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Fashion is changing all the time. While it isn’t a bad thing to keep your original style, it can sometimes get a bit too monotonous over the years, and that’s when some changes need to happen. With so many forms coming up over the years, it’s easy to choose long tops and skirts, dresses and more that work for you.

Possibly one of the best ways to add a touch of freshness to your clothing is by introducing a new style. This does not mean redoing your entire closet, but sometimes it can merely mean trying something that you haven’t before. There are so many styles that come and go, and although there are a few in mind that we want for ourselves, it is not always possible. At times like this, the best way is not to overburden yourself but to give it a try when you want to take a break. Ensure you have the company of amazing friends who will be able to provide you with some honest opinions. Plus, you don’t have to go through the switch everything at one go. Take your own time to familiarise yourself with the process, and then allow yourself the space to go through with it.

Different types of long tops to suit your style

The concept of wearing a long top is not new. It is one of the most straightforward methods, and women often wear them as everyday outfits. However, there’s something about them, and that’s the reason they have been around for so long. Of course, you cannot ignore the comfort factor here. Nevertheless, this style has never been out of fashion, and women adore it even today. It has always been one of the go-to forms that end up looking pretty stylish in their way. For those who are not keen on the style, it is time to give it a go and see the magic for yourself. The long top isn’t very promising, elegant or stylish but breathes comfort in every way possible.

The everyday wear ladies’ long tops

Think about a day when you’ve had a great party the night before, and you wake up in a rush to get to work. There’s no time to rack your brains about pairing outfits and shoes, and you want it to get over with. So, you pick your favourite go-to option, yes, the classic ladies long top. As simple as it sounds to do it, it is much trickier when it comes to making up your mind at the end moment. Sometimes the stress can genuinely get to you, and at times like this, you want the most natural choice. The classic long top works very well with jeans, trousers and even skirts. You can include it as corporate or formal wear depending on the kind of high or blouse it is. When it comes to accessories, this kind of top wear doesn’t usually need anything, but you can add simple earrings or a bracelet to make it work.

Long tops for leggings

Leggings are one of those clothing choices that requires something long to be paired with them. Since they’re extremely thin in fabric and have no pockets or other additions, wearing them with a regular tee or worse, a crop top is not at all advisable. However, the best thing that you can pair with it is undoubtedly a nice pair of leggings. Leggings with long tops work well. The pairing is perfect to wear to the office or while hanging out with your friends. For those who have never carried out the look, the best way to make it work is to always have one aspect as a solid, simple piece. For example, if you’re wearing printed or textured leggings, go for a simple long top and vice versa. Don’t let your outfits clash with each other. It’s the simplest way to avoid making a fashion blunder.

Ladies’ long T-shirts

Not too far from long tops is the concept of wearing long T-shirts. Long T-shirts may be a little trickier to carry off as compared to long tops. For starters, it is best to stick to jeans when you wear them. The rules don’t change much as compared to regular tees; however, they look and work out better than them. You can very quickly wear one while you’re going for a walk or even during intensive workouts. Sport leggings are also pretty slim and cling to your body, so it is best to team them with something not as short as regular tank tops or tees. Here, the ladies’ long T-shirt is a perfect choice. You can also wear them with a pair of shorts, given the tee isn’t too long. Ideally, the ideal long T-shirt should touch your hips and not go beyond that length.

Long tops with skirts

A unique combination that does work well, long tops with skirts are an excellent choice. You can very quickly work with such fantastic decisions here. For starters, nothing beats the classic combination of long tops with skirts. A look that will remind a lot of us about our college days of wearing uniforms that comprised of skirts; these have a fantastic look. The concept is not unique or elegant, but it is simple and comforting. You can wear a beautiful long blouse to give it a feminine touch. However, if your choice of the skirt is any straight-fit one like denim or short cotton or corduroy, then a regular long top is the best way to go with it.

Tips on how to buy Long Tops 

Long tops look elegant, are comfortable and perfect for heavy and curvy women too. You can easily wear them to work or while chilling at home. Chances are you already own a few long tops that are your utter favourite. With so many choices when it comes to long tops for women, you can have the world at your fingertips while making a choice. However, it helps to have a few handy tips to make your shopping experience better.

  • Keep a check on the length – Pick the right length of the long top that you’re planning to buy. Long tops for jeans and those for shorts etc. vary in length, so keep that in mind.
  • Choose specific long tops for jeans – It helps to take a second opinion before you zero down on a long top, especially if it is your first time buying one. Choose the right one for jeans that is slightly longer.
  • It helps to carry your clothing along – Whatever you choose to wear along with the top or blouse, make it a point to take it along with you when you go shopping. This will help you make a better and more informed decision.
  • Research before you start shopping – Do a little digging on the internet to determine what is in style and what works with what. This will help you look for the attest picks when you shop.
  • Check out some online options – Online shopping is a boon, and there really should be more people resorting to it. Always ensure you check online before you rush to a store.
  • Wear the right innerwear – To get the best fitting of your top, always wear the right bra or innerwear. Generally, a T-shirt bra or any seamless choice is the best way to go.

Most long tops for women have a natural, relaxed fit. However, if you’re considering them for office wear, a good thing to do would be to opt for specific ones that are better fitted. Choose them in darker shades, so they work better as formal wear. You can easily layer them with a jacket, coat or blazer, and it looks stunning. Most of these are longer than your average T-shirt or blouse; however, you can choose accordingly.

Question & Answer

Are long tops a thing of the past?

Long tops have been around for a while; however, that doesn’t mean they’re not in style anymore. They still have a separate segment in the fashion space. A beautiful long top works wonders for just about any occasion. It is something a lot of women wear daily, and it looks fantastic. Brands as well keep getting the style as part of their new collection. So, long tops are still in form, with some modifications and alterations every now and then. You can make them work for your personality by adding your own personal touch.

Can you wear long tops with shorts?

A long top generally covers most of what you’re wearing with it. If you wish to wear it with shorts, the best way to go about it is to opt for slightly shorter tops. This way, you can show off your shorts or skirts too, without them getting lost under the length of the top. If you, however, would like to go for the look without compromising on the length, then it is good to pick shorts that are slightly lengthier. They also work extremely well with capri pants. So, your selection should depend upon the length of your shorts. You can find a wide range of options based on length.

How long should worktops be?

The right worktop should reach your hips, which is the ideal length for any long top. With pants or formal trousers, however, you may want it to be a little shorter, and that is perfectly fine. It is always a good idea to wear the top with the complete outfit and see how the look appears from the onlooker’s point of view. Only then go ahead. Gucci, Lacoste, Polo, Adidas, Denim, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, GUESS, H&M, and Versace are some of the good brands you can choose from. You can find them all right here.

Where can you buy long tops online in Dubai?

A ton of online stores in Dubai and across the UAE have now made it extremely easy to get your favourite long tops. For some fantastic online options, you can choose from the best stores here on Another great way to go about online shopping is to use this fabulous UAE search engine that will help you make shopping decisions with so much ease! It is fast, precise and will help you save a ton of money! No matter which ones you end up choosing, make sure it suits you and your personality. Of course, comfort is another aspect that you should never compromise on.

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