but have been evolving since then. Which is why owning them is imperative.