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A.L.C. square neck cropped vest - Black
A.L.C. square neck cropped vest - Black
Black square neck cropped vest from A.L.C. featuring shoulder straps.

About Crop Tops

The fad of wearing tops has been around for as long as we can remember. Tops have slowly made their way into casual, formal and party wear attires too. The clothing style has caught up over the years. It is now a part of renowned shopping brands all over the world. The unique style is great for parties or even for a casual evening.

The best part about this change isn’t that tops have become prevalent, but it is about the fact that people love to experiment with any clothing as they wish. You will now no longer see clothing products with boundaries of dressing up in a certain way. Neither they are designed with only an aesthetic appeal as being comfortable is equally essential. Overall, society standards are now flexible. Now, it is all about making the best of the situation and wearing clothes that you like. It is also not about choosing clothes for your body type. People love and appreciate all body types and believe that everybody is free to choose as they please.

Ways to glam up with crop tops

Crop tops are not something restricted to the ramp, but people adore them just for what it is. Women are now comfortable with their bodies more than ever before. And this transformation is not the result of anything other than a simple modification of our mindset. After all, you cannot have an open thought process without fully understanding its primary purpose, right? However, it is strange as this change took so long to happen, yet when it did, there were so many who could finally do the things they had longed for. The trend of wearing crop tops began a few years ago, and it was only a few privileged groups of women with beautiful, fit bodies who could flaunt the style. But today, it’s not about the body type but more about the fashion choice that makes an individual want to wear or not wear a particular clothing item. 

The off-shoulder crop top

The off-shoulder style has been around for since long. Still, when blended with crop tops, the beauty of both pieces increased drastically. Well, for starters, the crop top emphasises only the midriff; however, with the inclusion of an off-shoulder feature, there was more to look out for in the same aspect. A cute off-shoulder crop top is perfect for just about any occasion – chilling out with friends, going clubbing or partying. You can also wear them and head out to the coffee shop for a cup of your favourite beverage. Either way, this one style looks fantastic on all body types and is a hit during the summer season. Wear it with shorts or a denim skirt, and you’ll be surely turn some heads.

The striped crop top

You’ll be able to see crop tops in various styles and types; however, both the chequered and striped crop top is unique. The method doesn’t require a lot to pull it off. However, the main thing is ensuring you pick the right stripe crop top. If you want to look slimmer, choose one with vertical stripes than horizontal as the straight lines can make the wearer look taller. You can wear them with cute cotton pants, trousers or even skirts and shorts. They work well for summers and go for both casual and party wear. Once again, choose a top length that you’re comfortable with. If showing off too much of your midriff isn’t your idea, you can always keep it longer, and it’ll still be a good crop top.

The summer crop tops

Summers and crop tops are like two sides of the same time. You may live in a place with a moderately high temperature. Or, yours could be a place that gets extremely hot and humid as the summer approaches. Either way, you need a few light pieces in your wardrobe to beat the heat. There is no better way of doing this than indulging in some beautiful summer crop tops. Summer is a time when you need to be completely relaxed in whatever you choose to wear. Therefore, choose clothes that let your skin breathe. Picture a hot summer day, and you’re chilling wearing a cute crop top and a pair of denim shorts with a drink, and it feels like heaven! It makes summers bearable again.

The crop top and skirt pairing

If you’re bored of being regular with your clothing choices, it’s time to think again. No, you don’t have to invest a lot in upgrading your wardrobe, but all you need is a little hint of creativity. The best thing for starters is to mix and match your stuff. Believe us, the kind of looks you’ll end up with will leave your colleague and friends wondering who’s helping you with your styling! It’s not at all difficult, and the best thing to start with is a crop top and skirt. The pairing looks like a million bucks and is fantastic for formal and casual wear, including shopping, partying and going anywhere you wish. The only important thing to focus on out here is to make sure your pairing matches well.

Tips on how to buy Crop Tops

It’s not at all tricky to carry off a cute halter crop top or a pleasing crochet crop top with ease. Plus, with body positivity and confidence being the talk of the town right now, you don’t need to worry about having the right figure to carry it off. All you need to focus on is getting the right top to suit the occasion. With these few simple tips, you’re guaranteed to make a significant impact. Most importantly, make sure you’re very comfortable with whatever you wear.

  • Pick the right style – Today, you can easily find several cute crop tops in many different forms. It is essential to pick the right style and see what works for you.
  • Check your body type – Body type again is very important here. Choose unique offerings like plus-size, outdoor, summer, halter crop top, crochet crop top or crop tops with skirts before making a decision.
  • Figure out what to team with it – The best way to make a crop top look good is to invest in the right kind of pairing. As per your preference, choose jeans, skirts, shorts or trousers as you please.
  • Take some inspiration – It’s never a bad idea to check around and see what’s in style. Some of the newer offerings often have some modern additions, which make it much better. Pick accordingly.
  • Don’t be afraid to be different – Never refrain from going for something just because you’re not sure of carrying it off. It’s always a stepping stone to learning, and you’ll never understand new styles if you don’t try.
  • Cute shoes are a plus – The right shoes can make or break your outfit. With crop tops, choose slippers, heels or flats also depending on what you’re wearing with it and the occasion.

It’s also a good idea to wear the crop top a few times at home before trying out elsewhere, especially if you’re flaunting it for the first time. See the fit, get comfortable with its style and then give it a go. To avoid making your first time wearing it uncomfortable, try to choose a top that ends slightly lower than your navel. This is an excellent pick for someone who is trying out the style for the first time as it lets you get familiarised with it better.

Question & Answer

How to wear a crop top with jeans?

Choosing to wear a crop top with jeans is a fantastic combination. To start with, select a top that shows off your navel a little bit, i.e. a slightly shorter one. Since jeans are entirely covered, this will add a little character to your look. If you don’t want this, opt for ripped jeans instead. Choose colours and patterns that complement your jeans, and finish the look with beautiful slippers or sandals. You can also add accessories like a scarf, hat, or a transparent shrug. Chokers come in unique designs and look so chic with crop tops. You can try exploring them online.

Are crop tops still in style?

Yes, a crop top is still in style, and people love to wear it even today. However, over the years, several new and improved variations of the same have come up, and it is the best thing ever! This means you can now choose a crop top that you like, as per the occasion and your body type, then just settle for something that’s just out there. There are many brands to go for the varieties. Some of them include Adidas, Forever 21, Tommy Hilfiger, Chanel, ZARA, Calvin Klein, Denim, Gucci, PUMA and GUESS. You will find them all or even more on our shopping platform,

Is it okay to buy cheap crop tops?

It is essential to be careful when considering cheap clothing. Although discounts and end of season sales are one thing, there is also something that is dirt-cheap pricing that no decent brand ever does. So, keep an eye out for deals, but be cautious, or else you may end up procuring inferior quality products in the name of best-selling brands and high discounts. Make sure you check the fabric, buttons and zip correctly before going in for a purchase. Overall, you should look for quality before price tags.

Where can you buy crop tops online in the UAE?

A significant number of terrific brands sell some of the best crop tops. If you don’t know how to go about it, online shopping is the best pick. Simply select and add to your cart and pay on checkout. Have everything home delivered with significant policies for returns and refunds as well. You can also use this online search engine to make your shopping experience flawless. It does all the heavy lifting to you, such as choosing the best websites, the best prices and comparing all the essentials.