About Imprime Tops

There’s so much you can do with clothing, and it keeps getting better as much as you experiment with it. However, the saying that the best things are the simplest is also true. Sometimes, it’s better to go with something simple and non-attention seeking.

Talking about simplicity, we find a lot of people today who don’t seem to understand the concept. Everything from clothing to makeup and cars is getting an upgrade to make it better, classier-looking and chic. However, more often than not, this is not needed. Some things are best left as they are and if they work, there’s no reason to add to them in the first place. This especially goes for clothing choices when people keep experimenting, adding to what is already good and, in the end, it merely loses all its charm. So, understanding the difference between what is right and what isn’t and what needs an upgrade and what doesn’t is very crucial. It is also one of the times when you wonder why an outfit isn’t working and realise that maybe all the unnecessary additions were too much to it. 

Choosing the best printed tops to add to your collection 

Do you remember the earliest memory of wearing a beautiful printed top? It was probably in college when you could experiment with jeans and tops and picked it because it seemed an excellent choice? Well, most of us still have a few printed tops in our closets even today, and the reason behind this is probably that this one hasn’t ever gone out of style! It looks good, works for just about anywhere and as the years have passed, brands have done so much with the regular printed top! There are variations in the types of sleeves, the cut and colour of the tops, and so much more! There’s no reason for it to look simple anymore, and this is probably that is one thing that gives a lot of women the prospect of a blank canvas with printed tops. 

The printed blouse  

A beautiful printed blouse never goes out of style. If you have one in your wardrobe, and you most certainly do, there is a lot to do with it. It can pretty much be your go-to top for when you can’t decide or something you wear with a nice jacket or shrug. A lot of brands sell variations of printed tops for women almost all year round in different collections. Thus, there are no limitation to choices when it comes to a printed blouse or top. Wear it with jeans, trousers or a skirt, and it all looks and works well. You can have several printed shirts in your wardrobe and mix and match with different outfits to make it work well. The printed type has become quintessential in every closet and there is nothing wrong in admitting that you too have resorted to it as your last wear option several times! 

The evergreen cheetah print top  

There was a time when animal print clothing started gaining popularity. Everybody from the models on the ramps, to celebrities and even fashion bloggers, was wearing it. The look started growing to other clothing items like jackets, sweatshirts and skirts, and it seemed like there was no stopping there. The animal-print style is prominent even today, and a lot of brands also include it in their collections from time to time. Among all these, one thing that gained a lot of massive popularity was the cheetah print top. A lot of printed tops and blouses and even T-shirts featured them, and the outcome was splendid. It was eye-catchy, unique and versatile. You could seldom go wrong with it. Plus, you didn’t have to do a lot of work to make your outfit stand out.  

The summer printed top 

Summer is one of our favourite seasons. It is the time when you can experiment with your clothing, wear whatever you please and be relaxed while chilling at home. With a lot of off-days and plenty of discounts, it all makes up for the hot and humid days. Another thing that makes summers a whole lot better is summer discounts, sales and summer clothing collections. Among all of these, one kind that stands out is the summer printed top. The type looks fresh and bright and is easily the best summer outfit of all times. Team a lovely summer printed top with cotton shorts, and you’re prepared for any event. It goes for pool parties, for a day at the beach, a date or even a casual birthday party. 

Printed jackets and coats 

To get over the idea of summer printed tops and blouses, the next best thing is printed jackets and coats. These fantastic additions to your wardrobe are lifesaving and you’ll thank yourself for deciding on investing in a beautiful jacket with prints. For days when your wardrobe looks a bit confusing, there is absolutely nothing better than going for a simple vest or tank top in any primary colour and adding a printed jacket on it. It works very well for just about any occasion and looks magnificent with even the simplest of clothing. You don’t need accessories or cute shoes to carry off this look, but it still works remarkably well on its own. Nike and Converse are some good brands. 

Tips on buying Imprime Tops

The imprime top is a classic choice, however, brands don’t go without having at least one of it as part of their regular collections. This is also because there are still a lot of women who adore it because it is a universal choice and so very comfortable. It is no challenge to select the right type of printed top. In fact, with so many variations today, there is ample choice to pick, making it all the better.

  • Stick to the basics – It’s not the best thing to experiment a lot with universal styles. Printed tops too, have been around since very long. It is ideal to stick to some of the simplest ones that you come across.
  • Don’t opt for too many accessories – It isn’t right to bury the classic look under heavy makeup and accessories. Keep it simple and to the point.
  • Your shoes should complement the look – Many women often make the error of choosing bright shoes or worse, printed ones. Doing too much printed to your outfit will ruin it, although. Keep everything else simple.
  • Solid and basic – When it comes to the pants or your skirt, it is essential to keep it restricted to primary colours. Hence, keep the look to a minimum.
  • Be confident – Don’t let anything or anybody define your personality style. Carry of your look with charm, and it will show.

Although a printed top is one of the most common clothing items, it is essential to make sure that whatever you zero down on, it helps to showcase your personality in the best possible manner. Being such a simple choice, it is also easy for to mess up these tops by doing too much. If you want to add accessories, make sure you choose the simplest printed tops that you can get your hands on.

Questions & Answers

Is a zebra print top still in style?

The zebra print top is one of the favourites when it comes to printed blouses. The style is a classic. It works with skirts and tops and is perfect for office wear. Most printed tops, especially the bright coloured ones don’t look very helpful when you wear them to a corporate place like interviews and meetings, however, this concept changes when it comes to the zebra or leopard print. It looks very sophisticated and simple.

Which are the best printed tops to wear in the summer?

For summers, the best thing to do is to avoid heavy printed blouses in dark shades. A dark colour has more tendency to absorb heat and will leave you feeling tired all day long. For the best prints, it is ideal for sticking to sober, light prints. Make sure the look works well with a good pair of shorts, which is very comfortable too. For the summer, you can also pick a cute cotton skirt to wear with the top.

Where can you buy printed tops in Dubai?

With some of the best boutiques and malls in Dubai, it is not much of a challenge to find cute printed tops. You can find a lot of choices online and some of the best online exclusive discounts as well. For some best options, choose from Ounass, Newchic and more. You can also use this fantastic retail search engine that has an extensive database. It can help you find the best choices from more than 500+ online brands.

Can you wear a printed top to work?

Yes, unlike several other different types of blouses, a printed on is not one of those that don’t suit the workplace. It is essential however, to remember that you need to keep your choices simple when it comes to workwear. So, choose something that doesn’t have very loud colours or grand designs. The best thing to do here is to go for shades of pastels and simple embroidery or textured clothing. Match it with solid and primary colours like nude, black, brown, grey, navy etc.

Don’t be afraid to make your unique style statement and flaunt your style when it comes to choosing your outfits. At the same time, it should match your body type and be comfortable too.