Peplum Tops

About Peplum Tops

Fashion trends can tell us a lot about what exactly is happening in the industry and the world, from culture to politics. From fishtails to off shoulders, there are all kinds of tops and clothing out there. However, the one with an extra flap of fabric around the usual top is one of its kind. Well, we are talking about the peplum tops. They are unique and stylish, which seems to make this trend stay here, at least for a while.

This cute and positively chic style derives from the Greek word ‘peplos’. These ‘peplos’ are loose-fitting outer garments draped in folds. Both men and women used to wear them in the ancient Greek period. The overskirt that defines this peplum look was created by belting a ‘chiton’. This usually is a piece of rectangular fabric pinned at the shoulders. It wasn’t until the 1940s that these peplum tops became a trend in the fashion industry. Leaving a period of war uniforms and with shoulder like boxers, the peplum blouse designs evolved. They transformed items with slim waists and skirts opening like blossoms. They have evolved over the years, and now they appear in many different styles for women, including dresses, suits, tops and skirts.

Explore these figure-flattering types of peplum tops

It is quite intriguing that the history of peplum top styles dates to historical ages. People then used to wear them over a skirt. They used to mainly wear them to accentuate the hips area, making them tied around the waist. Therefore, peplum tops are the best way to show off your curves. From skirts and trousers to full flared trousers, you can pair them with anything and everything. Such is their versatility. However, not all peplum tops are made the same. Hence you need to know which style of peplum tops will best suit your figure. Here are a few such tops that’ll accentuate your upper body and make you look stylish.

Gathered peplum top styles

These peplum shirts usually have more folds at the waist and hence are called gathered. They are simple yet chic, which makes them an ideal choice for daily wear. The gathered waist, sometimes paired with a waistband/tie, and the peplum hem create the perfect hourglass silhouette. This is one of the primary reasons why they work well when you want to create a curve at the hip. They appear smaller at the waist. If your body shape is straight and barely defined at the waist, then ensure that the peplum detail on your top sits right where your waist is. This will create the much-required contrast between your hips and the waistline. With such a versatile cut, you can pair your peplum tops with slim-fit jeans and heels for an effortless appeal.

Flared peplum tops for plus-size

These breezy peplum tops flare like an A-line skirt and are seriously an extremely flattering trend. This clinched top with its ruffled panel adds instant flirty flair to your favourite pair of skinny jeans or the sleekest pencil skirt in your closet. However, not that these flared peplum tops typically are not as cinched as it is in other styles. For example, if you are heavier at the bottom, then this kind of peplum shirt will surely flatter your figure. They shrink at the waist and build the desired hourglass shape. This is why you can term them as one of the best peplum tops for plus size women. Some of them come with a slimming knot wrap. Their flare gives you a dapper look when paired with other pieces of clothing in your closet.

Pleated long peplum tops

Who doesn’t love to add some fit and flare to their look? After all, they give out a fantastic vibe. Therefore, a pleated peplum is topping the charts. Their frilly and flattering look with pleated peplum-hem creates a neat yet chic look. Indeed, the peplum tops with such hems are the most flattering on any body type. They can minimise the appearance of the belly. This is surely an asset when it comes to those plus size women who want to disguise their tummy flab. They accentuate the necessary curves and camouflage them at the same time. They are available in all kinds of materials such as chiffon, silk and many others. A crisp cotton peplum shirt with a pleated hem is a wear-everywhere item that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Asymmetrical peplum blouse

Playing with asymmetry to design the peplum hem is the new trend. They are a cool and contemporary choice for a night out! You can play around and style these peplum tops in numerous ways. You can use them for any body type depending on where the asymmetrical hem falls. For example, the ones that are shorter on the side but more extended in the front and back work well for curvier body types. At the same time, the peplum top styles that are longer at the sides but shorter in the front and back are ideal for those women who have narrow hips. However, with their versatile nature, you can pair them with a plethora of clothing items that already exist in your wardrobe. For example, you can complete your look by pairing these tops with a pencil skirt or jeans, heels and fun earrings!

Tips on how to buy Peplum Tops online

If you are someone who loves elegant and ladylike outfits, then, of course, there is nothing better than the peplum tops. This garment is perfect for women who want to underline their uniqueness. Some of you may find it unflattering, but that is because you are unaware of how to get the right one for your body type. There is a vast array of peplum tops in a fashion which can sometimes make their purchase a bit tricky. Look at these tips that will surely help you pick the right peplum shirt when you set out to buy peplum tops online in UAE.

  • Know your measurements – There is no perfect top for you if you do not know your body type and measurements well. Remember that each style of the peplum top is unique. Therefore, to get the right design, cut, length and size for these tops, you need to understand your body type and know which one suits you the best.
  • Understand the cut – The asset of these tops is their peculiar flared cut. They are typically cinched at the waistline and are ideal for those who want to accentuate their curves. There are many styles of peplum tops, such as long peplum tops, strapless peplum tops and many more. Therefore, you have endless options to go through before you pick the one that best suits you.
  • Consider the fabric – Fabric is the heart and soul of any dress. The peplum tops are typically designed to give off a beautiful curve to your body. Therefore, to achieve a perfect look with these peplum tops, go for materials such as chiffon or silk. You can also opt for the ones that have shine and shimmer if you intend to wear them for special occasions.
  • Experiment with colours – Go for neutral shades such as black, white or grey if you are planning to wear them for formal occasions. Alternatively, if you are heading out for a party or fun vacation, then pick the one with brighter colours. You could also mix and match them with other pieces of clothing to complete your look for specific occasions.
  • Get the right style – There is a myth that the peplum tops are more suited for skinny women, and they do not compliment the others. Well, that is not all true. The peplum tops compliment all body types; only you need to style them correctly. Pair them with the right counterparts, and anybody can flaunt their body for any event and occasion.
  • Buy accessories smartly – Adding accessories to your outfits is crucial. They can make or break your look, especially when you are pairing them with peplum tops. Therefore, ensure that you are adding in the right jewellery, the right shoes and the right bags with your peplum look.

By now, you know that the brilliant idea of peplum encompasses everything from a soft ruffle of fabric to a dramatic, crinoline-stiff flourish. If the peplum is new to you, start trying them on now across the range of available ones and get to know the shapes that best suit you. Keep the above-enlisted points in min. Hopefully, you’ll be able to purchase a peplum top that would go well with the other outfits that are currently your favourite.

Question & Answer

Do peplum tops suit pear shape bodies?

A pear-shaped body type is one of the most common shapes of women found these days. And the best part, they are ideal for wearing peplum tops because you are blessed with those amazing curves. The only vital factor you need to keep in mind is to pair them with the right bottoms. So, try wearing them with straight skirts or pants that deviate attention from your body. Opt for colours that disguise your lower body silhouette. Also, remember to choose longer cuts that’ll hide your lower body.

Are peplum tops flattering for plus-size?

Ladies! Do you have a fuller figure and wondering whether a peplum would suit you or not? Then trust us when we say that you shouldn’t abstain from these tops if you are a plus-size woman. This top compliment all the right curves in your body. Also, ensure that you opt for some deeper shades of these peplums. Similarly, pick slightly long sleeve peplum tops. Doing so will not only create the illusion of a slimmer look, but it will also help in taking the attention away from the problem areas.

How to style peplum tops?

Wearing something cool yet classy is every woman’s dream. Peplum tops are just the perfect ones. They are beautifully frilled and give you a classy look. However, the outfits that you pair them with create a high impact on your overall look. For example, in summers, you can wear peplums with skinny jeans of any colour and add high heels to complete the look. However, for winters, you can layer them with statement jackets or blazers to achieve that elegant winter vibe.

What to wear peplum tops with?

Peplum shirts are indeed flattering and give a feminine silhouette by highlighting your curves in a flirty way! Their versatility makes them unique and pairable with many other outfits. You can certainly pair these tops with jeans to achieve the simplest daily outfit vibe. Go for peplums with culottes if you have a brunch coming up. Match them with skirts to get a simple yet sophisticated look. And do not miss out to pair them with the leather pants, as they make the perfect night-out ready look!

Who should wear peplum tops?

Though most women think that peplum shirts are just for skinny women, they are far away from the truth. Furthermore, peplums are one of the most versatile pieces and suit almost all body types if donned in the right way. They are ideal for an apple-shaped body because they create a curvier you, making you look more balanced. Women with an hourglass figure, plus size body, skinny ones and even the ones with a pencil-shaped body can wear these tops fearlessly. So, if you are looking for the best options, go for, the leading shopping search engine. The best brands you can find here include the Banana Republic, Dolce & Gabbana, Elliatt, Ganni, Monnalisa, Stine Goya, Theory, Zara, and Denim.