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A lady’s blouse is all about a well-cut simplicity. These are blouse tops that generally come in different sizes of sleeves, neckline styles, fabric, print styles and cuts. They are daytime and evening styles for a formal look. They are versatile, easy to style and suitable for women of all ages, and body sizes.

Previously the peasants, workmen, children, women and artists use to wear them. Now they are major clothing items in women’s wardrobes. We can occasionally see artists trying to have a “Pablo Picasso” feel wearing these loose flared blouses for men. Overall these blouses are loose in design and sometimes gathered at the waist. In today’s clothing dictionary, all the loose tops for women are entitled to a blouse. Until the 1890s, the blouse tops were unfashionable. Hence rarely were a part of a woman’s wardrobe and were considered informal.  Later in 1910 and onwards, the idea got fame. It was when fashion designers introduced new styles. Hence, blouse tops became a fashion staple for women.

Expert’s guide to wearing tops and blouses on different occasions

According to Coco Chanel – “ Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only .” It means that fashion is everywhere from the sky to the streets. Fashion has nothing to do with the dresses; rather, it is all about ideas. Plus how creative you go with the available opportunities. The way we live is and must have to be about fashion. Here at we strive not only to offer you the products to showcase your creative shelf thought clothing but also to share style ideas to broaden your perspective. We offer you all the knowledge you will need to love and showcase your fashion. With us, you can continue to inspire your surrounding with trendy blouses and tops. Here are some style ideas to consider this time.

Blouse vs shirts – Understanding the difference

A shirt is a statement piece in a women’s wardrobe. It generally features both buttons and collars. Moreover, the measurements of a shirt are standard, and this is what makes it “austere.” Nowadays, the style has become more flexible with casual patterns and details like flounce or ruffles. The moto of this style is to complement the female body with added sophistication. This is the reason why shirts are easier to mix and match. On the other hand, a blouse is a more fluid top that features a relaxed silhouette. This style seldom comes with a collar while the hem and sleeves measurements are not standard. Hence a blouse is more adaptable and versatile.

Styling women’s blouses for work

As said, blouses are easy to incorporate into any style, even in office attire. If you don’t have any specific office attire, go with a classic-cut floral top and beige pants. The combination makes the most elegant office attire. However, if you are considering a floral top, recommended is to opt for plain bottoms and pumps. Another style option could be a simple black and white striped work blouse with flared trousers matching the stripes. Here a long sleeve blouse is better; however, you can also pick a long-ruffled sleeve in sheet fabric for a classy look. Else plain, checked or zig-zagged stripes can also complete an office look with a plain flared or wide bottom trouser.

Styling shirts and blouses with pants

Whether you are a denim lover or prefer to go out with tailored trousers, both tops and blouses come in handy. Ladies’ tops and blouses are available in many different styles, cuts, lengths, and prints. This is the reason why you can always find a unique top for any occasion or style you want to enjoy. You can replace traditional trousers with Capri pants and enjoy a trendy look. Here you can add nicely fitted denim jeans and a top layer as your style, and taste calls for. Just like the tops, you can enjoy the ultimate freedom to rock in any style of shoe you wish for. At times when solid, subtle colours are perfect for the office a vibrant print and sheer fabric can help you enjoy a fashion-forward look.

Styling sleeveless blouses with skirts

Sleeveless blouses are crucial summer articles for a women’s wardrobe. Besides being easy to pair, they offer a bold and fashion-forward look. Here you can show off your sophisticated style with a combination of a floral top and a body-hugging leather pencil skirt. Meanwhile, if you opt to go out on the street in a maxi skirt, pick a loose flared top in solid shades or small overall patterns. A plain top with a printed bottom is also a great combination if you are looking for a balanced look. However, here, your shoe selection must be according to the style of skirt you are wearing. With the right combination of skirt and shoes, you can easily bring out the true feel of the top in particular and your outfit overall.

Tips on how to buy Blouses online in the UAE

Shopping for ladies clothing is always tricky. Especially shopping is all about keeping your style up to date. Unfortunately, not all women can take time out of their daily routine and spend hours in shopping malls to buy what they are looking for. At such times, the idea of online shopping is helping women around the globe. With online shopping, more and more women can buy trendy and economical products with just a few clicks. It is where they can spend as much time as they want to find a product, check it in detail and make a wise shopping decision. Today, we have gathered some tips for women to consider while shopping online. Admittedly, these tips can help you become a smart shopper.

  • Know the fashion – Before you pick up your smart device for shopping online, know what you need to buy. Explore social media and look for fashion shows and magazines to know what is trending. Find out what suits your needs, style and body type. Now make a list of what you will search for and buy.
  • Search the right place – You can either visit one brand and then move to the next to check what sort of casual and dressy blouses they have. Or type “dressy blouses” in search bar and find all the possible options from top global brands. Here you can also search for a product according to your price preferences or limitations.
  • Read product details – Are you looking for a sheer blouse? Found one an economical price? It’s time to check the selected product in detail. Go to the product description section and find what is the material of the top and the lining if any, check the size of the sleeves, neck and hem before you buy.
  • Check the return policies – A wrap top blouse that is looking perfect on the model online doesn’t need to suit you well in the same way. What if the blouse is too tight to wear or the style does not suit you well? Always keep the option of a return policy handy when you order online. Hence, read the return for exchange policies before you place an order.

Here at you can have all the facilities an online shopper needs to shop economically and wisely. We have more than 500 top brands including; Zara, Denim, Gucci, Ted Baker, and Forever 21. While looking for crop top blouses here, you can compare the products with other stores like H&M, Calvin Klein, Asos, Levis and Versace. With a better comparison facility, you can make better shopping decisions.

Question & Answer

Are blouse tops comfortable?

Yes, the blouse tops for women are always comfortable. The blouse’s top designs are always looser than the dress or casual business shirts for women. The design comes in a way to give a loose silhouette. Even if you intend to add a layer above these blouse tops, they must have to lose. This is the reason why women always find these tops comfortable. Another reason for comfort is the soft fabric used in making such blouse tops. So we can surely place them under the category of most comfortable clothing items that you can wear around the year.

Are blouse tops in style?

The blouse tops are evergreen. Although there has been a change in preferred cut, length, style or colour, they have been a part of women’s wardrobes every single time. Moreover, their versatile nature is what makes them suitable for use in every season. Some of the top styles of this year include Scalloped-Edge Blouse, Pin Dot Collared Tie-Neck Blouse, striped V-Neck Blouse, and Silky Shirred Button-Up Blouse. These blouse tops are a staple clothing item in a working women’s wardrobe. Luckily all product comparison sites offer a range of styles, colours and more for ladies.  The style, fabric and accessibility are the reasons why most women love to have these tops in their wardrobe.

Can I wear a blouse top to work?

Yes, for formal business or casual workday, you can use certain blouse tops as workwear. However, here you need to prefer tops with a better fit, lesser details and subtle tones. These tops must be paired with office-appropriate jeans or trousers. For a polished look, you can add a cardigan, blazer or coat above these tops. Solid shades like maroon, white, cream, black, grey or blue are best. Additionally, prefer wearing tops made of silk, chiffon or a mix of cotton. For more style inspirations, you can check the style influencers and see how they are dolled up in different ways using these tops.

How a women’s work dress shirt should fit?

A women’s work dress must not be too tight or too loose. A perfect fit demands it to sit comfortably on the wearer’s body. Let’s say a V-neck Cami can give you a lot of room for movement, but the neck must not fall too low. It has to provide you with a proper cover and a sophisticated office-appropriate look. Likewise, if you are wearing a button-up shirt, pay a little more attention to the fit. The buttons of the shirt need to rest without creating any gaps in the button placket. Neither it should be too loose that the shoulder of the blouse drops from its actual position.

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