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Women's Swimwear Rash Guard Diving Normal Swimsuit Drawstring Push Up Slim Front Zip Solid Color Black Gray Padded High Neck Bathing Suits Sports Vacation Classic  Timeless miniinthebox
Women's Swimwear Rash Guard Diving Normal Swimsuit Drawstring Push Up Slim Front Zip Solid Color Black Gray Padded High Neck Bathing Suits Sports Vacation Classic Timeless miniinthebox
Season:Summer,Spring; Fabric:Polyester,Spandex; Sleeve Length:Short Sleeves; Gender:Women's; Swim...
Mc2 Saint Barth Lighting Submarine swim shorts - Black
Mc2 Saint Barth Lighting Submarine swim shorts - Black
Black Lighting Submarine swim shorts from MC2 SAINT BARTH featuring an elasticated waistband with...
Self-Portrait high-waisted bikini bottoms - Blue
Self-Portrait high-waisted bikini bottoms - Blue
Navy blue and white high-waisted bikini bottoms from Self-Portrait featuring pleated details, a g...
Stella McCartney Kids colour block rash guard - Black
Stella McCartney Kids colour block rash guard - Black
Multicolour colour block rash guard from STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS featuring back zip fastening, roun...
Andorine TEEN printed swimsuit - White
Andorine TEEN printed swimsuit - White
White TEEN printed swimsuit from Andorine featuring an abstract print, a scoop neck, a sleeveless...
Andorine TEEN Girl Power swimsuit - PINK
Andorine TEEN Girl Power swimsuit - PINK
Pink TEEN Girl Power swimsuit from Andorine featuring a scoop neck, a sleeveless design, an open ...
Andorine crystals print swimsuit - White
Andorine crystals print swimsuit - White
White crystals print swimsuit from Andorine featuring a stretch fit, a round neck, a clasp fasten...
Andorine metallic swimsuit - GOLD
Andorine metallic swimsuit - GOLD
Gold-tone metallic swimsuit from Andorine featuring a round neck, a ruffled design and a stretch ...

About Swimwear

One of the best things to do in the summer is to go for a dip in the pool and chill out. When it is too hot to do anything else, the water comes to your rescue. It is truly a beautiful feeling. Your best companion for this is, of course, the swimsuit.

Today, we all have access to come to the best swimming pools like those in our homes, hotels and resorts. The mind-blowing concept of some unique pools like the infinity pool, for one, leaves you spellbound by the views. It is perhaps the best way to start or end a rough week and get going with your routine. Hitting the pool in the morning, afternoon or even a late evening is a terrific choice. Another thing that people love doing during the summers is opting for a pool party. Yes, what better way to say hello to the summer than splashing in water all day long, right? Add to that delicious finger food, cold drinks and a lot of sunbathing. Sounds like a dream! Well, it’s undoubtedly one of those things that feel even better when you’re doing it rather than just reading or imagining. 

Types of swimwear options to make this summer vibrant 

A necessity to have when you think about luxurious pools is a cute swimsuit. Well, with so many variations available in some of the best stores across multiple clothing brands, you’ll never have fewer options. A lot of women also choose two to three different swimwear choices to wear on different days. Comfort and style are both outstanding when it comes to picking out swimsuits. Also, it’s no longer essential to pick a swimsuit that works as per your body type and shape. With the newer concepts, you can pretty much wear as you please. Global sizes, including larger sizes, have made it possible for women to be daring while choosing summer outfits and suits. A big smile and a ton of confidence are all you need to make it look surreal. 

The one-piece swimsuit  

The simple one-piece swimsuit is a classic and no-fuss choice. It is the go-to option for when you’re going somewhere new and choose not to experiment too much. Or even if it is an exotic destination and you wish to be comfortable in something you have worn several times before. No matter the reason, this one completely covers your midriff and chest. However, today you have several variations in it like the tube, off-shoulder and halter that help to add a little peek-show to your costume. However, if your idea is to keep it simple, you can instead opt for statement-making prints or colours, while keeping the swimsuit in the original, classic style.  

The plus-size swimwear  

For the women who struggle with weight issues and are not comfortable with the regular sizes, well, there could not be a better time. Almost all reputed brands now have their clothing, including swimwear and lingerie available in plus sizes. Thus, if you’re slightly on the heavier side and find the regular swimwear options too daunting, plus-size swimwear is something that should be your target. The style offers a much-relaxed fit on your body, is comfortable to wear and looks fantastic! However, with this one, it is better to walk into a store and try on their sizes, to ensure they’re universal. It is effortless to feel comfortable plus size swimwear since it is designed to fit your body perfectly. 

The classic swimming costume  

Well, for those who don’t like experimenting too much, nothing is better than the traditional style. The classics come in various types such as a two-piece, one-piece, with a skirt and so on. However, it is best to stick to simple options if you’re a newbie and invest in your first swimming costume. With this, don’t worry too much about how you look in it but more about how you feel while wearing it. Being comfortable will make you feel competent and confident. This will make the swimsuit experience a smoother one. It is also an apt choice for post-surgery and post-maternity wear. With a classic one, you don’t have to worry about carrying a coverup either. A simple stole will do the trick while heading home. 

Bathing suit cover-ups  

Well, whether it is a one-piece, two-piece or a designer swimsuit, a bathing suit cover-up is much required. Today, you have endless choices and fabrics to choose from when it comes to cover up options. The prettiest ones come in sheer and lace. However, the crocheted cover-ups are equally beautiful too and look splendid with any swimming costume. It’s the perfect fix if you’re headed out for a coffee with friends or planning to hit that fantastic beach party post a quick dip in the pool. If you want to show off your swimsuit, opt for something in sheer. The fabric should always be light since post swimming water tends to stick to the skin. So, a breathable coverup option will make you feel comfortable. 

Tips on how to buy Swimwear online in the UAE

Shopping for a swimsuit shouldn’t be a challenge. However, since it’s not a thing we do as frequently as shopping for clothes or shoes, it can sometimes be. This also has a lot to do with the changing styles every few months. The best way to start is to check online for some new forms or brands that you like. Since swimwear is so conventional, there are multiple styles and options, especially for women. Here’s how to make it easier.

  • Pick a comfortable style – Do some research and see which styles are in trend. Figure out what would look good on you. If possible, you can also visit a store beforehand and try on a couple of options before picking out one online.
  • Ask for newer additions – Even if you don’t like to experiment too much, you never know how good something can new turn out to be for you. So, always ask about new additions and styles, and you’ll be surprised at what you end up finding.
  • Include some accessories – You can always shop for a cover-up at the same time to match your swimsuit. Likewise, some chunky bangles or a pair of earrings, if you please, can be picked up from the store. Beach flip-flops are a good option as well.
  • Set a budget – Whether it is a one-piece bathing suit or a one-piece swimwear, a lot of options are now pricier than before. So, before you start hunting for the best one, it is essential to have a budget set and ensure you stick to it.
  • Avoid darker colours – Both a one-piece bathing suit and a one-piece swimwear look excellent in lighter shades. Plus, you don’t attract the heat as much when your outfit is light and end up feeling cooler.
  • Sunbathing, swimming or partying – Depending on your requirement, you can choose a swimsuit – Do you plan to wear it to beach parties only? Or swimming is your primary intention? Or perhaps, sunbathing in it?

After you have made a choice, if possible, try on the suit if you’re at a store. If it’s through online shopping, make sure you try it on the first thing when it gets there and not wait until you get time to hit the pool. This way, you can go for an exchange or return while it’s still in that window. It is also common to figure out a few things only when you wear them at home and not in the trial room at the store. So, trying it on is the first thing you should do after shopping.

Question & Answer

Is it necessary to wear a modest swimwear option in Dubai?

Well, although wearing a swimsuit isn’t prohibited in Dubai, it’s an excellent choice to stick to something a little modest when you hit the beaches here. The option is entirely yours, and although you may love your regular swimsuit, it is an excellent decision to avoid wearing anything too revealing. Stick to the classic and basic styles. If you don’t wish to invest in another one just for one holiday, you can instead go for a cute sarong or cover-up of your choice. Luckily, at there are plenty of options available to choose from and buy from. You can explore the website to buy from several different brands and sellers.

Can swimwear be altered?

Most swimwear options are generally made of stretchable and waterproof material. This kind of fabric is very different as compared to those that we use for regular wear. Thus, alternation is generally not advisable in this case. It’s a good idea to get to a store to determine your right size before you buy, however, don’t go for something of a larger size and then choose to alter it. Some excellent brands are Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, H&M, Fendi, Adidas, Gucci, Debenhams, ASOS, NIKE and Marks and Spencer.

Are swim shorts useful?

We can say that in certain cases, these shorts are ideal to wear. So it entirely depends on the person and the occasion one considers using these clothing items. Swim shorts are ubiquitous among men who wear them in the pool, for a swim or even sometimes while sunbathing. Some options for women are also available these days; however, they’re not too popular. If you love the comfort factor of shorts, you can still go ahead and purchase them. Though, they’re best while sitting or spending time around the pool. Swimming in them may not be the most comfortable option, so it is best to avoid it.

Where can you buy swimwear online in Dubai?

Dubai is full of the best brands when it comes to buying beautiful swimwear. You can easily walk into some fantastic malls or stores of your choice to pick one. However, when you think about online shopping, it’s the best thing to do. It is quick, convenient and easy. Even if you are not sure about where to buy, we offer you hints from the most reliable global sellers. If you’re still unsure, how about trying this fantastic UAE search engine to help you out? have a database of more than 500+ online stores, and it is the best thing when it comes to shopping online.